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At dinner time, Haru, who had been treated, turned his grief and anger into food.

He glared at Tobirama fiercely while accurately putting all the food he liked into his bowl before Tsunade reached out her chopsticks.

Tsunade was immediately unhappy.

After Haru snatched away her beloved meat again, she suddenly became timid and bit Haru’s wrist.


“Let go!”


No matter how Haru swung his hand, it was as if the outline had grown in his hand, and he refused to let go no matter what.

“What a happy and harmonious life, haha haha…”

Hashirama laughed and added another bowl of rice.

Haru really wanted to dig out Hashirama’s pair of old eyes to take a good look.

Was this how the f*ck was used

He really had no culture!

“I’m going out now.”

After the meal, Haru ran out directly.

Tsunade quickly threw down her chopsticks and followed.

Go out and play with her

How can that be!

Hashirama looked at this scene with a smile on his face, as if he wanted to engrave it deeply in his mind.

No matter how reluctant he was, he already felt that his end was coming.

Unfortunately, he could not see Haru and Tsunade grow up, get married and have children.

Then he could not help but ask, “What exactly did Haru do to make you so angry”

Tobirama, who was originally holding a cup of hot tea and tasting it with an expressionless face, suddenly froze.

His anus tightened, and then he relaxed.

“It’s nothing.

It’s just to test the results of his cultivation during this period.

It seems that he is still too lazy. En, I still have some matters to attend to.

I need to make a trip back to Hokage’s building.

I’ll be leaving first…”

With a swish, Tobirama put down his teacup and directly used Flying Thunder God to leave.

He seemed to be afraid that Hashirama would continue to ask.


On Haru’s side, Tobirama had already issued a ‘ban’.

If Haru dared to tell others what had happened today, then Tobirama should be ready to beat him.

On the other side, Haru brought his little niece, Tsunade, straight to the place they had agreed on.

Half a year had passed since the attack, and the time had come to the beginning of Konoha’s year 14.

In this half a year, many things had happened.

First of all, Konoha’s revenge made Sunagakure suffer.

Then, suddenly, Konoha had a conflict with Kumogakure.

There was constant friction between the two sides, but they both restrained themselves from really fighting.

Secondly, Tobirama made up his mind to wipe out the spies lurking in Konoha on a large scale.

The results were brilliant.

It also scared the people in the dark scared, and they didn’t dare stir up a scene for a while.

They just quietly waited for Konoha’s pillar to collapse.

Therefore, the follow-up that Haru was worried about did not come.

There was also the unfortunate Danzo.

Somehow the rumor that he ate without paying, and was even sued by someone in front of Lord Hokage… were spreading out.  In short, he no longer continued to be the guard of Haru and Tsunade.

Therefore, this heavy responsibility fell on Sarutobi Hiruzen and Uchiha Kagami, who were trusted by Tobirama.

Because of this, Danzo also hated Uchiha Kagami, who was in the limelight, and his jealousy of Sarutobi Hiruzen grew with each passing day.

Haru felt quite regretful about this.

After all, with the root shadow by his side, no matter what he did, he could always be so reassuring.

‘What a pity….’


When they arrived at the old place, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others had already been waiting there for a long time.

As soon as they met, they greeted them warmly.

“Boss, Big Sis, you guys finally came.”

However, when Haru approached, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others immediately exploded!

“Boss, what’s wrong with you Which bastard injured you Could it be that those people from Uchiha’s family who can’t afford to lose secretly used a trick”

Haru, who occasionally grinned in pain, patted Hyuga Tokugawa on the shoulder and said emotionally, “Since that’s the case, then I won’t hide it from everyone.

The bastard you said is called Senju Tobirama.

For the sake of the people from the same clan, I can’t take revenge.

Why don’t I leave it to you guys”

“Senju Tobirama Why does it sound so familiar” Hyuga Tokugawa first muttered to himself.

He recalled the name of a person of the same age in Senju’s family who was thin and frail.

Then, his face suddenly turned pale.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes… Lord Tobirama”

Hyuga Tokugawa was about to use a high-pitched female voice.

Haru nodded expressionlessly, then said with a gloomy expression, “What Are you afraid Didn’t you say that you would put your life on the line for your brother”

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others immediately took a step back in unison.

They looked away with extremely embarrassed expressions.

“Hey, the weather is good today.

The moon is big and round.”

“The sun hasn’t set yet.

Where is the moon”

“… I was wrong.

It’s the sun.

Today’s sun is big and round.

The sunlight is warm on the body.

What do you think”

Ignoring these idiots who kept nodding and even changed the topic so stiffly, Haru sighed faintly, “Today is a cloudy day.

Where did the sun come from”

“Ha hahaha.

I was wondering why it felt so cold.




Haru was too lazy to argue with them.

“Where are those fools Why haven’t they arrived yet”

Seeing that his boss no longer cared about what happened just now, Hyuga Tokugawa finally breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “It should be soon.

Those fools have been holding their breath all the time and want to win!”

Haru nodded.

He was looking forward to the following rapid income.

After careful calculation, in this half-year, Haru’s small group had fought with Uchiha Fuu and the others several times, about once a month.

After all, there was no such thing as a gambling stake.

Even if the other party revealed the truth, Haru was still indifferent.

With no other choice, Uchiha Fuu and the others, who were eager to get back at them, could only gather up their pocket money every month and bring all their wealth to make an appointment.

However, every time they came, they were full of confidence and left in a very sorry state.

Although these guys improved very quickly, Haru’s cultivation talent was something that even Hashirama and Tobirama doubted the existence of life.

In addition, Little Tsunade, who was extremely proficient in strange power and was good at fighting, could not be underestimated.

Therefore, Uchiha Fuu and the others had never been good.

This was especially so for Hyuga Tokugawa and the others who had been stimulated.

They started to cultivate with all their might.

They did not want to be left behind.

Even if Uchiha Fuu could finally stand in front of Haru, his physical strength was still not good.

He was riddled with injuries and was then beaten in one move.

After a few times, even Haru could not bear it anymore.

He thought about whether he should leave them some money to keep them in their pockets or let them go slightly during the battle.

However, for some reason, every time Uchiha Fuu and the others looked at them, it was as if they had seen an enemy who had killed their father.

Haru was still very confused and unhappy, so he put out this thought.


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