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Chapter 37 - One Poisonous Family

After rushing back home, Haru finally had a bite of the warm leftovers before leaving the table.

However, what he did not expect was that Tobirama was really poisonous!

Tobirama, who was usually the first to finish his meal, actually ate until the end today, even leaving half a bowl of rice for someone.

If Haru had not come back in time, this half bowl of rice would have been gone in a few minutes.

Haru was so angry that he poured the rest of the soup into the bowl, mixed it twice, and swallowed it with his tears.

And Tsunade had already disappeared.

When he found Tsunade, he found that this little heartless person was holding a big bowl of pig rice with an oily mouth!

‘My goodness, that bowl is bigger than her baby face.’

“Hehe, what good food are you eating here”

Touching his stomach, Haru licked his lips, his face full of greed.

Tsunade, who was shocked, suddenly had a surprised expression on her face, “You can find me even if I hide here” Then, she no longer had time to carefully taste it.

She quickly stuffed the rest of the pork meat into her mouth.

Then, she chewed hard and handed over the rest of the food in the bowl.

“Wu…(Haruru, you eat —)”

Looking at Tsunade’s bright eyes, Haru, who subconsciously took the big bowl, couldn’t help but show tears.

“Who wants to eat your leftovers!”

‘As expected of my good niece, you really didn’t leave a piece of meat for me!’

‘Get lost!’

‘Even if I starve to death, I won’t eat your leftovers even if I’m angered to death by Tobirama!’


Haru sniffed twice, and it seemed to be a little fragrant.

When he looked again, the big rice in the bowl was suffused with a layer of oil that was filled with the smell of crime, and it was the sin that pigs had dug into!

And after carefully digging, he actually pulled out a few pieces of meat from the rice.


He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva and look around.

‘Very good, there is no one.’

“Cough cough, Sister Ayako has been looking for you all this time.

Hurry up and go over.

Uncle will help you send the bowls and chopsticks to the kitchen in a while.”

Haru raised his head with disdain, and without even looking at the bowl of rice in his hand, he immediately said seriously.

Tsunade was suspicious of him.

She nodded, covered her oily mouth, and ran out.

To be honest, just now, she was really afraid that the pot would dig her mouth and then snatch the meat away…

Phew —

After sending Tsunade away, Haru once again closed the door in a sneaky manner.

Then, he laughed foolishly.

He ate a mouthful of meat and a mouthful of oily rice.

It was really fragrant!

He had no choice.

He only ate half a bowl of rice and a few mouthfuls of leftover vegetable soup in the evening.

How could he not be hungry

Tsunade could open a small stove, but that did not mean he could.

It was obvious that Tobirama had done this on purpose!

“Humph, when you are old, you will see if I give you food or not!”

However, just as Haru was happily tasting the bowl of pork, the door suddenly opened.

“Haruru, mom said… ah!“

The air suddenly froze, and the corner of Haru’s mouth still had a crystal grain hanging from it.

He looked at Tsunade in disbelief.

Then, from the corner of Haru’s mouth twitch, he said with a numb face, “If I said that I just don’t want to waste food, would you believe me”

Tsunade hesitated for a moment, but she still nodded.

Haru’s stiff body suddenly relaxed, and even his numb face was relieved.

“Haruru, are you full”

Feeling pain, he looked down at the leftovers in his hand that was actually still very fragrant.

Haru nodded silently.

The next second, he saw Tsunade suddenly look happy and immediately ran out.

While running, she shouted, “Mom! I don’t want to eat that pork rice cooker anymore! Haruru said that he was full after eating the leftovers.

Give me that portion too!”

Haru was instantly petrified.

The oily rice in his hand suddenly lost its fragrance.

‘What a sin!’

‘Tsunade, you are really… considerate!’

‘The people in this family are all f*cking poisonous, aren’t they’

The insensitive and unreliable idiot uncle.

He looked gentle and generous, but in fact, he was protective of the terrifying squinting big aunt. 

The cold-looking, black-bellied, narrow-minded, narrow-minded, vengeful, unsmiling… the face of a dead person with a thousand derogatory words, Tobirama, who was a man of death.

There was also the Heart Piercing Poisonous Little Devil that made him suffer countless times, the one he loved the most, the little niece Tsunade.

Looking up, 45 degrees, looking up at the ceiling…

“I really can’t stay in this house anymore!”


A burst of stomach growling immediately pulled Haru back to reality.

Forget it, it was more important to fill his stomach first.

It would be better to wait for more than ten years before leaving home.

Haru immediately pulled the rest of the food into his mouth and chewed hard.


In the evening, Haru cultivated seriously under the gaze of Tobirama’s dead face.

Although his current identity provided him with a lot of protection and convenience, at the same time, this identity could also bring him great danger.

And only strength was the foundation for his future!

Therefore, Haru, who knew this very well, had never been perfunctory when he was cultivating.

He even took out 200% of his attitude.

Even in his previous life, when he was in the college entrance examination, he had not been so attentive.

Tobirama, who had been watching for a while, could not help but nod in his heart.

With talent and hard work, this was almost more than half of success.

‘As long as he does not die prematurely, in another ten or so years, he might really grow into a towering tree and lead Konoha to a brighter future.’

This was the first time that Tobirama began to seriously think about Hashirama’s expectations and evaluation of Haru

At the same time, it was also the first time in his heart that he had the idea of protecting Haru and cultivating him into Hokage..

Now that he was completely fine and unharmed, Tobirama believed that it would not be a problem for him to live for another ten or twenty years and see Haru grow up.

After all, even if there was a real war, it was almost impossible for him, who had Flying Thunder God, to be killed.

At that time, if Haru’s growth and character could really reach the expected…

Tobirama never thought that age was a problem, but the way Haru appeared in this world made him more or less worried.

“Forget it, let’s wait and see.

It’s a bit too early to think about this now.” Tobirama let out a long breath.


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