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Chapter 2 - The Birth of the Strongest Relations“F*ck!”

“Don’t let me know which bastard reader sent this tombstone.

It’s really lawless!”

“It hurts, hurts, hurts…”


At this time, in the depths of his consciousness, he was swearing.

The incompetent and furious guy was called Li Zhenyang, and he was a writer of many web novels.

And this matter had to start from his new book for several months…

With the thought that writing novels would lead to death, this guy completely released himself after finishing the last book.

It was fine if he went out to play, but every time he came to the reader group, he would come out to look for a free and easy life.

It was completely different from the previous time when he bitterly called everyone to subscribe to the official version.

Although he didn’t have much money in his pocket and didn’t have any intention of showing off his wealth, everyone was either a working overtime dog or a bitter student party.

Why did a person like him manage ‘web novels’ every day, crying and begging for subscriptions, and even live a carefree and carefree life

As a result, this guy naturally welcomed the angry criticism of the few readers in the group!

If we don’t have a good time, you won’t have a good time either!

At this moment, the readers were so united as a city, and then they threatened and tempted him, earnestly trying to persuade him to turn over a new leaf and quickly come back to open a new book.

In order to make this guy turn back into that pitiful, weak, and helpless typewriter, so as to regain his sense of superiority, many people endured the pain and paid coins, shouting to write new books and reward them!

And Li Zhenyang, after being moved for a fraction of a second, seemed to find the meaning of his life.

Not only did he not roll back to write new books immediately, but he became even more severe, proudly showing off his ‘good’ life without going to school or work.

Everyone was so angry that they shouted to send him knives!

However, Li Zhenyang was naturally very calm about this kind of threat.

There was even a faint disdain.

They were just talking.

If there was money to buy knives, just go downstairs and buy a cup of milk tea.

In any case, he hadn’t even received a box of knives in the past few years, so what was there to be afraid of

It wasn’t until the pigeon had been gone for a few months that he was about to starve to death if he didn’t write a new book that he finally received a delivery sent by an unknown reader…

However, what was inside wasn’t a blade but something that looked like a tombstone.

A red pen with his name and a slip of paper was on it.

“Pigeonspirit, die for me!”

He was so angry at that time!

He directly cursed and threw this thing on the wall.

As a result, the quality of this thing was not too good.

A stone fell directly into his head…

Li Zhenyang thought before falling into the darkness: “How can this broken stone still shine… Don’t let me know who it is.

This matter is not over for me!”

“120… Who’s calling to call for help…”

However, his strong desire to survive could not change the fact that he was the only one living in this rented house, as well as the fact that he had been staying in the house for the past few weeks.

As a result, a certain someone who was extremely happy and sad was miserable.


He didn’t know how much time had passed.

Li Zhenyang finally opened his eyes, and then… he was stunned!

In the dim environment, the surrounding stone walls, all kinds of terrifying ‘materials’, and… the ‘white-haired man’ in front of him.

Li Zhenyang felt that there was something familiar about him.

“Who are you, big brother Where is this”

Li Zhenyang blurted out before he realized what had happened to him.

However, when the words reached his mouth, they turned into “Wow —wow —wow —”

Senju raised the little doll in front of him with a thoughtful expression and kept looking back and forth.

His face seemed to be full of question marks.

Then, he paused for a moment and gently flicked it in a very conspicuous place.

Li Zhenyang was stunned at first, but then he felt an indescribable pain coming from below.

“I & ¥# @…!”

The beautiful words were weaved into the baby’s cry.

“So, was the result of the experiment-118 a success or a failure”

“Why did a baby come out of the ‘resurrection’”

The face of the man finally showed up after being puzzled for a long time, especially when he carefully examined the body of the baby in his hand.

After confirming that it was really a ‘living person’ and not the special state of Edo Tensei, he was undoubtedly even more surprised.

He might have inadvertently created a new forbidden technique!

The population problem has always been an important factor in balancing the development of various countries.

Simply put, too many people had died in the early years of war, so there was no one to use in the future.

Even children of four or five years old had to go to the battlefield to kill enemies.

It could be seen how scarce the population of Ninja World was.

‘If this experiment was not a coincidence but really obtained a forbidden technique to make people out of thin air, then maybe Konoha’s population problem could really be solved from the root.’

‘Of course, the premise is that this baby has no problems, and this ‘miracle’ could continue to be replicated.’

When he thought of this, his eyes couldn’t help but flicker.

Should he cut a slice and study it first

“Speaking of which, this child’s hair is clearly divided into black and white.

It’s really too similar to the early years…”

Tobirama’s expression suddenly became a bit complicated.

There were a total of four children of Senju Butsuma.

Other than Hashirama and Tobirama, the other two had been killed by the enemy when they were young.

The smallest one, Senju Itama, had half black hair and half white hair.

This coincidence touched the deepest part of the heart of the title room.

For some reason, the more he looked at the child, the more familiar he felt.

“Is it because my bloodline was integrated into the process of tactics”

“Yes, it does look a little like the me when I was a child, but why do I feel more like Izuna It’s probably an illusion.”

He muttered to himself, and then his expression suddenly froze, and he looked down.

A fresh little boy pee was continuously attacking his body and spirit.

The clothes on his chest were directly wet.

At this time, Li Zhenyang, who realized his own situation, did not understand why he became a baby for no reason.

However, because of the character of revenge on the spot, he unceremoniously chose the only ‘weapon’ that could threaten the other party.

Then, it was over!

“Humph, are you afraid”

Li Zhenyang thought happily while feeling a little regretful.

It was a pity that his current body was not strong enough.

He was clearly aiming at the hateful face of this guy, but the result was that he was not strong enough and only affected this bastard.


Li Zhenyang, who was a little muddle-headed, used this method to create a bad relationship with a guy who was cold on the outside but hot on the inside and wrote the introduction chapter for the new legend of Ninja World.


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