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【, Konoha, 14 years old, triggered the achievement of ‘join if you can’t beat me’ and rewarded a ninja headband.


【Ninja Headband】

[Item Introduction: This is a headband with a special signature.]

[Evaluation: If you wear it, you will be the most beautiful child on the entire basketball court! ]

After returning home, Haru immediately hid in his own cabin and began to check the unexpected harvest this time.

A pure white headband suddenly appeared in Haru’s hand, but what was the use of this thing

Haru carefully looked through it several times and saw a line of a signature on the inside of the headband.

“I’ve decided to bring my talent to you – Jaden.”

Haru subconsciously read out this sentence, and then his hand shook, letting the white headband fall to the ground.

Basketball… headband… decided… Zhan…

‘There could be no mistake!’

Haru took a deep breath. ‘It must be you, James… Haden!’

The legendary basketball player that made people tremble with fear!

Haru, who was holding back and shouting ‘the champion of Lake Man’, picked up the white headband speechlessly.

This stupid thing given to him was the same as the Cigarette from before.

There was not even a use description.

Everything had to be explored by himself.

After hesitating for a moment, Haru still tied this thing to his forehead.

Under the black and white hair, a white hairband passed through, and behind the head were two “Willow tips” hanging down, which made Haru sigh sadly.

Although he hoped that the color was red or something else, this small flaw did not affect his narcissistic mood.

‘But… then what’

‘Why was there no change at all’

Even adding a bit of the special effect of ‘Duang, Duang, Duang, Duang, Duang,’ was fine!

Ten minutes later, after trying all kinds of methods to prove that this thing seemed to be an ordinary headband, Haru took it off speechlessly and threw it on the ground!

‘What the hell is this!’


The next day, Haru, who had taken the opportunity to rest for a while, was once again driven to school.

Before leaving, he hesitated again and again but still chose to bring the white hairband.

Sigh, it was estimated that the little girls in the class would scream crazily for him again today.

Really troublesome!

As Haru muttered about the trouble, he really put on the hairband and then walked out with his head held high.

Sure enough, when he walked into the classroom with Tsunade, all the girls’ eyes lit up.

It could be said that he was the center of the entire class, and he was the most popular person!

It couldn’t be helped.

He was handsome, and his personality was relatively easy-going.

His strength was recognized as the first.

Even his identity and background were not comparable to others.

It could be described as perfect!

He didn’t know how many girls secretly wanted his body and wanted to call him husband.

If not for the fact that the seat beside Haru was always reserved for Tsunade, these young girls would have already started fighting over a seat.

Fortunately, Haru did not know how to refine copper, and his ability to adapt to the environment was also very strong.

Would he tell others that when his sister’s nephew was still in kindergarten, he used lollipops and toys to’ date ‘three’ – girlfriends at the same time and reached the peak of his life ahead of time

However, Haru was not envious at all. 

After all, this might be the happiest moment of his life after being beaten up by society.

He had to know how to cherish it.


Next, they had another Actual Combat Lesson.

After Haru had finished Orochimaru and Jiraiya in succession, he enjoyed the screams of the female students in the class and went back to the audience seat, and began to get distracted.

And this was the 11th time that Jiraiya had been defeated by Haru.

And so far, almost no one had been able to last more than thirty seconds in the process of the confrontation.

As for the length of time, it actually didn’t depend on who the opponent was, but whether Haru was thinking about what to eat for dinner or not

Looking at Senju Haru who was surrounded by all the girls in the class, Jiraiya left.

However, Jiraiya had already vowed in his heart that he must surpass this guy and snatch back all the girls who should be around him!

Well, this ambition was very great.

If Haru knew, he would definitely give Jiraiya a thumbs up.


“The headband is very handsome.

Where did you buy it”

“You like it I will give it to you.”

Haru casually pulled off the hairband on his forehead and stuffed it into Sakumo’s hand.

Looking at the clean white hairband in his hand, Sakumo was stunned for a moment.

Although his praise just now was sincere, but… this was not the purpose of his mouth.

Especially after he took the hairband, his intuition was very keen to find that the eyes of the girls around him suddenly became extremely unkind, and his face was full of jealousy.

“I’ll return it to you.

Just tell me where you bought it.

I’ll buy one myself.”

“That’s fine too.

It’s a hundred taels in installments, but the interest will be calculated separately.”

“Ah” Sakumo was confused again.

“I made this for myself.

You can’t buy it anywhere else.

You think it’s expensive to pay a hundred taels”

“It’s not expensive, but since it’s not bought, I’ll give it back to you.

Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t be able to live after school” Sakumo looked helplessly at the girls around him, whose eyes were burning with anger, and felt his scalp go numb.

This was a hairband made by Haru!

Not to mention a hundred taels, even if it were for a thousand taels, they would not blink!

Not to mention that it was stained with the smell of Haru, blushing…

It was such a waste to give such a precious thing to a stinky man!

“Oh Do you have any objections” Haru asked seriously.

“No… no…”

Under Haru’s sharp gaze, all the girls who came into contact with his eyes lowered their heads shyly.

Their faces were red, and they stole glances at him from time to time.

Haru, who had failed in his act, was very helpless.

He said gloomily in his heart, “I am scolding you! Can you please give me a normal reaction Why are you blushing”


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