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Chapter 29 - Mom Said Don't Play With The FoolThe next day, when Haru entered the classroom while humming a song, he saw Hyuga Tokugawa and the others stand up.

“Hello, Boss!”


All the eyes of the students in the class were fixed on Haru and Hyuga Tokugawa!


‘What was going on’

‘Didn’t you just get beaten up yesterday How did you recognize the boss today’

‘If you really can’t beat him, then join!’

Haru, who had the soul of an adult, had a wonderful expression at this time.

If Konoha had a mouse area, he would buy three rooms and two halls!

It was a big embarrassment!

Glaring at these guys fiercely, Haru almost squeezed out a few words from his teeth, “Hurry up and sit down, keep a low profile.

Do you understand what it means to keep a low profile”

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others were originally a little smug, thinking that they were doing this to give a face to their boss.

Not only were they imposing enough, but they were also handsome.

In the end, they did not expect that their flattery did not work well, but only gained eyes.

This really made them feel a little wrong.

However, at this moment, Tsunade said indifferently, “Don’t worry about him.

Me Me None of you can see me!”

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others were stunned for a moment.

They subconsciously shouted in unison, “Big Sis!”

“Hahaha! Not bad, not bad, very imposing! Big Sis thinks highly of you guys.

If anyone dares to bully you in the future, just say my name, and Big Sis will help you vent your anger!”

Tsunade proudly patted Hyuga Tokugawa on the shoulder and deliberately put on an old look.

It had to be said that compared to Haru, this ‘fake boss’, Tsunade was more like the real boss of this group of ‘bad guys’.

Haru was speechless.

‘Sigh, forget it, forget it.

Just treat it as someone playing house with Tsunade.’

“Then… should we keep a low profile in the future or be a little more high-profile”

Hyuga Tokugawa, who had been beaten down, looked at Haru whose face was not very good, and asked carefully.

“Whatever, as long as your big sister is happy.” Haru waved his hand.


Hyuga Tokugawa nodded thoughtfully.

It seemed that he had to find a way to lick the big sister.

As long as the big sister was happy, the pressure on the boss would be much less.

It had to be said that although Hyuga Tokugawa was a little stubborn, he was not stupid and had analyzed a lot of the truth.

This little episode passed quickly as Haru and Tsunade returned to their seats.

However, the impact caused many people in the class to have ideas.

Some people wanted to enter Senju Haru’s small circle, some people did not care about it.

However, most of them were still envious and jealous.

Why was it that in just half a month of school, there was already someone who was in the limelight, attracting the attention of so many beautiful girls There were even faint signs of becoming an influential figure in the entire year!

However, even Hyuga Tokugawa, who was usually the most arrogant and looked down on people, had been subdued.

The other children of the small families and commoners did not have the courage and awareness to look for trouble with the other party.

Thus, no matter how unhappy they were, they could only watch and even put on a smile and say a few good words.

Only Orochimaru, Sakumo, and a few others really did not care about this, but they were also very interested in Senju Haru.

As for what kind of interest they had, they were probably the only ones who knew.

Jiraiya, on the other hand, held his breath.

He secretly made up his mind to work hard in his cultivation.

He wanted to defeat Senju Haru in the next duel and become an influential figure in the class.

Then, all the female students crowded around him and praised him in a shy and delicate voice.

While asking him to help guide his homework…

“Jiraiya, it’s not the time for lunch yet.

Can you wipe your mouth Your appearance really puts a lot of pressure on Sensei.” Fujiwara-sensei knocked on the blackboard helplessly.

“Hahaha…” The whole class burst into laughter again.

When Jiraiya came back to his senses, he quickly wiped off the saliva that had unconsciously flowed out from his mouth.

His face was red.

At the same time, he complained about Fujiwara-sensei.

Just now, he almost reached the peak of his life.

With this interruption, his daydream was in vain again.

Damn it!

Because of the laughter, Jiraiya, who could not raise his head, had nowhere to vent it.

He could only gloomily say to Orochimaru, “Why didn’t you remind me”

Orochimaru glanced at him and slowly spat out two words, “What idiot.”


Jiraiya was so angry that he was teased by Sensei.

It was one thing for his classmates to laugh, but he was actually ridiculed by this guy with a dead face.

He really couldn’t bear it.

“Don’t leave after school if you have the guts.

I want to fight you one-on-one!”

Hearing this, Orochimaru looked at him again with a caring look, “Ah, boring.”

“Ah! How can there be such a person!”

Jiraiya felt like his lungs were about to explode.

He held his head with both hands and pressed it against the table, roaring in his heart.

Then, Fujiwara-sensei’s voice came again

“Student Jiraiya, if you want to sleep, please be quiet.

Don’t disturb the other students who are in class.”

Jiraiya raised her head, looking as if he had been played.


“Haha, that guy is so funny.

He’s so silly.” Little Tsunade covered her mouth and laughed while complaining.

Haru raised his right eyebrow and pondered for a moment before asking, “If you were to choose between Kato Dan and Jiraiya, who would you choose”

Little Tsunade cutely tilted her head and said with a serious face, “Mom said not to let me play with a fool.”

Haru suddenly mourned for Jiraiya in his heart, “So you choose to add Kato Dan”

Tsunade was distressed for a moment, then shook her head and said, “That person is too boring, I don’t want to make friends with him.”

Kato Dan was the model of a transparent student in the class since he entered the school half a month ago.

Although he had a sense of justice, this period was still ordinary, and there was no outstanding place for him.

Just like those common children, he felt a little inferior.

Not to mention that Kato Dan had always had a great dream that he did not dare to say to others – to become Hokage!

Therefore, this led Jia Kato Dan, who was immersed in studying and training, to have no sense of existence.

He was usually alone and seemed to be a little unsociable.

After listening to Tsunade’s answer, Haru was not sure whether the future would be a plot he was familiar with.

However, since he had come to this world, regardless of whether he succeeded or not, he still had to try to change some things.

However, many of the things he was familiar with were useless in this era.

The story he was familiar with was still several decades away from birth.

Frankly speaking, this was a world that he was familiar with and extremely unfamiliar with.


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