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Although Haru and Shikakichi’s expressions were getting more and more constipated, the gradually increasing speed of their hands revealed their true thoughts.

“Shikakichi, don’t hold on.

Boss really can’t bear to let you guys eat such a disgusting thing, so it’s almost done…”

Seeing that Shikakichi actually dared to ignore his gaze, Haru could only earnestly ‘warn’ this fellow.

However, Shikakichi was probably addicted to acting, or perhaps he was certain that the boss would not fall out with him at this moment, so he said with great righteousness, “Helping the boss solve his problems and share his pain is something I should do….

Boss, you don’t have to persuade me anymore.”

‘Good for you, Shikakichi!’

‘I will remember you!’

‘In the future, you will have a good time!’

After staring at the unmoved Shikakichi, Haru directly snatched the plate and pulled it all into his mouth in one breath.

Seeing this, Shikakichi instantly became anxious and blurted out, “F*ck, boss! You won’t leave me a bite!”


The eyes of Hyuga Tokugawa and the others immediately focused on Shikakichi.

No matter how stupid they were, they could still react at this time.

With Shikakichi’s level of treachery and such a horrible thing, how could he snatch it and even say such words in the end

Moreover, Boss Haru, who always hid behind everyone in a group fight and then finally jumped out to harvest the ‘battlefield’, had been forcing them to eat just now.

How did he suddenly change his personality


“Hehe, Shikakichi, are you hiding something from us”

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, who did not dare to make trouble for their boss, immediately rubbed their hands and surrounded Shikakichi, who had a forced smile on his face.

Seeing that a fat beating was inevitable in order to protect himself, Shikakichi hurriedly shouted, “Don’t come over! I confess, I confess!”


Ten minutes later…

This time, Haru was forced to blow up a big pot to calm the public anger.

On the other hand, Shikakichi, who thought he was clever, was selected to be eliminated and deprived of his chance to continue tasting delicious food.

As a result, this guy directly ran to the root of the tree to draw circles and face the wall to think.

Of course, the highly skilled boss Haru was directly ignored by them.

And then…

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, who were eating this for the first time, instantly widened their eyes.

‘How could it be so delicious’

‘It was clearly wrapped in egg flour and fried in a pot.

This was too fragrant.

It was crispy and full of chicken meat.’

If they had not watched their boss operate it, they would have really thought they were eating chicken.

When they thought of this, their faces could not help but reveal a resentful expression.

Didn’t they say that they would enjoy the same fortune

If not for Shikakichi’s slip of the tongue, they would really think that this thing was very unpalatable.

Haru, who had been stared at until his scalp was numb, immediately stiffened his neck and said unyieldingly, “It was you who didn’t want to eat before.

Why are you looking at me”

Pouting their lips, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others no longer cared about this problem and began to reach out their chopsticks at a rapid speed.

However, in front of this foodie, their speed was not enough.

In a moment of desperation, this group of idiots actually began to fight for it and stuffed it into their mouths with all their might.

Even Aburame Shima, who had been constantly objecting before, had now forgotten what he had said, snatching more fiercely than anyone else.

And in order to maintain the prestige of his boss, Haru could not help but feel disdain in his heart: “A bunch of inexperienced fellows…”

“Gan, you guys should leave some for me!”

Seeing that everyone was eating so well, Tsunade couldn’t help but quietly reach out her evil hand to pick up one.

After hesitating for a moment, she gently took a bite.

Then, she heard a few bangs!

Her mouth was full of oil.

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others who were enjoying themselves only felt a strong force and then flew out screaming.

Looking back, Tsunade, who shook her head like a rattle-drum and refused to eat, now occupied their position, grabbing and stuffing them into her mouth.

Seeing them look over, Tsunade, who had a feeling, immediately glared back and showed her fist.

That meant: “If you don’t want to be beaten, behave yourself.”

Seeing this, Haru couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

After smiling at Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, Haru happily extended his chopsticks.

And then…



By the time they came back to their senses, Haru was already hanging on a tree.

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, who were about to come back with a shameless face, suddenly stopped in their tracks and swallowed their saliva at the same time.

Alright, since even their boss was beaten up, they should stop moving forward.

The big sister who protected her food really couldn’t afford to offend her!


At the same time, in the camp of the Aburame clan.

Looking at the black smoke rising from the periphery of the forest, the clan leader, Aburame Dagen, slightly frowned, “Has the person who went to investigate returned”

As soon as he finished speaking, a clan member hurriedly walked in and said, “Patriarch, it has been investigated thoroughly.

It was a child of the Zhibo Family who brought the children of several other clans to have a picnic there.”


Patriarch Aburame shouted.

Although it was only the periphery, if it caused a fire, it would also cause great losses.

“Send someone to bring them out and have the families bring them back.”

“Uh, Patriarch, is Senju’s family also going to inform”


Patriarch Aburame Dagen suddenly remembered something and hurriedly asked, “Is there a young man with black and white hair and a little girl inside”

Seeing the clansmen nod, Aburame Dagen immediately felt a burst of toothache.

“En, I thought about it carefully just now.

It’s actually not a big deal.

I believe that the children have a sense of propriety.

Don’t disturb them.”

The clansmen present: “…”

“Oh right, since it’s a picnic, you can send someone to deliver some ingredients later so that outsiders won’t say that our Aburame clan doesn’t know how to treat guests.”

Then, he saw that the clansman looked hesitant.

He opened his mouth several times but did not know if he should say it or not.

“Is there anything else”

“That… I think they might not like ordinary ingredients.” The clan member deliberated over his words and said very tactfully.

Aburame Dagen nodded, “Yes, indeed.

There are some things that you can’t bring out.

Then send some precious ingredients over.”

“No, what I mean is, the taste of these children… may be a little unique.”

“Unique What do you mean Explain it clearly!”

As if he was going all out, he gritted his teeth and said, “They set up a pot and are frying insects to eat.”

‘Fried… insects… eat’

Aburame Dagen immediately widened his eyes.

His heart was filled with mixed feelings, and he began to doubt life!


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