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 Chapter 7 - The Omen of WarAfter the family and the peace had finished dinner, Tobirama, who had already taken on the role of a father, began to teach Haru how to read and study seriously.

Although Haru was still too young, the intelligence he displayed had already made Tobirama not regard him as an ordinary child.

He was even considering sending him to the Ninja School to learn how to become an excellent ninja.

After all, the fetters between companions were also very important, and it was also one of the original intentions of Tobirama to establish such a school.

Oh, by the way, it was around this time last year, and the Ninja School was officially named.

However, eight years ago, when Tobirama had just become the second generation Hokage, he had already established such an organization and recruited a total of 38 students.

“I heard from Ayako that today, big brother took you and Tsunade to gamble for another day”

Haru, who was seriously studying the words of this world, looked up at Tobirama, who had a poker face that could not be distinguished from anger, and calmly replied, “Yes, but uncle will stop for the next few days.

That bit of private money was basically exchanged for snacks by me… eaten by Tsunade.”

Otherwise, Hashirama would not have taken out the jade pendant as a bet.

In this life, as Tsunade’s Uncle, Haru would not steal his little niece’s things.

Therefore, even if he almost won the gambling, he did not want anything.

How much do you expect a child with an adult’s soul to be obsessed with snacks

Tobirama nodded lightly.

In fact, he already regretted handing the child over to his stupid big brother to take care of.

Didn’t you see that Tsunade learned bad things at such a young age

Gambling was not a good thing.

Fortunately, Haru was more mature than other children.

He could distinguish between good and bad and was not addicted to it.

Otherwise, he really had to consider whether to hand it over to others to raise or simply bring it with him.

After Haru finished today’s study, Tobirama pondered for a moment and said, “Today, we will learn how to extract chakra…”

Haru’s eyes suddenly lit up!

He had waited for this day for a long time.

When the golden finger was temporarily useless, he could extract chakra as soon as possible.

Having a certain degree of self-preservation was his obsession.

Otherwise, why do you think he refused to take a step out of Senju’s mansion for three whole years

He really knew that this world was too dangerous.

A child like him who had no ability to protect himself, if he really ran into a crazy enemy or were inexplicably involved in some danger, he would really have no place to cry!


You said that Konoha was very safe

Haha, even in the most prosperous period in the future, Konoha did not dare to say that it was 100% safe, let alone Konoha that had only been established for more than ten years!

Didn’t you hear that Tobirama came back today and caught several spies sent by other villages

Now, the other big countries are all stirring.

As long as the news of the death of the God of Ninja World is confirmed immediately, it is estimated that the first battle of Ninja World will start immediately!

At this moment, the reason why they did not dare to make a move but frequently sent spies to investigate the information was only because of Senju Hashirama’s reputation.

Yes, the stupid uncle who pestered him every day to play Landlord, who was about to lose his coffin, still relied on his ruined body to intimidate the various countries, making them not dare to take a step further!

This was also the reputation and deterrence that Tobirama could not have, no matter how many forbidden techniques he created and how many groundbreaking moves he made.

To be honest, sometimes Haru really felt injustice for his cheap old bean.

The world only knew that Senju Hashirama established Konoha and created the first peaceful era, but no one knew how much strength Tobirama had put behind it!

If Tobirama was not here, Konoha could not develop at all.

If Hashirama died, Konoha would immediately fall apart.

Did he really think that it was so easy to build a country from nothing

Haru honestly began to learn how to extract chakra from Tobirama.

He had already made up his mind.

After the foundation was built, the first one to learn was Flying Thunder God.

The others who loved each other would all be pushed back!

After all, in his opinion, even if Hashirama dominated Ninja World and beat everyone until they cried for their parents, Mokuton was not as practical as Flying Thunder God!

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t win.

Saving his life was the most important thing!

Just one word, steady!


In the blink of an eye, a month later.

On this day, Haru, who had finished cultivating at night, looked at the somewhat absent-minded Tobirama and couldn’t help but ask, “Were the people who broke in today sent by other villages”

During the day, something happened in Senju’s mansion that made people’s hearts sink.

More than a dozen unknown ninjas with explosive talismans pasted all over their bodies carried out a terrorist attack regardless of the casualties.

Although all the enemies had been killed after the explosion, no valuable clues were left on the broken corpses.

Even if everyone knew that someone was testing if Senju Hashirama was still alive, they still retained some strength.

However, without evidence, even Tobirama was unable to attack the other countries at the same time.

In order to prove that he was still alive, the furious Hashirama personally used Mokuton to block the last wave of human flesh bombs.

Presumably, some people hiding in the dark had already gotten the information they wanted and would be obedient for some time.

However, Tobirama and the Mito both knew that Hashirama’s condition worsened day by day.

Although he usually acted like a heartless and happy person, only Hashirama knew the pain he suffered every day.

Half a year or one year

No one knew how long the former God of Ninja World could last.

Thinking about it, Tobirama did not hide it, or he needed someone to talk to.

In the process of listening, Haru felt that he had never really understood this seemingly cold and ruthless man.

Or, the coldness was only the appearance of Tobirama.

Because he had lost too much, he sealed his heart and would not easily open it to anyone.

“The short peace is coming to an end soon…”

Tobirama looked at the moon in the sky and muttered with a complicated expression.

“Actually, there is only one way to achieve true peace.” Haru stood beside Tobirama and also looked up at the moon.

Tobirama smiled lightly and did not take it seriously.

“What method”

“From the beginning, your choice was wrong.

If you don’t unify, how can there be peace Establishing Konoha is just a way to avoid it.

That can only bring about an extremely short period of peace.

When there is only one voice in the entire Ninja World, the probability of war will be reduced to the lowest.”

“Unify the entire Ninja World” Tobirama was stunned.

Back then, he had also considered such a possibility.

It was just that his stupid big brother did not have such ambition at all…


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