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Chapter 22 - It's Not A Good Thing To Be Popular“Hehe, alright.

Let’s see how you deal with me in three seconds!”

Hyuga Tokugawa was stunned at first, and then he was so angry that his lungs were about to explode.

He sneered and said.

As for the little girls watching from the side, their eyes were already beginning to show love!

Not to mention anything else, just this kind of bearing was so handsome!

Of course, Haru was also very handsome —

“Haru, come on! Blow up that guy’s dog head!”

Ignoring the female students around him who were infatuated, Tsunade revealed her true nature and shouted.

Haru immediately turned around and looked at her speechlessly.

‘As expected of you, Tsunade.’

Then He heard Hyuga Tokugawa look at Fujiwara Takumi impatiently and say, “Sensei, are you still not going to start”

Fujiwara-sensei was too lazy to pay attention to this little brat.

He hoped Haru would win.

However, he wouldn’t do things that were not fair and just.

Therefore, he could only cheer for Haru in secret.

“The two sides form the ‘Mark of opposing’!”

“Battle, begin!”

As soon as Fujiwara-sensei finished speaking, Hyuga Tokugawa had already taken the lead and rushed out.

As a disciple of the Hyuga clan, physical skills were their best weapons.

What Kunai What Shuriken They all did not need it!

However, Haru silently shook his head in his heart, ‘His speed is too slow, and his attack is too direct.

Moreover, he does not even know the actual strength of his enemy.

He is too impulsive.’

He quickly formed seals with his hands!

Hyuga Tokugawa’s gaze focused, ‘He dared to form seals in front of me Is he underestimating me, or is he too stupid’

Although he was very surprised by the movement of Haru’s hand seals, he did not think that the other party could release any decent ninjutsu, so he increased his pace of rushing.

To be on the safe side, he wanted to beat the other party down before the other party completed the hand seals!

He also wanted to let everyone know how stupid the person who dared to make hand seals in front of their Hyuga clan was!

However, what Hyuga Tokugawa did not know that he overestimated himself and underestimated the enemy too much.

Since Haru dared to stand in the same place and make a seal in front of him, he naturally had already seen the result in advance.

“Lie down!”

Hyuga Tokugawa, who had already arrived in front of Haru, roared and punched with all his strength!

He was confident that he could deal with him with one punch.

Moreover, at this distance, he could not dodge!


“Not good!”

Fujiwara-sensei immediately turned pale with fright and wanted to step forward to stop him, but because he was too surprised before, he was a step too slow.

The next moment…

“Water Release – Chaotic Water Wave!”

As soon as Hyuga Tokugawa arrived, Haru completed the hand seal, and then….

A mouthful of ‘phlegm’ was spat on the other party’s face.

Chaotic Water Wave’s Ninjutsu level was C-grade, but as Water Escape’s basic ninjutsu, all water-type Ninjas would be the first to learn this ninjutsu.

Moreover, the use of this technique was very flexible, and it could freely adjust the power of the ninjutsu according to the amount of chakra the user had.

It wasn’t to the extent that if the amount of chakra wasn’t enough, then the awkward situation couldn’t be released.

At most, it would be the difference between a small water ball and a large waterfall.

As Tobirama’s child, wouldn’t it be easy for Haru to learn a few Water Escape ninjutsu

More importantly, Haru, who possessed the blood of Tobirama, in terms of the talent of Water Escape ninjutsu, was not inferior to Tobirama in the slightest!

Only a bang was heard!

This ‘clear phlegm’, which was a bit too big, directly rolled Hyuga Tokugawa and sent him flying five or six meters away!

In the end, Fujiwara-sensei was still a step too slow, only able to catch Hyuga Tokugawa in time.

However, it was unknown whether Haru’s move was too powerful or because he had lost the duel; he had no face to see anyone… In short, Hyuga Tokugawa had already fainted in time.

From Hyuga Tokugawa rushing over to Hyuga Tokugawa fainting and being caught by Fujiwara-sensei, the entire process was just three seconds!

Haru didn’t go back on his word.

He said that he would take care of the other party in three seconds.

That was three seconds.

One more second wouldn’t do!

This was the result of him finding out that he had overestimated the other party, so he adjusted the output of his chakra at the last moment and showed mercy.

“Sensei, is it time to announce the results”

“Ah Ah, in this duel, Senju Haru wins!”

Fujiwara-sensei announced loudly as he checked Hyuga Tokugawa’s injuries in a flurry.

Hyuga Tokugawa had already fainted, so he naturally did not need to form any seal anymore.

It was just that Fujiwara-sensei was really shocked!

According to what he knew, Senju Haru’s third birthday had just passed not long ago, and he was already able to release this kind of powerful ninjutsu.

It should be said that he was worthy of being a disciple of Senju’s clan!

Compared to him, there was really nothing that Hyuga Tokugawa could compare to.

Fujiwara-sensei looked at the other party in disgust, then helplessly let all the students wait on the spot.

He picked up the other party and quickly went to the infirmary.

It was only at this moment that the little beans who were looking forward to a wonderful confrontation finally woke up and burst into an uproar!

‘Where was the battle that they had agreed on’

‘Didn’t they say that Hyuga VS Senju was a peak battle’

‘Forget it, Hyuga Tokugawa is just a little girl who can talk big.

If you really want to learn, you have to look at Haru!’

Tsunade had already expected this result.

Before she walked to Haru, a group of ‘little bitches’ had already surrounded her.

“Student Haru, what Ninjutsu did you use just now”

“Student Haru, you are so awesome.

You killed that disgusting flat-faced guy in an instant.”

The fainted Hyuga Tokugawa: “”

“Student Haru, you are so handsome!”

“Student Haru, that… what kind of girl do you like”

“Student Haru, after school, can you teach me Even if there is some physical contact, I… I don’t care…”

The female students were too enthusiastic, and Haru couldn’t bear it for a long time!

If another 20 years passed, maybe he would just give them some pointers on their ‘physical skills’.

But with his current body, what could he do

He began to experience the irritable mood of Uchiha Itachi in the original work.

Being too popular was not a good thing!

If Jiraiya, whose eyes were about to spit fire, heard this, he would probably be so jealous that the wall would separate.

‘I also want to show off!’

‘I also want to be surrounded by a group of girls!’

‘Damn it!’

“Boring primitive impulse.” Orochimaru looked back with regret, and his eyes were full of disgust as he looked at the group of girls.

“Senju Haru… I remember this name.” Sakumo’s eyes flashed with a hint of fighting spirit.

This was the opponent he wanted.


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