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From beginning to end, Haru and Hiruzen were telling the truth without any lies from beginning to end.

However, the art of language made Danzo, who was about to vomit blood, not know how to refute or explain.

What was more interesting was that the more he explained seriously and urgently, the more the others did not believe what he said.

On the contrary, the audience unanimously praised Sarutobi, Hiruzen, who cooperated with Haru’s acting and took all the blame on himself.

They all thought that he was a good friend who stood up for the sake of protecting Danzo and did not want to make a big deal out of it.

In the end, Danzo, who inexplicably took the blame, began to be a little angry…

“Hiruzen, you tricked me! These books are obviously yours!”

“Yes, yes, yes, they are mine.

I lent them to His Highness Haru.”


“I have already admitted it.”


“Alright, this matter ends here.

I don’t want there to be a next time.”

The criminal who clearly confessed was Sarutobi Hiruzen, but Tobirama looked at Danzo’s words and made Danzo spit out another three pounds of blood.

In the end, he was the one who shouldered everything!

With a look of criticism, Tobirama plundered all the ‘Ninjutsu secret books’, saying that they would be destroyed together.

Regardless of whether others believed it or not, Haru believed it!

‘God knows how long this Tobirama will hold a grudge for….’

And when Tobirama left with Kagami, Danzo almost wanted to rush up and bite this bastard Hiruzen to death!

Hiruzen, who was shocked, hurriedly said, “It’s none of my business! I’ve already ‘turned myself in’.

What else do you want me to do”

Danzo clenched his teeth so hard that they were about to shatter, but he could not refute this fact.

Then, he saw Haru come to Hiruzen’s side with a smile on his face and claim credit, “I’ve done what you asked me to do.

Next time, remember to get some good stuff.”

After saying that, Haru did not care about the expressions of Hiruzen and Danzo and directly led his subordinates to find Tsunade.

Hiruzen did not react at first until Danzo squeezed out a few words from his teeth, “Sa! Ru! To! Bi! Hi! Ru! Zen!”

“No, listen to me.

Things are not what you think…”

“Hehe, I underestimated you too much.

However, you are underestimating me too much if you want me to give up in this way.

Just wait and see.

I will definitely sit on Hokage’s seat before you!”

‘What the hell was this’

‘Why did it involve Hokage’

Hiruzen was extremely confused.


Within the borders of the Fire Country, in a dark cave.

A man who had been mistakenly thought to have died by Senju Hashirama opened his eyes in the darkness.

“Still haven’t awakened the legendary Rinnegan”

Madara, who had used Izanagi in the battle and escaped from Tobirama’s research base, had a strange expression on his face.

Then, a dark shadow emerged from the ground and said in a unique voice, “I can feel that Hashirama’s cells have completely merged with your body.

Your Sharingan is undergoing some kind of transformation.

Unfortunately, the number of cells he has fused with is still too little, so he still needs some time.”

Madara was silent.

There was a terrifying white face in front of his chest.

In the battle with Valley of The End, he had gambled everything he had obtained.

However, Rinnegan’s awakening was much slower than he had imagined.

At this rate, he would need to wait at least ten years or twenty years

He was no longer young.

If he waited until he was about to die, what was the point of activating Rinnegan

But at this time, he had no other choice.

He could only silently wait for fate to descend.

Was it death or rebirth Cool.

He had already done everything, and now he was only waiting for one result.

“How is the situation outside now”

After listening to Madara’s question and deceiving Madara, Black Zetsu, who had transformed from his will, first laughed and then said, “Just as we expected, several big countries are stirring and secretly making a lot of small movements….

As long as Senju Hashirama dies, war will immediately descend.”

Madara curled his lips in disdain.

To him, this undoubtedly proved that Hashirama’s philosophy was wrong.

And he was the one who grasped the ‘truth’ and walked on the right path!

Innocence can not bring peace.

Only absolute control is real peace!

“Is the new base completed”

“Most of it has been completed.

I can’t find the people of Kusagakure.”

“Well, after sending that naive guy off for the last journey, we will leave here.”

Black Zetsu once again merged into the ground.

Madara also slowly closed his eyes.

The dark black hole once again became silent.


Konoha, Year 14, 3rd of May.

On the third day after Senju and his family happily celebrated Haru’s fourth birthday, the god of Ninja World, the pillar of support for Konoha, the nightmare in the hearts of all other countries, Shoudai Hokage, Senju Hashirama, left the world.

In the end, a miracle still did not happen.

What should come still came.

A few days later, Senju Ayako held the portrait of Hashirama with a face full of sorrow.

Tobirama personally carried the heavy coffin and slowly buried it.

Although it was still the same indifferent expression as before, Haru could see the great effort to hide the sadness in Tobirama’s eyes, but it was so dense that it could not be melted.

In vain, he had worked so hard to study so many incredible forbidden arts, but he was still unable to stop all of this.

Father, younger brother, older brother all left him one after another….

There were no tears because he could not cry because from now on, whether it was the entire family or the entire Konoha, he would be the one to support them.

Therefore, his weak side would not be seen by anyone!


At the funeral, there were people everywhere.

Almost all of Konoha’s famous people were present, and there were even more villagers who were grateful for what Lord Shoudai Hokage had done and came to mourn on their own.

It was unknown when Little Tsunade had cried to tears.

On the day that Hashirama left the world, Mito untied Yin Seal on her own, abandoned their beautiful and young faces, and aged dozens of years overnight.

If not for the existence of Ayako, Tsunade, Haru, and the others, as well as the matter of Kyuubi in her body, this woman who had accompanied Hashirama for almost a lifetime would probably chase to the netherworld and hold her hand again, asking, “If there is a next life, are you still willing to marry me”

Standing at the front of the funeral, Haru felt that everything was so unreal.

Just a few days ago, Hashirama laughed heartily and said that he would accompany him and Tsunade to celebrate their 18th birthday before he was willing to go to another world.

On that day, they fought until the middle of the night, and even until the end, Hashirama did not win a single time, and he even said that he had lost the coffin.

Haru regretted not giving Hashirama a chance to win.

He even felt that he was an honest person who believed Hashirama’s words.

How beautiful those memories were, how great the pain would be when they were shattered by reality.

Haru had always felt that he was very strong.

When he saw Hashirama for the last time, he did not cry.

At the funeral, many people could not hide their tears.

He still did not cry.

When he was done with the burial and looked at the face in the picture frame, which was wearing Hokage’s robe, with Hokage bamboo hat, and a somewhat silly smile, Haru finally believed it.

That unreliable guy had really left them….

The emotions that had been suppressed for the past few days had broken through the boundaries and reached the brain!

The special bloodline hidden in the body was activated by a kind of special carat produced in the brain.

None of the people present noticed that two demonic magatamas appeared in his eyes at the same time, and then with a poof…

Haru directly fainted on the ground, and everyone was in a panic.


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