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In the next three days, Aoba seemed to have really devoted himself to the study of stone carvings.

Every day, He would go to Old Master Yama**a’s place to practice.

If there were a chance, he would follow other craftsmen to climb the Hokage Rock and personally watch how they perform the inspection and finishing work.

When he returned home at night, he would personally carve two stones to practice.

After all, the dog system had a requirement for completion.

He thought that if he passed the standard, he would have to carve a person’s appearance at the very least.

As for the addition of a child in the artisan team, naturally, people came to ask.

At that time, he was really nervous for a moment.

Fortunately, Yama**a was very powerful.

He simply explained a few words and casually sent the person away.

This also meant that his appearance was no longer abrupt.

As long as he did not do any strange actions, ordinary people would ignore him even if they saw him.

Then he learned from Yama**a that the end work would be completely over the day after tomorrow.

Then, there would be a simple unveiling ceremony.

He also learned that there would be many people coming to watch.

The sky, the terrain, the people, and all at once!

Therefore, Aoba decided not to drag it on any longer.

He wanted to use the last two days to complete his suicide mission!


It was late at night.

Aoba carried the tools and stones to the bottom of the Hokage rock.

Then, he skillfully borrowed the equipment left by the craftsmen and stepped on the hanging board to a blank rock wall next to Yondaime’s eyes.

After three days of observation, he had already determined the best carving position.

As long as he was not unlucky enough to drink cold water and fill the gaps between his teeth, he should not be discovered in advance so that he could hold on until the day of the unveiling ceremony.

Therefore, he no longer hesitated.

He put down the things on his back, took out the chisel and other tools, and began to knock on them carefully.

Although sounds were coming from the night sky from time to time, it was far enough from the place where the villagers lived.

And also, he was cautious.

He would stop when he carved for a while.

Once there was any movement, he would stop immediately and be ready to carry out Plan B at any time.

Just like this, there were occasional subtle sounds that people would not care if they heard them.

Moreover, tonight was the celebration party for the craftsmen.

Most of them were sleeping very soundly at this time.

Moreover, there was still a certain distance from here.

As long as he sensed that someone was coming this way, Aoba would immediately react.


An hour passed…

Looking at the gradually chiseled wall in front of him, Aoba gradually relaxed.

His hands also began to move faster, but he never relaxed his vigilance.

It was really exciting to do bad things so sneakily!

Aoba felt that his adrenaline was rising rapidly, and he could pee at any time!

Five hours had passed, and the sky was about to light up!

At the same time, Aoba also put down the tools in his hands and looked at his masterpiece with some emotion.

Well, it was not bad!

It was so crooked that it was so spicy!

However, it could still be seen that it was a statue of a person.

It had a nose and eyes, and that was enough!

Moreover, there was no time to modify it, so he could only deal with it like this, hoping to pass.

Aoba sighed and immediately took out the paint and brush that he had prepared in advance and wrote a line of big words on the statue.

Then, without hesitation, he took out a large piece of cloth and quickly smeared strong glue on the corners of the back of the cloth.

Then, he directly stuck it to the rock wall, completely blocking his masterpiece.

Moreover, a long and thin piece of cloth went straight down to the bottom, and it would be glued later to make it easier for him to operate at that time.

After doing all this, Aoba looked at the rock wall in front of him that was slightly ‘flat and smooth’ and revealed a satisfied expression.

One had to know that in order to paint the cloth with the same color as the Hokage Rock, he was almost driven out by the boss.

He could only use some money to persuade the shop owner to bring out the same color for him at three times the price and buy it back.

That’s right, the method he came up with was to use a piece of fabric of the same color to cover his statue.

There should not be a big problem as long as it did not rain or a craftsman noticed this place.

The location he chose was the best spot he had observed over the past few days, and almost no one would come to check the situation here.

It could be said that he had lowered the risk to the minimum!

Now that he had done everything he could, the rest was up to luck.

Therefore, Aoba immediately began to clean up the battlefield.

As the saying went, the details decided success or failure.

If something fell, all his previous efforts would be wasted!

Not only that, but he also cleaned up the gravel under the Hokage Rock.

After making sure that there were no mistakes, he returned home tiredly before dawn.

As for the tools for the crime, he didn’t destroy them because it was meaningless!

He was the one who was going to make big news during the opening ceremony the day after tomorrow.

When the time came, even ghosts would know what he had done, so there was no need to cover it up at all.


After barely sleeping, Aoba didn’t even have time to eat when he woke up and directly rushed to the Hokage Rock.

Now that the entire plan had progressed to a ninety percent degree, what was left was to not be discovered in the next two days, and there would be enough people on the day of the opening.

Although it was just a simple project, there should still be a lot of people coming to witness this scene that day.

There should be a hundred people.

So what he had to do now was to keep an eye on these craftsmen and not let them discover this ‘flaw’ on the Hokage Rock.


“It’s Aoba.

I already said that finishing work is very boring.

I don’t know why you have to suffer with us.”

As soon as Aoba appeared, a craftsman already familiar with his existence greeted him with a smile.

“That is to say, if you have the time to find three to five friends to go out for a drink, it is simply heaven —“

“Haha, you damn drunkard, don’t spoil the child.”


Aoba greeted everyone in a familiar manner while following behind them to check around as he did a few days ago.

This kind of work only needed to be carried out once a day, which meant that as long as there were no problems with the routine check today and tomorrow, it would be considered a smooth pass.

In fact, the finishing work had been carried out until now, and the small problems that could be found and solved had already been discovered and solved.

For the next two days, he probably had the mentality of checking the missing parts and checking to see if the sculptures that had been carved had been affected by the weather and cracked and fell off.

Generally speaking, the work completed by Yama**a would not have had such an accident, so everyone was very relaxed.

However, at this moment, an accident happened.

As a breeze blew by, one of the craftsmen immediately made a sound of surprise and rubbed his eyes suspiciously.

“Why did the smooth rock wall move just now”


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