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To tell the truth, Haru’s expression at this moment was very interesting.

Originally, he thought that Aburame’s clan mainly relied on evolving the parasites in their bodies to fight.

But for the first time, he knew that the people of this clan were all insect masters!

‘Even these ordinary insects can be cultivated in hybrid’

Well, the one-horned immortal that can shine may not be scientific, but it must be Rikudou Sennin!

Even dead people can be resurrected in this world, but it is impossible to play with insects.

Moreover, compared to the magical parasite, the one-horned immortal that could shine was simply too weak!

After abandoning his preconceived knowledge and vision from his previous life, Haru found many strange insects that he had never seen along the way.

For example, the ‘assassin mantis’ that looked like a mantis but could change color and turn invisible.

Spider with two large pincers, bees that could spit silk, butterflies with legs…

It was as if all the insects in the entire forest had mutated.

It was an eye-opening sight, but at the same time, it made one’s scalp go numb.

Only the heavens knew how the Aburame clan had done it.

Moreover, don’t forget that this was only the periphery of the forest that the Aburame clan used to nurture the parasites.

It was just some ‘failed insects’!

“Shima, why did your Aburame clan spend so much effort to nurture these ordinary insects Is there any meaning to this” Haru couldn’t help but ask.

Shima looked at Haru strangely and then explained, “Of course, it is to use ordinary insects to experiment and explore the road ahead….

Maybe these ordinary insects have all kinds of defects and can’t be used.

Still, the ideas and experience in the cultivation process can all be used to improve the cultivation method of the parasite.

And according to the cultivation method and direction, the evolution strength and direction of the parasite are different.”

Got it!

After all, in the end, the parasite was also a gift from nature insects, but it had infinite possibilities.

In addition, the breeding of the parasite could not be carried out with just a pat of the head.

For example, if you want the parasite to become more concealed, it would be best if you could adjust the color and make yourself invisible.

Then why don’t you just sit there and have a meeting with the parasites every day and let them evolve on their own

And even if you have the idea of cultivating, do you dare to try so casually

What if you fail

What if you evolve into some other ability that doesn’t fit your heart

However, there was no problem with testing other ordinary insects first.

You could do it boldly without worry.

And during the entire cultivation process, you will fully grasp this evolutionary idea and the methods you need.

Even if the experiments on ordinary insects failed in the end, these precious experiences and ideas could help you avoid many detours when cultivating the parasite, greatly increasing the success rate.

Even some of the characteristics of ordinary insects would bring them great inspiration.

This was one of the important reasons why Aburame’s clan was able to have a place in Konoha.

At this moment, Haru discovered that any clan that Konoha casually brought out could not be underestimated.

After sighing for a while, Haru no longer tangled with this question.

Then, his line of sight fell on a place, “Eh What is this Silkworm chrysalis”

Shima followed his gaze and said somewhat helplessly, “It’s the ‘relic’ of one of our deceased elders.”


“Yes, it is said that this elder was also a famous figure in the clan.

However, there was a problem during the cultivation process, and he cultivated his own parasite into what you saw.

Then, he encountered an attack during a trip….

In the end, the elders of the clan only brought back this senior’s corpse and these little fellows that had degenerated into ordinary insects.

After that, in order for the younger generation to learn from them, they simply placed them here.”

“Ah, so it’s like that.

Then what abilities do they have”

Haru was just asking casually, but Shima’s expression became a little strange.

“Ability Huh… Probably the taste is not bad”


Haru was stunned.

Shima quickly waved his hand and said, “I have never eaten them before.

It is just some birds that slipped through the net or some other insects that keep staring at them, so I guess it might taste good….

Fortunately, the little ones left behind by seniors have a strong reproductive ability, so they are still living very well up until today.”

‘This is also called living very well’

Haru suddenly widened his eyes.

‘The senior had gone through so much trouble just to make his parasite more delicious’

‘Could it be that when he was in the wild, this senior had been…’


Haru felt as if he had discovered some incredible secret.

Aburame’s clan wouldn’t kill him to silence him, right

To evolve himself to be more delicious and then offer himself, these ‘Chrysalis Monarch’ are really touching… Then the question is, how does it taste

Haru’s eyes began to shine.

He really didn’t dare to eat ordinary insects, but if you said it was a silkworm pupa, he had eaten it many times in his previous life.

So he looked at Shima and smiled, which made Shima immediately shiver and have a bad feeling in his heart.

“What You want… oh...”

“Shh, be quiet.

Aren’t you curious”

Shima, whose mouth was covered, hesitated for a moment and then began to shake his head crazily.

“I am not curious.

You should let me go quickly.”

“Sigh, what a pity.”

Shima, who was released, was shaken.

To be honest, when he first saw this situation, he had the thought of wanting to taste it.

However, he did not have the courage.

In addition, he felt that it was disrespectful to the senior, so he did not think about it anymore.

But subconsciously, he might still be a little reluctant

Otherwise, when Haru asked him before, he would not have replied that the ‘probably tastes good.

However, the ‘conscience’ in his heart still made him struggle.

“This is a parasite, and you can’t eat it,” Shima argued.

“Didn’t you say that it has degenerated” Haru said in an extremely bewitching tone, with all kinds of fallacies.

“Can’t you eat them”

“But… but… isn’t it bad for us to do this” Shima asked weakly.

When Haru heard this, he knew that this fellow was shaken.

He immediately added fuel to the fire and said, “You have to think this way.

These are no longer the things that your clan elders brought back.

In other words, it has nothing to do with your deceased senior.”

“Moreover, we are just trying something fresh.

What can happen If it were really that important, your clan wouldn’t just leave it here and ignore it, right”

“Alright… alright.” Shima nodded dizzily.


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