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Haru sighed and looked at Uchiha with great regret, “If you only have this kind of consciousness, then I think you should go home early and find your mothers to avoid wasting everyone’s time.”

“What the hell do you mean Are you playing us!”

This time, Uchiha Fuu did not stop questioning his descendants because he also felt very agitated.

“What exactly do you want If you want to find an excuse to not fight, just say it!”

Haru did not directly answer this question but asked an irrelevant question, “Do you… have a dream Do you… want to become an excellent ninja”

Although he did not know what tricks the other party was playing, Uchiha Fuu, who had already been controlled by Haru, hesitated for a moment and nodded, “So what What does it have to do with what is happening now”

“Then let me ask you again, is there a ninja who does not accept rewards for accepting missions”

Uchiha Fuu was stunned again, “How can I not accept the reward”

“Yes, the ninja used his own life as a bargaining chip and risked his life to complete the task.

How can I not accept the reward”

“And I have always had a dream!”

“That is to become the best ninja, so I will strictly follow the creed of the ninja to restrain myself.”

“So, if this mission does not have any reward, then even if I can easily defeat you, I will not continue to waste time here.

Ninja time is life!”

“I originally thought that you all also had such a great dream, but now it seems that I am flattering myself.”

Haru’s’ sincere ‘speech’, possessed by Marthin Luther King Jr., shocked everyone until they were dizzy.

‘Is… is that so’

‘What he said made sense, but I also felt that something was wrong.’

“The time of a ninja is life… You are right! A meaningless fight does not conform to the basic qualities of an outstanding ninja.

It seems that these idiots have finally done something smart.”

Uchiha Fuu was fooled and limped.

The way he looked at Haru was actually somewhat sympathetic.

This made Haru, who noticed it, subconsciously shiver.

This guy could not have any special hobbies, right

Hyuga Tokugawa, who was scolded as a fool, immediately said angrily, “Who are you calling a fool”

“A fool is scolding you!” the Uchiha, who had previously flaunted that Uchiha Fuu was already five years old, immediately retorted.

“Hahaha, yes, you are right.”


Uchiha Fuu’s pig-like teammate went online again, which made him speechless.

For the first time, he regretted bringing this idiot out.

Why didn’t he see it before

What was even funnier was that this guy still hadn’t reacted yet.

He asked the people around him with a strange look, “What are these idiots laughing at I scolded them, but they still laughed Are they crazy”

“Shut up! From now on, without my permission, you are not allowed to say a word!” Uchiha Fuu finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

The other party was stunned and then looked wronged.

‘What the hell was going on’

‘I was clearly venting for you, big brother!’

After the small episode passed, Uchiha Fuu directly changed the topic and said, “Tell me.

So what if you win So what if you lose”

Seeing that the other party had finally jumped into the pit, Haru smiled and said, “Do you… have money on you”

Five minutes later.

There were two piles of debris in the open space next to them.

Almost all the things on Uchiha Fuu and the others had been taken out.

It was a total of 1,852 taels, plus 5 Kunai, 12 handheld swords, and a smoke bomb.

Was it really worthy of being a big family

Although the Uchiha family was not well-liked, they were still quite rich.

Uchiha Fuu and the others almost brought hundreds of taels of pocket money with them.

Kunai and the sword in their hands were all things they carried with them.

Only the smoke bomb was contributed by “our big brother is five years old” and “the fool scolded you”.

It was originally stolen to be used as fireworks.

These things were the bargaining chips for this group fight, but they only belonged to Uchiha’s side.

In order to gather equal value, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, who did not have much money on them, originally gritted their teeth and wanted to go back to pick them up, but Haru directly waved his tiny hand and lightly took out five thousand taels from his bosom and waved it.

Uchiha immediately fell silent.

“Now that the rules have been set and the chips have been set, you can start.”

“En, come on!”

This time, Haru nodded his head in agreement.

Although he didn’t have much money, having a long-term stable method to earn extra income was not bad!

Moreover, he could regularly test what he had learned and use these guys to practice the actual combat effect of Ninjutsu.

It could be said that it was a killing move.

“I’m really a clever little ghost!”

After happily giving himself a thumbs up, Haru silently stood behind Hyuga Tokugawa and the others and also pulled Tsunade along with him.

It was not that he was afraid, but for the sake of safety, Hyuga Tokugawa and his old acquaintances would first exchange points with the other party, and then he and Tsunade would jump out to clean up the mess.

It was the safest and most convenient way.

Why did he have to go all out if he could win easily

Since the other party did not take him and Tsunade seriously, he might as well give the other party a surprise later!

“I will count to 321 and start!”

“3, 2, 1, beat them up!”

Following Haru’s command, Hyuga Tokugawa and the other five people directly rushed to the middle to fight!

Everyone knew what was going on.

They had fought in groups like this more than once.

In addition, they had wasted so much time just now.

Both sides were holding back fire in their hearts.

Thus, this battle immediately became dark and gloomy.

It was thrilling and thrilling.

There were dangers everywhere.

It was extremely exciting.

Well, it was indeed very exciting.

You punch me, and I kick you!

You pull my hair, and I’ll poke your eyes!

Seeing that no one was looking for him for a while, Haru, who was watching the battle, simply acted as All-Mouthy King.

“Hyuga Tokugawa, kick his butt!”

“Buttface, bite him!”

“Aiya, Shikakichi, you are too weak.

You can’t even dodge such a slow fist.

Did you not eat today”

“What a good move of rolling around like a lazy donkey! Quickly stand up and fight back with the white crane’s wings! What are you thinking about!”

“Yes, that’s the way to fight! Jump on his body and bite his ear!”

Haru was feeling good, but Hyuga Tokugawa and the others who were fighting were feeling miserable.

Shikakichi, who had been beaten up by a single-eyed panda, wanted to say, “I was full at lunch, but I didn’t eat dinner at night!”

Aburame Shima, who had just gotten up from the ground, was stunned.

Only the simple and honest Akimichi Nishi hesitated for a moment before jumping onto the other party’s back with his tonnage.

However, before he could bite the other party’s ear, the other party was directly pressed down by him.


“Do I still bite”


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