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Chapter 40 - Learn From The Wisdom Of Ancestor

Tobirama left with a strange expression on his face.

He agreed with Haru’s words of “proud and arrogant monsters must be ruthlessly dealt with”.

As for the ‘objective’ evaluation that Haru had made towards Uchiha’s clan…

Tobirama was very curious.

One day, when this fellow found out that a part of Uchiha’s bloodline was still flowing in his body, what kind of wonderful expression would he have

“Arrogant, proud, stubborn, a bit arrogant, likes to be stubborn, like a fool, and also very proud…”

“Well, the description is not bad.”

Tobirama was in a good mood and even hummed a few unknown phrases.

It almost made Haru, who was wide-eyed, wonder if Tobirama had been possessed.


The next day, a document that had been prepared long ago was finally officially sent out from Hokage’s office.

Its name was: Will of Fire!

All the Ninjas who received this ‘Will of Fire’ explanation were greatly shocked as if they had found the direction of their lives!

Where the leaves were dancing, the fire was endless!

It was really too beautiful, too shocking, and images immediately appeared in his mind!

Only 13 years had passed since the period of chaos, and Konoha’s veterans had experienced too much pain.

They had always thought that they were fighting for survival.

But now, they knew that besides their own survival, they were still fighting for the village.

Fighting for Konoha, fighting for their descendants!

Even if they would eventually wither away, their will and spirit would continue to exist!

There would be new seeds that would inherit their will and spirit, absorbing the nutrients left behind by their decay in the earth, thriving.

Until they grew into a new towering tree, and then they would shelter the wind and rain for the people who came after them, and then they would die in dazzling light, turning back into nutrition to nourish the next generation.

With this, they would continue to live without end, and the cycle of reincarnation would not stop!

As a result, the rare confusion was no longer there.

Instead, it was replaced by a more firm belief and a new direction in life.

They had faith!

A single spark could also start a prairie fire.

Although the will of fire was only temporarily circulated among the ninjas, the moment the power of faith erupted, it would eventually engulf the entire Konoha, the entire Fire Country, and even the entire Ninja World!

Everyone was impressed and admired Lord Tobirama’s’ great wisdom ‘.

Only a few people knew that this so-called will of fire was actually from the mouth of a three-year-old child.

But everyone tacitly maintained their silence.

Tobirama was protecting Haru.

Now that he was too dazzling, it would only cause him to be caught in excessive attention and crisis, which was not good for Haru’s growth.

However, he had already recorded the real situation in the 《History of Konoha》.

When Haru grew up, this 《History of Konoha》 would be the most glorious experience in his life as a ninja.

When everyone believed in the will of fire, they would go crazy for it.

As the real person who brought out the will of fire, the benefits that Haru would receive would naturally be self-evident.

For the sake of his cheap son, Tobirama had gone through a lot of trouble.

As for the patriarchs of the other big families, they naturally saw through Tobirama’s intentions.

They tacitly closed their mouths and issued a hush order to Hyuga Tokugawa and the other children to not spread it.


Just like this, another three days passed.

The Ninja School suddenly had another course, which was to learn the will of fire.

Of course, things like ‘brainwashing’ had to be taken from a very young age.

Regarding this point, there was no need for Haru to remind him, and Tobirama was able to understand it without a teacher.

Only the heavens knew how shocked and puzzled Hyuga Tokugawa, and the others were when Fujiwara-sensei excitedly explained the spirit of the will of fire to everyone.

They were already completely convinced,

Now, they had simply become loyal fans of Senju Haru!

If not for the fact that the clan leader had already given the order to keep their mouths shut and not let them spread it, they would have long wished to tell the entire school who had brought up this ‘will of fire’!

‘The founder of the will of fire is our boss, isn’t it awesome!’

“Boss, isn’t this will of fire the same as that day you…”

After school, that night, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others excitedly crowded around Haru and asked expectantly.

“En, what’s wrong”

What’s wrong

Children were born to worship the strong, and in the eyes of Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, the things that Haru casually proposed not only spread around but also became the school’s official class, requiring everyone to study deeply.

This was too awesome!

However, the person involved was completely indifferent and did not show any interest, making them very anxious!

“Boss, aren’t you excited at all You were the first to bring up this will of fire.

Now, more than half of Konoha’s people are discussing it.

From time to time, they can hear someone shouting,” Where the leaves are dancing, the fire is endless! But boss, why don’t you seem to care about it at all” Hyuga Tokugawa asked somewhat gloomily.

If it were for him, he would definitely want the entire Ninja World to know that his nostrils could be raised to the sky.

“Alright, I’m very excited.

I’m so happy.

Is this enough” Haru said helplessly.

Hyuga Tokugawa was embarrassed by Haru’s perfunctory words.

He began to imagine in his heart that this was probably the style of a strong person.

Thinking of this, he felt that there was nothing to be excited about, and he could not say it out to show off, so he could only keep himself happy.

What Haru was thinking was that this thing could not fill his stomach, and there was no substantial benefit.

Even if the impact were great, he would have to wait until he could protect himself before making it public and then reap a wave of affluent reputation.

In other words, he could not get any benefits in front of him, but he had to be on tenterhooks, afraid that the spy would find out the truth and find trouble with him.

So what was there to be happy about

It was better to eat a barbecue!

‘No, I’ve been in the limelight too much recently.

I’ve been fighting with Uchiha.

And now, Tobirama has even started to promote the will of the fire.

Maybe he has been targeted by someone.

I have to think of a way to reduce my’ value ‘, so that no one will take the risk.

Danzo is also unreliable….’

It was definitely impossible to keep a low profile.

It was too late to keep a low profile now.

But what should he do

Haru thought about it seriously, and the film and television drama in his head gave him some inspiration.

Often in the war between the two countries, the enemy would try all means to get rid of those who were capable and reputable in the country.

Those corrupt officials and the country’s vermin would be subconsciously ignored.

After all, keeping these guys would only make the other country a mess, and it would be beneficial to him without any harm.

He even took the initiative to think of a way to help those incompetent and treacherous people to become the key position so that his own people could easily win.

He still remembered that in the history of his previous life, they had used a similar method to obtain a great victory.

Then could he also learn the wisdom of his ancestors


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