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Chapter 6 - The Sun Is So DazzlingKonoha, Year 13, 1st of May.

This day was naturally not a labor festival, but the third anniversary of Senju Haru’s coming to this world.

Although he had never seen his mother, to be honest, Haru did not feel that he lacked maternal love.

Regardless of whether it was the Mito or Ayako, they both doted on him.

Sometimes, it made Hashirama feel a little jealous.

Especially after Little Tsunade was born, Hashirama felt that his status in this family seemed to have dropped by another level.

At this time, in Senju’s house…

“I don’t believe that your 17 cards can kill me.

If you can kill me with 17 cards, this pendant will also be yours!”

The three-year-old Haru, two-years-and-nine-months old Little Tsunade, and quite-old-but not old Hashirama were sitting together, each holding a card, but the atmosphere was somewhat tense.

The gambler Hashima Tsunade who has inherited the fine tradition of Hashima from birth, coupled with the fresh gameplay brought by someone.

—Fight the Landlord, it was naturally a fierce collision.

However, it was not that Haru used his years of experience to bully the old and young in front of him, but that the luck of these two people was really ‘too far behind’!

‘As expected of the legendary fat sheep!’

Haru smiled and looked at the jade pendant that Hashirama had bought.

He thought that although this thing was good, its shape was too much.

It was a stick with two black jade beads next to it.

It was hard not to think about it!

‘Did Tsunade bring this thing for decades’

Haru suddenly showed a disgusted expression.

Then, he slapped all 17 cards on the table and gently wiped them out.

“I’m sorry……”

Hu —

He took the various snacks in front of him into his arms, then picked up the jade pendant and blew on it.

Senju ‘the God of Gamblers’ Haru was going crazy!

Hashirama was petrified, the cards in his hands scattered, and he could vaguely see the two bombs that were useless.

“I want! I want!”

In the face of Tsunade’s malicious act of cuteness with flashing big eyes, Haru turned his face away.

First, he hung the sapphire pendant he won from Hashirama on the neck of Tsunade, and then pulled half of the snacks he won.

Tsunade suddenly smiled and giggling non-stop.

It was really as cute as it was, and there was no violent tendency in the original story at all.

“Thank you, pot pot —”

Haru gently pinched Tsunade’s little face with a headache and emphasized again, “Call me uncle, not pot pot pot, understand”

“Hmph, pot pot —”

Little Tsunade bit Haru’s hand.

“As expected, being cute is just an illusion…”

Haru shook his hand helplessly and found that Little Tsunade seemed to grow in his hand and could not be shaken off no matter what.

It was not until he sent the remaining half of the ‘gambling rewards’ that Little Tsunade smiled happily and let go, rolling around on the pile of snacks.

“Does this count as hereditary”

Haru leaned over and wiped the saliva on Hashirama’s body as he asked.

“I really don’t know where you learned these things from.” Hashirama looked at the water stains on his clothes speechlessly, but he didn’t feel bad about it.

Haru calmly replied, “This is called premature wisdom.

Some people are smarter and more talented than others when they are born.

Moreover, those books are not for nothing.”

Hashirama agreed with this point.

Hard work was important, but it was like the ceiling that divided everyone into three, six, and nine grades.

Otherwise, in the war era, the people of the various families would not have risked their lives to kill the children of the other family who showed talent.

The fourth brother, Itama, who had the same color as Haru’s hair, was killed by Uchiha and five adult ninjas.

At that time, Itama was only five years old.


No, attacking with all your strength, not letting any future threat go is the most responsible thing for your family.

That has nothing to do with right or wrong, only the standpoint.

That was a real and cruel era!

During these three years, Hashirama and Tobirama began to realize that this child Haru was very different.

Not only did he learn everything very quickly, but even his way of thinking also was closer to that of an adult, and he would always come up with some ideas and creativity.

Although this was very surprising, it was not something that was hard to accept.

After all, in the era that Hashirama and the others had experienced, it was not a rare thing for a four or five-year-old child to go into battle and kill enemies.

If he had not matured early, he would have been eliminated by that cruel era.


That meant death!

Moreover, strictly speaking, Haru was not Tobirama’s child, but an unexpected product of a forbidden experiment.

Therefore, any strange thing that happened to Haru was within the scope of his understanding.

For example, sleeping sickness

“Dinner is ready.

Come out and eat.

Our little birthday star is the main character today —”

Senju Ayako’s voice came from outside the door.

Although Hashirama really wanted to get back at him, when he thought about how Mito had already had a problem with him in the past few days and blamed him for leading Haru and Tsunade, he could only give up.


Dinner was very sumptuous.

Although it was usually not bad, it was probably because of someone’s birthday today that it was exceptionally sumptuous.

“Uncle Tobirama hasn’t returned yet He clearly told him to come back early this morning.”

After everyone had sat down, Ayako complained.

“Don’t say that.

Lord Hokage has a lot of work to do every day and is busy with work.

He must have been delayed by something.”

Ayako’s husband, who was dressed in blue and had blond hair, immediately smoothed things over.

Ayako was the daughter of Hashirama, the God of Ninja World, and the second generation Hokage had watched her growing up, so she naturally dared to say anything.

However, as Ayako’s husband, he was still quite stressed, and every time he faced the serious Tobirama, he had a kind of nervous feeling that he had made a mistake when he was young and did not dare to face his parents.

However, just at this moment, a voice came from outside….

“I just caught a few spies from other villages today, so I went to take a look.

I was delayed for a while.”

As Tobirama spoke, he walked in from outside the door.

Then, he took off Hokage’s bamboo hat and threw it to the side.

Flying Thunder God was really convenient

Haru looked at his cheap father with envy.

He did not know if he had this talent.

If he learned Flying Thunder God, he would not worry about anything else.

“Alright, let’s not talk about these things at home.

Sit down and eat.”


For the Uzumaki-Senju household, there was nothing more important than their family.

Therefore, they never asked about anything in the village, nor did they want to let things outside affect their family.


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