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Before Haru fainted, Madara, who was hiding with Black Zetsu in the distance of the funeral, was dazed for a moment.

When he first noticed the youth standing in front of the crowd, his gaze could not shift away.

‘Similar, really too similar….’

Although his hair color was different, and if one looked carefully, there was actually something different about his face.

However, it made Madara subconsciously undo the dust-covered memories and slowly merge the figure of Izuna in his early years with the youth.

The familiar feeling that lingered in his heart and the throbbing of his blood made Madara have an illusion that Izuna was still alive and well in front of him.

However, his reason told him that it was impossible….

Izuna had already died in front of him.

This pair of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan was the best evidence!

“What’s wrong, Madara”

Black Zetsu caught that something was wrong with Madara, as well as the direction that his gaze was locked onto.

It was a young man with black and white hair, a delicate face, and a determined and heroic spirit between his brows.

He could not understand why Madara, who had already abandoned his family, would suddenly have such an obvious emotional fluctuation.

“It’s nothing.

I was just thinking about some things from the past.” Madara thought to himself.

At this moment, Madara also realized that he had lost his composure a little just now.

After all, Izuna was a scar in his heart that would never be wiped out.

“Are you sure Is Hashirama really dead”

When he asked this question, even Madara himself was not sure what kind of answer he wanted to hear.

“There is no mistake.

It is undoubtedly Hashirama.” Black Zetsu nodded.

“Let’s go.

It is time to leave here.”

The next time he came back, whoever made the right choice would eventually have a result.

Suppressing the faint sadness and emptiness to the deepest part of his heart before leaving, Madara looked into the distance for the last time, and then he was instantly stunned.

“He actually… awakened.”

Because of the angle and attention of the people at the funeral, they did not notice the change in Haru’s eyes, but the angle of Madara just happened to see the fixed Sharingan in his eyes!

‘He had awakened Sharingan at this age, and it is the second magatama Sharingan….’

This discovery made Madara immediately stop.

In fact, he did not care about the situation of the Uchiha clan.

What kind of genius appeared in the clan had nothing to do with him.

After all, he had abandoned these ‘burdens’ that did not agree with his concept.

But that youth was different.

He saw the shadow of Izuna on his body and that pair of eyes that made him unable to calm down.

What made Madara puzzled was why the genius youth of the Uchiha clan would stand in front of everyone, and it was even the Senju clan

If he did not solve these doubts, even if he completely left the Fire Country, Madara felt that he could not quietly wait for Rinnegan to open up.

Therefore, he no longer paid attention to the chaos in the distance that soon calmed down.

He said in a deep voice that could not be refused, “Zetsu, within three hours, I want all the information about this youth.”

Black Zetsu almost cursed in his heart, ‘You must be a dog!’

‘This is obviously the time when Konoha is the most heavily guarded.

There is no need to say whether it is dangerous or not.

How could it be within three f*cking hours’

‘If you have the ability, go yourself.’

‘Why are you ordering me around!’

However, even if he was cursing, he had to help the person he chose, even if he had tears in his eyes.

Whether or not he could save his mother depended on whether Madara was able to do it.

In addition to that, he was actually quite curious about the identity of the youth and the secret that caused Madara to change so much!


After an unknown time, Haru finally woke up from the darkness.

As soon as he opened his eyes, what appeared in front of him was the beautiful face of Sister Ayako, who was worried and sad, and the eyes on the side were red and swollen.

He looked at the helpless and pitiful Little Tsunade.

“What happened to me”


Before he finished speaking, Little Tsunade, who kept telling herself to be strong, rushed into his arms and burst into tears.

“It’s good that you’re awake.

It’s good that you’re awake…”

Ayako, who was at the side, was also crying tears of joy.

She kept wiping the tears from the corners of his eyes.

After a while, Little Tsunade was finally tired from crying.

She lay in Haru’s arms and fell into a deep sleep.

“You were unconscious for an entire day and night.

Tsunade also stayed by your side for an entire day and night…..

If you don’t wake up soon, I don’t know what to do.”

Haru had already learned about the situation from Ayako.

It was said that he had fainted from excessive sadness and was sent back home at that time.

As a result, he only woke up now.

Although he had never experienced such a similar experience, Haru always felt that he might not have fainted because of some ‘excessive sadness’.

He only remembered that his head was excruciating at that time, and then his eyes began to become bloodshot… Then he fell into darkness.

Although he was sad, it was not to that extent.

Haru pursed his lips and gently stroked Tsunade’s little head.

He didn’t expect that there would be a day when the poisonous little devil pierced his heart.

“Alright, since you’re so touching, I’ll steal two pieces of meat from you in the future.”

Tsunade frowned tightly in her sleep, and her two little hands tightly grabbed onto Haru’s clothes as if she would disappear the moment she let go.

For Tsunade, her grandfather had just passed away, and before she could recover from her sorrow, her favorite brother(uncle) fell down.

That kind of fear and helplessness, which seemed like the sky had collapsed, was hard for outsiders to understand.

“Where did Tobirama go”

Haru raised his head and asked as he reached out his hand to smooth the space between her eyebrows.

“After the funeral, Uncle Tobirama has not come back.

He must have a lot of things to deal with.”

Haru nodded.

He understood this very well.

Because when the news of the death of Senju Hashirama, the God of Ninja World, spread out, the other countries would definitely not give up this rare opportunity!

According to the plot, he knew about Naruto.

It was estimated that it would not be long before the four countries would tear up the peace and attack Konoha together to set off the first battle of Ninja World!

This kind of powerlessness made Haru very uncomfortable.

He really wanted to achieve great success tomorrow.

He wanted to use his left hand to escape the sea and his right hand to flying Thunder.

—He wanted to kill the enemy and become Konoha’s new guardian.

But it was obvious that it was not realistic at all.

No matter how good his talent was, he still needed a certain amount of time to grow and obtain power.

Then what else could he, who was still very weak at the moment

The first thing Haru thought of was to change the outcome of Tobirama’s death!

If he did not let Tobirama go to the Thunder Country to sign some alliance agreement or simply encourage Tobirama to kill Golden Horn Silver Horn early, could he change all of this

Haru did not know whether he could succeed or not, but he decided to try.

This was the only thing he could do.


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