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Chapter 35 - If Water Release Is Not Strong, Then How About The Sea

‘I hate being robbed by my teammates the most!’

Haru, who wanted to cry but had no tears, saw that Tsunade had already attacked the third person and hurriedly shouted, “Leave one for me! I am the protagonist!”


In the time it took to shout, another Uchiha was beaten to the ground by Tsunade and fainted.

Maybe Tsunade did not inherit Mokuton, Sage, and other messy things, but with Tsunade’s talent in strange power, Haru seriously suspected that she had already surpassed the master.

No matter how much you endure, I will only break it with one punch!

Saitama-Sensei, is that you

This time, Haru, who was really about to cry, no longer cared about talking nonsense.

He did not even see Uchiha Fuu’s shocked expression.

Almost all of his potential was unleashed.

His hands quickly formed a seal, just to take the last’ – head ‘before Tsunade could.

“Water Escape – Water Bullet!”

When Uchiha Fuu heard the sound of the air breaking, he hurriedly turned around.

However, it was too late.

Water droplets that were like bullets instantly enveloped him, making it impossible for him to dodge!

Perhaps the water bullet attack was not the fastest type of ninjutsu, but it was not something that Uchiha Fuu, who did not even open Sharingan, was not even a Genin, and was even a step too slow to turn around, ‘primary school student’ could dodge!


Uchiha Fuu directly swayed, and the pain from his whole body instantly drowned him.

Until the second before he fainted on the ground, he still could not understand why this little girl was so powerful and violent.

Why could the other party release Water Escape’s ninjutsu at this age

With a plop, Uchiha Fuu unwillingly fell to the ground.

Haru, who resisted the urge to make up for his injury, immediately went over to check the situation of this guy.

When he found that it was just some superficial wounds, and it was not pretending to be dead, but really fainting, he breathed a sigh of relief.

One must know that the Water Bullet technique was new ninjutsu developed by Tobirama from the Water Iron Cannon technique.

It changed the ‘Fire Cannon’ into ‘Fire Machine Gun’, increasing the number of attacks released, reducing the attack damage of a single ‘Fire Bullet’.

Otherwise, Haru would not dare to use this ninjutsu to deal with Uchiha Fuu.

In case someone really died, he was not sure whether Tobirama’s character would protect him or not.

There was a high probability that… he might not.

Of course, this time, Haru did not use his full strength.

He still remembered that when Tobirama demonstrated this technique to him, every single ‘bullet’ was as big as his head.

He casually threw out dozens of them and smashed countless trees.

Regarding this, the GlobalProtection Association protested!

Ah pei!

It was him who was shocked.

Are you sure this thing isn’t called the Water Bullet Technique

Who the hell said that Water Escape wasn’t strong

Come, come, put the apple on your head and stand over.

Water Escape might not be strong, but the Sea Escape Technique was definitely awesome!

Well, he once again used the castration version of Water Escape to defeat the ‘strong enemy’, and it was normal for him to float for a while.

After floating, Haru did not care about Hyuga Tokugawa and the others who were lying on the ground, but began to condemn Tsunade very sadly!

“What did I tell you before I asked you to protect me.

Is this how you protect me”

Little Tsunade bit her finger and asked with a puzzled face, “If I beat them all down, wouldn’t no one be able to harm Haruru”

Haru’s expression froze.

‘Well said, I actually have nothing to say!’

‘This was the same as finishing you off, not giving money was not considered pretty.’

‘A certain king of assassin once said: “What is assassination I killed all the people who saw me.

This is the perfect assassination!”’

“Okay, you all are reasonable.

I am the only younger brother!” Haru gave up on this question and continued to argue with Tsunade.

Unfortunately, he had clearly written the script…


“B-Boss, Big Sis, you guys are really too fierce!”

‘F*ck, a zombie!’

Haru, who was shocked, quickly looked over and found that Shikakichi was looking at them with excitement.

“Weren’t you knocked unconscious When did you wake up”

“Uh… Hehe, I was playing dead just now.

I was thinking of ambushing them from behind, but now it seems like I was overthinking things.”

Haru looked at Shikakichi’s shy smile and suddenly felt a chill.

He couldn’t help but think of ‘Voldemort’, and other things that had left a great shadow in his heart.

Even the way he looked at this guy was a little strange.

Shikakichi, who was stared at until his hair stood on end, quietly swallowed his saliva and laughed dryly.

“I really don’t have a choice.

I’m really not that good at physical skills.

I haven’t cultivated the secret arts to their peak yet.

In order to not drag me down, I can only use this method.”

That’s true.

After all, Nara’s clan relied on their brains to eat.

Even the Shadow Secret Skill had to go to the back row.

It was normal for them to play some tricks.

At the same time, they also had to be known as scheming!


Haru, who was too lazy to care about these things, directly said, “Hurry up and wake everyone up.

If you can’t wake them up, then carry them back… It’s already so late, we won’t be able to make it in time for dinner.”

Haru looked at the sky and hurriedly took off his clothes.

He packed up all the money on the ground, Kunai and the other messy things, and then pulled Tsunade and ran home.

If he couldn’t make it in time for dinner, he was sure that Tsunade would be able to act cute and eat, but he wasn’t sure he would.

With Tobirama’s character, he would definitely let him starve and reflect on himself.

‘It was the time for me to grow up.

If I don’t eat, my stomach will burn.

So I must not give Tobirama a chance to take revenge for his personal hatred.


“I will take the things back first.

Tomorrow, I will take them to the school to divide the spoils!”

He shouted without turning his head, and the figures of Haru and Tsunade suddenly disappeared from Shikakichi’s sight.

Although Shikakichi seriously suspected that this guy would take the opportunity to fill his private pockets, he thought about it carefully and there was nothing to argue about.

After all, he was able to win today, and half of the revenge was thanks to them.

Since they didn’t lose face and even made Uchiha Fuu and the others become poor, it was already worth it!

Moreover, as the boss, shouldn’t he take the big head

Shikakichi shook his head and stopped thinking about this matter.

He immediately began to help his own people up.

Apart from him, who was pretending to be dead, Inuzuka Kou and Akimichi Nishi were still awake.

However, they were beaten a little hard and could not get up.

Naturally, the two of them also lay on the ground and saw the scene of their Big Sister unleashing her divine might and directly beating Uchiha Fuu and the others.

En, it was very shocking!

On the contrary, Hyuga Tokugawa and Aburame Shima, who were a little stubborn, were knocked unconscious and did not see this wonderful scene.

As for Uchiha Fuu and the others…

Well, one of them was counted as one, and they were all ‘sleeping’.


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