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Before Danzo finished whipping Cigarette, Haru tried some new ideas, such as asking Danzo to slap himself in the mouth and learn to call him an animal.

Then he found that Danzo’s IQ had collectively gone offline during the whipping of Cigarette.

Especially listening to his words, it was as if he was Danzo’s long-lost father.

But if his request touched the bottom line of Danzo’s subconscious, then the request would be ignored, and Danzo would scold him.

For example, if he wanted Danzo to commit suicide, it was simply impossible.

In addition, Danzo’s character had also changed greatly, and his style of speaking and doing things had become very… social!

To put it simply, it was as if something possessed him.

He was good at a face, and he came to be familiar with others.

He liked to guide the country and boast.

As long as Haru was a little polite to him, Danzo would be unhappy, as if he had suffered some kind of humiliation…

Tsunade was dumbfounded, ‘In such a short period of time, how did this guy become a different person’

Haru was very satisfied with the result of the experiment.

This proved that although his golden finger was a bit tricky, this small function that could be used before it was officially activated could play an unexpected role.

It was just that he could not understand what the conditions of these ‘Event Logs’ came from.

There was also no ‘Achievement’ interface, which made him blind.

He could only rely on luck!

What made people even more speechless was that he had to rely on himself to figure out the role of this ‘sweet taste’.

How could he be so depressed

As he was thinking, Danzo finally finished drawing a single Cigarette.

Then the dangling Danzo suddenly froze in place, as if he had been cast with immobilization magic; his eyes were confused.

Regarding the previous memories, he was already a little blurry.

On the contrary, the feeling of fluttering left a deep impression on him before, which made Danzo intoxicated for a moment.

‘So… this was the feeling of smoking’

‘No wonder Hiruzen and Tobirama both liked this.’

But as an excellent ninja, he should be firm in his will.

How could he be addicted to such foreign objects

‘But… I really want to take another bite.’

Danzo’s eyes gradually regained clarity, and he let out a long breath.

However, he was still a little silly, and no one knew what he was thinking.

“Old… Cough, cough, Danzo How do you feel now”

Haru calmly pulled Tsunadeback two steps and then carefully asked.

If Danzo still remembered his previous actions and wanted to settle the score with him, he had already thought of an excuse.

At most, he would just throw the blame directly at Tobirama and say that it was the latest product that Tobirama had developed.

After all, his father was used to scamming people.

If he did not come out to take the hit at this time, when would he expect it

He did not believe that Danzo would dare to ask about this in front of Tobirama!

Fortunately, Danzo did not seem to be particularly clear about his previous memories.

He had a vague feeling that after he woke up from his sleep, he still remembered some of the contents of his dream, but he could not recall the specific details no matter how hard he tried.

Therefore, Danzo did not go crazy.

Instead, he said a little sullenly, “I roughly understand what kind of feeling this is, but I still feel that…”

Glancing at Haru and Primary Instruction, Danzo did not finish his words and promptly swallowed back the following ‘-evaluation’.

Otherwise, if these words were to reach Lord Tobirama’s ears, wouldn’t it aggravate his dissatisfaction towards him

‘Forget it, forget it….

Let it be.’

Danzo sighed.

Then, his heart stirred.

“Should I make an issue of this matter For Sarutobi, Hiruzen, to be able to receive Lord Tobirama’s favor because of this hobby, it doesn’t make sense that I, Danzo, can’t do it!”

In the past, he didn’t know.

But now, he could ‘prescribe the right medicine’.

Speaking of which, where could he find the best quality tobacco

Maybe he could get some for Lord Tobirama, just treat it as a gift from his disciple to Sensei…

While Danzo was still lost in his thoughts, Haru had already let out a sigh of relief and told him to leave.

‘Well, it’s not a big problem.’

【Mouse No.

1】 has not found any other abnormal behavior except being a little dazed and silly.

That is to say; the side effects are close to zero! (Danzo:)

In any case, he, a child, would definitely not touch this thing.

And it was obvious that this box of 【Cigarette】 was used to cheat people.

The intelligence effect was extremely obvious, so it was better to keep it and wait for the next ‘lucky person’!

“Don’t talk nonsense when you go back.” Haru gave her a look and whispered.

Tsunade was about to nod when she suddenly remembered what had happened before.

She immediately turned her head and snorted.

Seeing this, Haru could not help but sigh.

Sure enough, the newly born Tsunade was the cutest.

“I know where your grandfather’s private room money is hidden.

When we go back, we will win all of him, and then we will split the money”

Tsunade glanced at him, her heart wavering, but she still didn’t let go.

When Haru saw this, he immediately added, “6:4! You 6, I 4! Other than that, I will return the money you lost!”

This time, Tsunade couldn’t help but say, “7:3! I want 70%!”

Haru pretended to hesitate for a moment, then reluctantly nodded.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, we’ll do as you say.”

As the saying went, the money of Tsunade was returned to him, and Hashirama’s money was divided into 7:3.

No matter what, he would definitely not lose out in this wave.

If he won some money from Hashirama, wouldn’t it be the same as walking on the street and picking up money

Thus, the two of them quickly reached a deal.

Tsunade also guaranteed that she would not spill the beans.

Otherwise, she would be cursed by the heavens that she would lose every bet she made!

Fortunately, Haru covered her mouth in time.

Otherwise, wouldn’t this stand come true

At that time, it would be a big loss for her to even lose herself!

However, ever since she diverted her attention, little Tsunade had forgotten about today, and a bright smile appeared on her face.

Behind him, Danzo, who had almost hit the wall, touched his burning right cheek in confusion.

He couldn’t remember why it hurt here.

He cursed his bad luck a few more times because he suddenly found that his wallet was gone, and he didn’t know where it had fallen.

After sending the two little ancestors home safely, he was ready to go back and look for it.

After all, he hadn’t taken any missions recently, and he had been working as a’ follower bug nanny ‘every day.

So even if he didn’t lose all of his property, it was enough for him to feel pain for a long time.

“If I can’t find it, I can go to Hiruzen’s house to eat and drink for the next period of time.”

Danzo silently praised his intelligence.

‘Hiruzen, just wait to cry!’


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