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 Chapter 5 - This Damned Seniority!My name is Senju Haru, and I am a transmigrator who grew up under the red flag.

Currently, I am the son of the second-generation chief Hokage, Senju Tobirama.

As for who my mother is, it is unknown for now.

According to seniority, Shoudai Hokage, who has the title of God of Ninja World, is my big uncle.

The current Kyuubi Jinchuriki, Uzumaki Mito, is my big aunt.

The future Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, and Shimura Danzo are all my disciples.

Little Tsunade, who has not yet been born, probably calls me uncle.

According to this seniority, when Naruto and Sasuke are born, wouldn’t they call me ancestors

Sigh, this damned seniority!

Compared to the broken stone that had transmigrated with him, the identity that he had transmigrated into was more like his golden finger.

After all, as long as he didn’t seek death, he would obediently be a second-generation actor.

If he had nothing to do, he would go out and flirt with little girls.

If he had a good relationship with a few punks ahead of time, wouldn’t he be able to win all the way

Moreover, did he really think that his hundreds of episodes of Naruto were useless

It could be said that he was already a winner in life from the moment he was born!

It was really as lonely as snow —

En, looking at the time, it was time to drink milk.

Haru, who threw away his face, began to ‘wa’ skillfully

Without a chance to scream a third time, a milk bottle was held in his mouth, and he happily smacked it.

Was it a Uzumaki relative or Senju Ayako

Hehe, none of them.

In the beginning, it was indeed an Uzumaki relative with rich experience.

After being busy, Senju Ayako joined in to learn how to be a good mother.

However, every time Tobirama returned home after he was done with his official duties, he would be chased by the household and temporarily change his profession to milk dad, responsible for taking care of him.

After all, in the eyes of the household and Ayako, Tobirama was the child’s father.

Even if someone helped to take care of him, he could not be idle and free.

Thus, Tobirama’s bitter life of taking care of children began just like that.

For a time, it made Tobirama extremely regretful that he was actually soft-hearted at that time.

—Even Flying Thunder God, who made his enemies tremble with fear, became a god-like healer.

After Haru discovered this situation, he naturally did not forget the fact that he had been lightly flicked by this man when he had just crossed over.

Therefore, every time Tobirama came back, his frequency of crying would be much higher than during the day.


Isn’t it natural for a son to torment a father

Mito and others regarded this kind of abnormality was also regarded as ‘the heart of the father and son’.

They began to cultivate Tobirama more diligently on the path of a qualified nanny father.


It doesn’t exist!

Senju Haru chuckled, then waved his tiny hand and slapped away the milk bottle in his mouth…

“Waa! Waa!”

Tobirama, who was seriously short of sleep, immediately began to clumsily check if he had peed or not.

This was all the experience taught to him by Mito, although he did not want it at all…

Then, the moment the diaper was untied, a powerful water column was immediately sprayed out.

‘What a good move, Water Release – the Art of wetting the bed!’

However, it was still dodged by the well-prepared Tobirama, making Senju Haru sigh regretfully in his heart.

‘Another little bit, it seems that repeated moves will not be useful to Hokage.’

Tobirama, who was attacked by surprise, could not help but sneer, “Brat, playing with Water Release in front of your father, you are still too inexperienced!”

Although the original psychological fluctuation was not like this, the meaning was not bad.

However, Tobirama still muttered in his heart, ‘he likes to be naughty at such a young age.

What would happen when he grows up’

Especially these days, although he had sealed up all the relevant information about Edo Tensei, he did not give up on studying it.

However, the progress he made was almost zero…

No matter how he tried to restore the experimental conditions of that day, it ended in failure.

It was as if it were for a miracle of life that could not be replicated!

If he had not promised Hashirama that he would not treat this child as an experimental subject, he would have really wanted to get some blood and research it.

Could it be that his and Izuna’s blood was the key

But it did not make sense!

He also tried to use his own blood and the blood of Uchiha’s other clansmen as experimental materials, but he did not find anything.

What was even more unfortunate was that the experiment had used up all the remaining Izuna blood in his hands, and it was impossible for there to be any more in this world.


After another round of torment, Tobirama, who was physically and mentally exhausted, walked out of the room and sighed deeply.

‘Perhaps the success of that experiment was really just an accident….’

The bright moonlight shone on Tobirama as if draped in a silver veil.

Not to brag, but Tobirama’s usual expression is somewhat indifferent, but this appearance really could kill little girls in seconds.

But he was only handsome for three seconds, and Mito came over.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time.

So you’re here.

You can take these books back to read.

It’s not easy to be a qualified father.”

Tobirama looked at the books in Mito’s hands with a dumbfounded expression.

《Nursing and Nurturing Guidelines for Newborns》, 《36 taboos for new parents》, 《The Parenting Bible》, 《How to Make Your Baby Smarter》, and 《”Elite Ninjas Start from Dolls”》

Tobirama’s hands trembled, and he could not speak.

He looked up at the sky.

The moon was very round and very big.

‘Bloody hell, what a sin!!!!!!!!!’

Time passed day by day, and from the initial confusion and rejection, Tobirama had become more and more skilled in bringing children.

Moreover, during the time they spent together, even Tobirama himself did not realize that the relationship between him and this unexpected little life had become closer and closer.

Especially when the people around him treated him as the father of the child,—-Even he unconsciously took over his identity as the father of the child, it seemed that everything had come to fruition.


Konoha’s year ten, August 2nd.

Senju Ayako’s child was finally born.

It was a girl named Tsunade.

Although Senju Ayako, who had just given birth to Tsunade, was particularly tired, she was especially confident that she could be a qualified mother due to her previous experience with a baby.

However, her daughter’s hair did not follow her.

Ayako had beautiful red hair, but Tsunade had a head of blonde hair like her father, making Ayako feel a little regretful.

As for this little Princess who had just been born, as her maternal grandfather, Hashirama and Mito were naturally especially fond of her.

Of course, this did not mean that they would ignore the existence of Tobirama’s ‘son’, Senju Haru.

Although their seniority was different, Senju Haru, who had been born a few months earlier, was undoubtedly the best playmate of the little Princess.

Especially after the birth of the little Princess, Haru’s surprised and abnormal appearance made everyone believe that they would be a harmonious and loving family!


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