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 Chapter 28 - PrivilegeIn the evening, Haru, who only used an hour to successfully make Hashirama petrified and bankrupt again, quietly divided the stolen goods with Tsunade, who also lost her pocket money, and then turned to go to the yard to train.

As usual, when Haru noticed Tobirama, Tobirama, who was like a ghost, stood at the side and watched for a long time.

“How are your gains in today’s actual combat drill”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t embarrass you.

I beat him with Water Release in one move.”

Logically speaking, there was nothing to be proud of.

After all, he had only defeated a little brat who was far from being a Genin.

But no matter what, this was the first time that Haru had experienced such an experience in his two lives.

It was inevitable that he would be a little arrogant.

If he were to score for himself today, he would score 82 points for himself.

Among them, his strength only accounted for 1 point, and the remaining 81 points were all abstract points.

Not only was his posture handsome, but he was also pretentious.

As for the final 18 points deducted, it was because he was not in charge of shouting 666, which made him feel regretful.

“Do you think you are very powerful” Tobirama raised his eyebrows and asked.

Haru suddenly widened his eyes and looked back at him as if he was a retard.

“How is that possible With my skills, any Genin can beat me! Don’t tell me someone really thinks that I am a genius who can sweep away Konoha in just half a month of school and become Hokage”

Haru had already thought about it.

Although he was forced to leave his home because of some kind of irresistible force and needed to go to the Ninja School every day to attend lessons.

However, unless he was strong enough to fight to a draw with the legendary Konoha Ninja, he would not take a step forward from Konoha.

The outside world was too dangerous, especially for him, a ‘child’.

According to his estimation, when his chakra reached the level of Uzumaki clansman, Water Release was at Tobirama’s level, his physique was as abnormal as Hashirama, and then he would learn the forbidden arts like Madara, and so on, he would almost be able to become a qualified Konoha Ninja.

When the time came, he would be able to complete three years of D-level missions and strive to fill up his experience points.

The next step would be to consider forming a team with two Jonin whose level was not bad and take the risk of completing some C-level missions within the borders of the Fire Country.

Step by step, steadily and steadily fulfill the responsibility and obligations that he had to endure!

It would be best if he could endure until he grew up and then smoothly inherit the family business.

That would be perfect!

Haru’s script had already been written, and just as he was daydreaming, he took a kick on his butt and stuck his entire body against the wall.

Tobirama’s face was full of anger.

When he heard the first two words of Haru, he felt quite gratified.

It was good that he could still recognize his own strength.

He did not feel complacent just because he defeated a disciple of Hyuga’s family who did not succeed.

But the result was good.

Not only did he look at him with that kind of gaze, but he also became angry.

“Tobirama!! I am very serious to tell you that you have laid things out.

Something big has happened!”

Although he really wanted to be so powerful, under the expressionless face of Tobirama, Haru, who had pinned himself down from the wall, only dared to curse in his heart.

Moreover, under the gaze of Tobirama, he had to squeeze out a smile.

“What are you doing Isn’t what I’m saying the truth Uh, what I mean is that I still have a lot to learn.

Next, I will be neither arrogant nor impatient as I seriously complete the training tasks assigned to me by the organization.

I will not be lazy and strive to be a qualified co-soldier.

Cough cough, strive to be an excellent ninja reserve!”

Seeing that Haru began to babble nonsense again and say some strange words, Tobirama felt a headache.

He did not know whose this child’s character was.

Sometimes, it could only be described by the heart, and sometimes, it was too naughty.

He, Senju Tobirama, would not agree with the reason or problem of his bloodline.

Yes, it must be Uchiha Izuna Nai’s fault.

After all, the brains of that family were not normal, so it was not surprising that they had strange personalities.

In addition, he had also secretly come to watch today’s duel.

There was nothing to evaluate about this result, and Ninjutsu was also ordinary.

However, Haru calmly and calmly responded in battle, and his confident precision calculation was quite similar to that of one in a billion years ago.

Well, this is a bit like him…

A scroll was suddenly thrown to Haru, and Tobirama said, “I have sorted out some suitable Water Escape ninjutsu for beginners.

If there is anything you don’t understand, you can come and ask me.”

Haru was originally quite surprised, thinking that Tobirama finally found his conscience and was willing to teach him the Flying Ruujin, but in the end, he was happy for nothing.


Alright, it’s better to have it than not having it.

Haru, who understood the logic of being content, looked at Tobirama with a resentful expression.

Tobirama touched his nose.

Perhaps he also felt that this thing was a little difficult to take out, and it was also suspicious of fooling children.

Therefore, he gave a rare explanation, “At this stage, your main training task is to lay the foundation well.

When I think that you have the qualifications to practice more profound ninjutsu, I will give you all of Water Escape’s ninjutsu.

And Flying Thunder God, who you have always been thinking about, is also handed over to you.”

Although he knew that Tobirama was drawing a big pancake for him, Haru could not help but be a little excited when he heard it.

This was the first time that Tobirama had given up and promised to teach him Flying Thunder God.

So reincarnation was a technique!

For example, after graduation, it was already good enough for an ordinary ninja to learn one or two ninjutsu, but he could pick and pick, and even look down on these ‘low

When he gradually grows up, there will be all kinds of powerful ninjutsu that are suitable for him, and even Kinjutsu for him to learn.

Just this starting point was already the end point that many people would find hard to reach in their entire lives.

Haru, who was holding the scroll, laughed foolishly.

He was secretly pleased.


Haru suddenly remembered that he had accepted Hyuga Tokugawa and the others as his little brothers today.

He had to ask Tobirama for his opinion on this matter, so as to avoid getting involved in unnecessary trouble.

However, Tobirama, who had received the news a long time ago, did not seem to care about this at all.

“In the future, you do not need to ask me about this kind of small matter.

You just have to deal with it.”

How should he deal with it

It was as if he had not said anything!

However, Haru roughly understood what Tobirama meant.

This kind of trivial matter was indeed not worth worrying about.

Whether they agreed or refused, no matter what the clans were planning, they would not be able to stir up any waves in front of Tobirama.

After knowing Tobirama’s attitude, Haru knew what to do in the future.

Bold, what was there to be afraid of!


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