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‘As long as you lose a few more times, you will feel the pain….’

When Uchiha Kagami returned to the clan base, his face was full of melancholy.

These words were too hurtful!

Kagami seriously suspected that this guy wanted to take this opportunity to make a big profit and squeeze out all the oil.

But thinking about it carefully, this was a good way to end this matter.

After all, it was fine if they lost a few times before, but if they continued to lose, even if their Uchiha clan was a big family, they could not afford to consume so much!

Every time he lost, he would have to pay double the ‘appearance fee’.

As long as he doubled it a few times, the clan leader would be so angry that he could only stare helplessly.

When the time came, even if the clan leader did not want to give up, he had to give up.

After all, he had taken the initiative of the fight, and his identity and background were existences that they could not afford to offend.

However, Kagami still felt that he had been used as a gun.


On top of that, Rikudou Sennin, let our clan have less of an iron baby, Hallelujah.


The next day, because of the school holiday and the victory of Uchiha yesterday, Haru and others decided to come out and build a team.

As soon as they met, Hyuga Tokugawa could not help but ask, “Boss, are you… getting beaten up again”

“Yes, yes, why don’t you take revenge for me” Haru chuckled.

Hyuga Tokugawa immediately shook his head like a rattle drum and retreated repeatedly.

Last time, he was so blind that he was almost scared to death by scolding Lord Tobirama!

Fortunately, there were no outsiders at that time.

Otherwise, he would be in trouble.

“What about you guys” Haru looked at Shikakichi and the others with a slightly expectant look and said in a very charming tone, “I will pay ten thousand taels as a bonus, and then the medical expenses will be calculated.”

Shikakichi and the others seemed to have seen a ghost as they instantly ran ten meters away.

They had never seen them have this kind of explosive power when they fought with Uchiha Fuu and the others.

“Boss, please spare us.

If the clan knows that we dare to be disrespectful to Lord Tobirama, it will be light for us to be beaten up by both men and women, and we might be expelled immediately.”

When Haru saw this, he immediately said hatefully, “How can I accept you guys who are useless and can’t support the wall as my little brothers”

“Big sister, hurry up and persuade the boss.

The boss might be… he might be crazy!”

If he wasn’t crazy, then what was he going to do if he went to find those little guys who weren’t even chunin!

Then, Little Tsunade looked at him strangely and said, “Why don’t you give me the money I’ll ask the grandmother to come out of the mountain —“

It pricked his heart…

Although only the Uzumaki clan could make Tobirama afraid, the problem was that he could not live for only one day, right

With Tobirama’s stingy character, who knew how he would retaliate against him!

Looking at his handsome and handsome face, one would know that it was not enough to be beaten up.

Last night, when he returned, he was ruthlessly beaten by Tobirama in the name of ‘guidance’.

Moreover, he estimated that he would have to live in such an abyss of suffering for the next month.

Unless he waited for Tobirama to calm down.

Otherwise, he would just wait for death!

‘Wasn’t it just being hit by a Thousand Years of Death Was there a need for that’

Haru muttered unhappily and touched the swollen bump on his head

Thus, he pulled Inuzuka Kou over and whispered a few words into his ear.

Inuzuka Kou had a troubled expression on his face.

Then, under Haru’s gaze, he compromised.


A few minutes later…

“Make way, make way!”

“When Lord Haru goes out, any idlers will avoid him!”

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others lined up on both sides of Haru and Tsunade, their faces red as they shouted in a loud voice.

In the middle, Haru held the flat-chested little loli with one hand, and the extremely ferocious Sesshomaru walked in the middle.

“Wu —Wu —Wu —Wu —“

To make himself look even more ferocious, Sesshomaru, who was still a little puppy, kept baring his teeth at the surroundings.

However, it was unknown whether it was because of the breed or the current Sesshomaru was still too small.

In short, the deterrent force was almost zero.

Even the little girl who passed by was not afraid of her.

Instead, she excitedly pulled her mother and said, “Mom, look! Puppy dog, it’s so cute —“

Sesshomaru, who was feeling good about himself, immediately suffered great humiliation.

He tried his best to make a more ferocious appearance and revealed the small card hanging below his neck.

It wrote: “Be careful of the evil dog!”


When the adults around them read out these words, it was very hard to hold back their laughter.

“Mom, is the puppy hungry Can I feed it something to eat” The little girl, who was not afraid at all, looked up and asked innocently.

At this time, the adults who were holding back their laughter finally could not help but say, “Little friend, this is an ‘evil dog’, it can bite people, pu… haha haha...”

A burst of laughter immediately came from the surroundings.

The main reason was that Sesshomaru’s current appearance was not convincing.

Instead, it was fierce and cute, making people unable to help but hug and rub it.

The little girl said very seriously, “It won’t.

Little White is a good dog.

It won’t bite me, right”

As the little girl spoke, she wanted to touch Sesshomaru.

Although Sesshomaru’s current appearance was very confusing, Haru and the others knew that Sesshomaru was aggressive.

Therefore, in order to not have an accident, Haru was ready to drag Sesshomaru back.

However, what was unexpected was that Sesshomaru, who was fierce but weak inside, actually showed a helpless and panicked expression in front of the little girl who was closing in step by step.

Then, he ran away with his tail between his legs, causing the little girl to pounce on empty air.

“Pfft… hahaha!”

“What a good ‘dog’!”

“What breed is this dog I want to raise a pet too.

It’s too cute —“

Looking down at the dejected Sesshomaru, Haru didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

However, he knew that Sesshomaru didn’t know what to do because he sensed that the little girl had no evil intentions.

In addition, he didn’t know what to do, so he chose to run back.

If he felt hostility, or if he received Inuzuka Kou’s order, even if he died, Sesshomaru would bite the enemy and never let go.

In the battle with Tsunade, Haru had already seen it clearly.

Therefore, he could only rub Sesshomaru’s head and comfort him.

Alas, when he watched movies and TV dramas before, those rich playboys were obviously happy and carefree.

Why were there always all kinds of accidents when it came to him

“Could it be that I opened it wrong” Haru began to doubt whether he had the qualifications to become a qualified dandy.

But Sesshomaru was already the most ‘fierce’ dog he could bring out.

He felt very sad and wanted to cry.

But looking at Sesshomaru’s pitiful appearance, Haru couldn’t bear to blame him.

Forget it.

In the end, it was still me who took everything.

“Sesshomaru, open the way!”



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