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Regardless of whether it was Haru’s calm instant kill or Tsunade’s tenacious nature, all of them gave the other students a good lesson.

Perhaps it was because of the stimulation from the two of them, there really were a few “wonderful” matches that happened after that.

Orochimaru, like Tsunade, used his injuries to exchange for his injuries.

He expressionlessly defeated a disciple of a small clan.

Sakumo held a wooden knife in his hand and, unlike his peers, he easily defeated his opponent.

Even Jiraiya relied on his absurd fighting style to win under the watch of many people.

However, when Jiraiya was ready to greet the cheers, he found that no one cared about him.

Just as Jiraiya sighed in disappointment, the actual combat drill that had been carried out ahead of time came to an end.

As the saying went, the few families were happy and the other families were worried.

Those who had defeated their respective opponents in the battle were certainly a little proud, but those children who had lost the battle did not give up on themselves under Fujiwara-sensei’s comfort.

Instead, they were full of fighting spirit.

It was a good thing to realize their own shortcomings and the gap between them and others.

Even Fujiwara-sensei was gratified.

He once again felt the joy and accomplishment of being Sensei.

Haru, who had gained a lot of fame in the class, naturally became famous in a single battle.

Once again, people recognized the weight of Senju’s surname.

Even the support group was quickly established…

—Well, the members were basically all girls in the class.

Tsunade, who was extremely unhappy about this, naturally had no intention of joining.


After school, Danzo, as always, revealed a fake smile that gave Haru goosebumps.

“Did no one tell you that your smile was very fake and ugly”

Haru really couldn’t help but ridicule him.

Danzo’s fake smile immediately froze on his face, and then quickly turned into embarrassment and anger.

However, due to the identity of the other party, Danzo chose to… endure!

Even the arrogant Danzo in the original work did not dare to show any disrespect to him, which also made Haru once again sigh at the benefits brought by the status of identity.

However, once Hashirama and Tobirama were gone, presumably, the reverence of Danzo would also disappear quickly, and even if he bit back, it would not be surprising.

This little episode would soon pass….

However, when Haru and Tsunade did not go far, a few old acquaintances blocked his way again.


Danzo, who had been following behind, was worried that he had no chance to show off.

He did not care who the person blocking the way was.

He immediately appeared in front of Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, with a dead face, giving them a lot of pressure.

Haru did not say anything about Danzo’s self-assertion of being ‘sensitive’.

It would save him a lot of trouble if he were to send these people away.

After all, he was now judging himself as a ‘leader’, not a soldier who would charge and break through the enemy lines.

As for whether this would be too much of a bully…

The guards that this young master wants with his own abilities are bullying you.

“Senju Haru, don’t act recklessly! I came here this time to fulfill my promise, not to look for trouble with you.”

Hyuga Tokugawa, who seriously suspected that the other party would let this dead faced guard beat them up, hurriedly shouted.

Haru looked at them in surprise and found that their expressions were somewhat awkward and uneasy.

Well, it really didn’t look like he was angry from embarrassment and came to cause trouble.

So he waved to Danzo, “Go back, it’s okay.”

Danzo, “…”

In the end, Danzo still left gloomily.

Seeing this, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others finally relaxed.

“If you have something to say, hurry up and say it.

Don’t delay me from going home to eat.”

Hyuga Tokugawa gritted his teeth, but he still bowed and said, “I apologize for my previous offense.

I hope you can forgive me.

In the future, I will listen to whatever you say.

You are our boss.”

Inuzuka, who had a swollen face on one side, and a few other family disciples who wanted to keep the peace shouted in unison, “Boss Haru!”

‘What the hell is this’

Haru had thought of many possibilities just now, but he did not expect that the other party would do such a thing.

‘Could this be the legendary tiger body shaking, and the younger brothers all bowed down’

Well, even if he thought about it, he knew that it was impossible.

Before, these guys were very unconvinced.

Sure enough, in Naruto’s world, although status and such were very important, it was still necessary to show strength.

After all, status and such were obtained through strength.

‘Then the question is, should I accept these restless little brothers’

Haru began to seriously size up these guys, staring at them very uncomfortably.

“To be frank, I don’t need trash by my side.”

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others subconsciously clenched their fists, but they had lost so miserably before that they had no temper to refute.

However, just as they were about to leave and no longer give the other party a chance to humiliate them, they heard Haru change the topic, “Although your current strength is a complete mess, you still have some potential.

It is not completely impossible for you to follow me”

“En, what is your status in your respective clans”

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others were first severely belittled, and then they received a certain degree of recognition.

Their moods could be said to be very complicated.

Now, when they heard Haru’s question, they all honestly answered.

After listening to their answers, Haru was quite satisfied.

Although there were no children of the clan leader, they were still core disciples that were prepared to be nurtured by the major clans.

Not to mention being the clan leader’s right-hand man in the future, they would at least be able to become an elder in a few years.

Looking at it this way, these fellows could be considered to be qualified to be his first group.

When the time comes, we can give the fighting and killing to Sakumo, and the research can be handed over to Orochimaru, giving Tsunade the right to establish a medical team…

Konoha was indeed full of talent!


You ask Jiraiya what he does

Isn’t he a writer

Although writing novels was a dead end, Haru was still willing to provide him with an opportunity.

When the time came, writing a book of autobiographies would be a good opportunity for Jiraiya to shine and heat up!

Therefore, he nodded very reluctantly, “Alright, for the sake of your sincerity, I will give you a chance.

In the future, you will follow me.”

“But there are some things I have to make clear to you in advance.

If anyone dares to ruin my reputation outside, I can guarantee that even if your clan leader personally comes out, he will not be able to protect you.”

“But at the same time, whoever makes things difficult for you will be making things difficult for me, Senju Haru!”


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