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Chapter 39 - Because It Was Needed!

Although Tobirama was depressed in his heart, he was still shocked that Haru could see things so clearly at such a young age.

“Yes, I am targeting the Uchiha clan.

I have a reason to do this.” This time, Tobirama said very frankly.

This time, it was Haru’s turn to be depressed.

‘Fuck, just admit it like this’

‘Aren’t you afraid that if I say it out, Uchiha’s clan will be affected’

To be honest, Tobirama was really not afraid!

Uchiha Madara was already gone.

As long as he, Senju Tobirama, was still alive, Uchiha’s clan would never be able to stir up any waves.

His actions were only for the sake of Konoha in the future.

He was afraid that the future successor would not be able to control this family.

However, the human heart was hard to predict.

Even Tobirama himself did not expect that his plan would directly destroy Uchiha’s family.

It was clear that that was not Tobirama’s original intention.

Otherwise, he could have destroyed this family now.

Why would he make such trouble

But this time, Haru’s words made Tobirama’s thoughts change a little.

‘Am I really too nervous’

Unconsciously, Tobirama’s expression became a little complicated.

It was like you knew that a person could commit a crime, so you decided to control him before he committed a crime.

‘But is this really right’

After all, the other party hadn’t done anything yet, and it was only possible.

It wasn’t like they would definitely commit a crime.

Just because of a certain possibility in the future, they would rather kill the wrong first and not let it go.

This was a bit too biased.

It might even cause the other party to feel resentment in their hearts and push them onto the path of a crime.

In his previous life, Haru seemed to have seen a movie similar to the plot.

But most of the more rational netizens still thought this method was unreasonable.

At this moment, Tobirama suddenly asked, “If you were Hokage, what would you do”

In his previous life, Haru, who had fought with many keyboard warriors, immediately said confidently, “It’s very simple.

Give them respect and a sense of belonging, and help them completely integrate into Konoha.

When a person sees the village as more important than his family, everything he does will put the village on the primary goal, even if it will harm the interests of his family for the development of the village!”

“At that time, even if all the members of Uchiha’s family are evil, they will only be the nightmare in the eyes of others, the hero in the eyes of the villagers!”

“However, this requires time to settle.

I have to think of a way to brainwash these people.

I suggest that not only Uchiha’s family but the other big families can also use this method.”

“When most people are proud of being Konoha and not because they are from a certain family, it will basically be done.”

Haru’s words were not made up.

In his previous life on Earth, he would be proud because he was a student of a certain school.

He would be angry because someone was in the dark and said bad things about his hometown city.

However, only when he mentioned that he was a’ flower man ‘, would there be a surge of blood in his chest!

Everyone would be proud of their country, and that was a sense of belonging and recognition!

What school, the city, is not important at all!

As long as you and I are both people of the same place, we are a family!

Tobirama’s eyes suddenly flashed with a touch of surprise!

‘So it could be played like this’

Although this was not something that could take effect in a short period of time, if they really followed this method, ten years, twenty years, thirty years… maybe they could really achieve the scene that Hashirama could see in his dreams!

All the people of the family lived in harmony with each other.

They really worked hard for the same goal!

Then, Tobirama subconsciously remembered the will of fire that Haru had once mentioned.

‘Wasn’t this a ready-made brainwashing slogan!’

‘Moreover, it was the brainwashing of ‘positive energy’ that matched Konoha’s spirit.’

‘How about… try it’

The moment this thought appeared, it immediately began to take root in Tobirama’s heart.

However, before that, he still wanted to know Haru’s genuine attitude.

“Right now, I want to hear what the Uchiha clan looks like in your eyes.”

Haru didn’t think too much about it and directly ridiculed it, “Arrogant, proud, somewhat arrogant, generally likes to be stubborn.

Sometimes, so stubborn to the point that everyone thinks it is wrong, and then they will persevere to the end, and then prove to everyone that you are wrong.”

As Haru complained, the expression on Tobirama’s face became more and more strange.

The appearance of a guy who had been forgotten in the deep mountains research base became clearer and clearer again.

Madara and Izuna were exactly such people, and even many of Uchiha’s clansmen had the same personality.

Of course, there was also the possibility of an outstanding ninja like Kagami, who was intelligent, rational, good at thinking, calm, and even more passionate than anyone else in the village.

It was also because of the existence of Kagami that Tobirama abandoned some of his previous thoughts and was willing to give Uchiha a chance.

“So… you hate them”

“Of course not.

This is a somewhat cute family.

As long as they acknowledge you, even if it is the abyss of hell, they are willing to accompany you to the end… But the premise is that you can endure their bad temper and the mouth that makes people can’t help but break their heads to see the integrity and pride!”

Haru gave Uchiha the evaluation that he believed to be the most ‘just’, of course, from the perspective of God*.

[*TL Note: Probably this God perspective meaning the perspective of people who had read and watched the Naruto series.]

Tobirama, who had experienced many things, could not understand this point at all.

He also did not believe that Uchiha’s clan would be so’ loyal ‘.

After all, they had even’ abandoned ‘their own clan leader.

According to Haru’s explanation, at that time, Uchiha’s clan no longer recognized Uchiha Madara’s concept, which was why they made such a choice.

If, at that time, Uchiha Madara was not so stubborn and obtained the support of his clan, then maybe Konoha would have been in a crisis of falling apart at that time.

Tobirama, who did not dwell too much on this question, asked again, “It seems that you have a good impression of the Uchiha clan.

Then why did you do that today”

Haru, who did not know what Hyuga Tokugawa and the others had done after he left, only thought that Tobirama was asking him why he had fought with Uchiha’s people and had also cheated the other party’s spoils of war.

So his answer was, “I don’t have a good impression of them.

It’s just a matter of fact.

As for why they did that…”

He spread his hands to the side helplessly and said, “Of course, it’s because they deserve a beating!”


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