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Speaking of which, Haru had never called Tobirama father in the past few years.

He had always called him by his name.

In the beginning, he was a little speechless, but later on, he gradually developed a habit.

However, the strange thing was that Tobirama never forced these things, as if he didn’t care what he called himself, and he never admitted that he had a child outside.

Therefore, the way they got along with each other had always been very strange.

They didn’t seem like father and son.

Sometimes, they were more like friends who were not so close to each other.

It was a very strange relationship.

On the contrary, today’s sudden conversation made Haru precisely feel Tobirama’s inner thoughts.

‘It seemed that he really didn’t care, but it was just like the proud father who wanted to praise the child, get close to the child, but couldn’t pull down his face and couldn’t express much.’

A smile suddenly appeared on Haru’s face.

‘Tobirama, Tobirama, as expected, cold and heartless are all just your disguises!’

“It seems that you are quite happy”


“Don’t tell me that there really is someone who thinks that such a rhetoric would be able to deceive me in front of me.”

Tobirama chuckled.

Then, under the frightened gaze of Haru, he said, “Since you are so confident, do it for me to see.

I will advance your first actual combat drill to half a month later.

If you can’t win, then I can guarantee you that you will see the side of my temper.”

Haru immediately lost his calm!

After all, he had only started cultivating chakra for more than a month… Not only was that kid from Hyuga’s family older than him, but he was also an expert in physical skills.

As everyone knew, the actual combat drill of the ninja school was actually just a chicken pecking at each other.

Everyone threw their swords at each other.

In other words, ‘you punch me, I kick you, whoever cries first will be finished’.

Those who could release real ninjutsu before graduation were all elites among elites!

It could be seen that under such circumstances, Hyuga’s family, who relied on Kekkei Genkai and Body Arts to eat, would have an advantage!

The reason why Haru agreed was because the general actual combat drill would take several months later.

Before this, there were still many basic courses to learn.

And with his own talent, after a few months, he was completely confident that he could crush his opponent with one hand.

However, he just did not expect that Tobirama would suddenly give him a stab in the back!

What was the point of having half a month of time

‘Very good, Tobirama.

Your success has attracted my attention.

If this young master calls you father in this life, then I am your son!’

Even when Haru walked out gloomily, he was still thinking that this was forcing him to raise his ashes into the sea after he grew old!

After Haru left, it didn’t take long for Hashirama to sneak in….

“Just give this kid half a month Isn’t it a bit too tight”

“He doesn’t know what kind of talent he has.

Can’t you tell” Tobirama immediately glanced at his big brother.

Hashirama nodded without refuting.

During this period, he had been peeping while training Haru.

To tell the truth, if not for the fact that Haru hadn’t revealed any of Mokuton’s talent so far, he would have wanted to rush over and personally teach him.

But regardless of whether it was the abnormally rapid increase in chakra capacity, the precision control of chakra, or the talent of learning ninjutsu, it was enough to crush most of his peers.

For cultivation, like stepping on trees and stepping on water, Haru only needed to listen to Tobirama explain and then could immediately comprehend i.

Hee asked with ease: “Just this”

It was as if these things had been naturally engraved into his body, and could not stump him at all.

However, Tobirama and Hashirama had never praised him in front of Haru or revealed shocked emotions.

It was also because they were afraid that he would be too proud and complacent, and it would not be good for him to develop an arrogant character.

“Since you already know what to do, then forget it.

Cough, cough, you also know that because of what happened last time, Mito cut off my money….

Recently, I wanted to play with the boss a few times, but I’m too shy…”

Tobirama was suddenly speechless.

He really wanted to criticize his unreliable big brother, but when he thought of Hashirama’s current physical condition, even if he had more complaints.

In the end, he could only helplessly take out his wallet and throw it at Hashirama.

He said with a straight face, “Save it a little.

Recently, the financial situation in the village is not very good.”

Hashirama opened his wallet in joy and looked inside.

Then, he said in a very disgusted tone, “Just a little”

The word ‘Well’ had unknowingly appeared on Tobirama’s forehead.

He said in a tough tone, “That’s all.

Do you want it or not”

Did he really think that his life as Hokage was very comfortable

Ever since he was promoted, he had been building up a lot of things and building departments one after another.

Which one of them didn’t want money

The huge sum of money he got from selling Bijuu had long been filled into this bottomless pit.

In addition, he was also a big spender.

Did those experimental equipment and experimental materials really come from nowhere

It was already good enough to have this amount of living expenses left, but he was still despised.

Tobirama was so angry!

Seeing that Tobirama wanted to snatch it back, Hashirama’s face immediately changed.

With a speed that was difficult for Tobirama to see clearly, he put the wallet into his arms.

“Oh right, don’t say that I gave you the money.”

When Hashirama was rushing out, Tobirama couldn’t help but remind him.

“Don’t worry, when Mito asks, I would say that I picked it up at the door…”

Hashirama waved his hand without turning his head, making Tobirama, who wanted to explain but did not say it, feel a little embarrassed.

‘What a joke.

Would he be afraid of Mito’

Tobirama subconsciously thought of the first time half a month ago when he mustered up the courage to step into the house, and then he was forced to wait for an hour by the Uzumaki households.

That terrifying squinting eyes was a nightmare that he woke up in the middle of the night!

Tobirama immediately shivered.

Fortunately, he was not the one who married Uzumaki Clan.

Only his big brother was willing to endure it and even enjoyed it.

He was worthy of being called God of Ninja.

Tobirama thought about it and was about to go out to see if Haru was seriously cultivating.

When he passed by Uzumaki’s house, he subconsciously lowered his pace.

It was unknown what he was feeling guilty about.

In the courtyard, Haru was sweating profusely.

When Tobirama saw this, he nodded in satisfaction.

He thought about the ‘things’ that Haru had asked for last time.

Perhaps he could consider teaching them to this stinky brat in advance.

After all, the actual combat drill half a month later was also related to some of Senju’s family’s faces…


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