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No poke, no needle!

It was really hard for Haru to imagine that this was the Uchiha clan who had a bad face and was seriously suspected of having a mental illness.

Wasn’t this a very brilliant smile!

This attitude was very amiable, how was he not like a normal person

Surrounded by 20 beautiful girls, under the guidance of the old man who smiled like a chrysanthemum face, Haru walked into the Uchiha clan’s encampment.

Then, he discovered that all the Uchiha clansmen had greeted him with smiles on their faces along the way.

At most, there were a few people who had a fake smile, which was a little ugly

However, this was not a problem.

He must have been too excited, which was why he was a little distorted.

After all, with our status, we can’t deliberately cause trouble just because the other person’s smile is not good.

We are a positive energy relationship!

“Your Highness Haru, why don’t you first taste the delicacies specially prepared by my Uchiha clan and then look around”

Although he was quite curious, he had the biggest belly in the world.

He had to eat first before talking about other things.

Therefore, Haru nodded and said, “That’s good.

The guest will follow the host.”

Uchiha Tengu smiled and said, “This is also your home.

There are no guests here.”

Haru understood the intention of Uchiha’s family inviting him over this time, but because he didn’t know what Tobirama was thinking, he wouldn’t easily reveal his attitude.

He should eat and play, then he wiped his mouth, put on his pants, and turned to leave.

Did he really think that he was as easy to fool as other children

Seeing that Haru didn’t reply, Uchiha knew that this time, he might not be able to easily achieve his goal.

However, there’s no rush.

The future is long.

‘Since you possess the bloodline of my Uchiha clan, then even if you don’t want to admit it, there’s nothing you can do.’

You’ve already made it through all these years, yet you still lack this little bit of time

Very quickly, Haru was brought to a room.

After taking a seat, Uchiha Tengu was just about to start chatting when he was interrupted by Haru.

“Let’s order first.”

Uchiha Tengu’s expression froze for a moment, but he immediately recovered his smiling face and clapped his hands.

“Alright, then serve the dishes first.

Let’s begin!”

Immediately, beautiful young girls came in with delicious food, 28 carefully prepared dishes were placed on the long table, and there were only three people in the seats.

Apart from Uchiha Tengu and Haru, only Kagami was there.

This arrangement was first because he was afraid that more people would scare the child, and secondly, he did not want Haru to feel uncomfortable.

In this kind of situation, having an acquaintance was undoubtedly a lot more relaxed.

Another was Haru’s preferences and personality.

Kagami might know them better.

If Uchiha Tengu wanted to leave a good impression, they naturally needed Kagami to help them avoid making low-level mistakes.

In addition, UchihaTengu also left a young girl who was used to serving Haru.

At this time, she was standing at the side obediently with a face full of curiosity and nervousness.

“I haven’t introduced you yet.

This old man is Uchiha Tengu, now the head of the clan.

According to seniority, your mother is my junior.

But since you use Senju as your surname, then I can’t rely on my seniority and call you by your name.

What do you think”

When the dishes were served, Uchiha Tengu, who was completely distracted, immediately began to curry favor.

At this time, Haru, who was fighting against the Chinese sturgeon in front of him, nodded without raising his head.

As long as he didn’t take advantage of this young master, he could call out as he pleased.

At the same time, Haru was still complaining in his heart: ‘Tengu Or licking dogs This name is a show!’

Haru’s unexpected performance directly made Uchiha Tengu’s next words that they had prepared die in their stomachs.

Uchiha Tengu had no choice but to glare at the young girl standing next to him.

The young girl hurriedly walked over and began to feed him.

Haru looked at the delicate and touching young girl and carefully fed him into his mouth.

He could only eat it with tears in his eyes.

He had just looked over to see what he wanted to eat when the girl beside him immediately picked it up and fed it to his mouth.

She had just said, “I’ll do it myself.

I’ll do it myself.”

The young girl’s eyes turned red, and she was so flustered that she was about to cry.

What should he do

Without the cover and excuse, Haru could no longer ignore the other party.

He could only follow the topic and ask, “Tengu… Patriarch, do you know who my mother is”

“Hasn’t Lord Tobirama mentioned it to you” Uchiha asked tentatively after a pause.

Haru took a bite of the chicken leg handed over by the young girl while shaking his head, “Tobirama has never told me anything about my mother.

If I ask too much, he will only tell me that she is dead.”

As expected, she is no longer in this world!

An inexplicable light flashed in Uchiha’s eyes.

Then he sighed and said, “It seems that Lord Tobirama is hurt by love, so he is unwilling to mention these past events.

Since Lord Tobirama does not tell you, then this old man does not dare to overstep….

You only need to know that your mother is a very beautiful and gentle woman, but her character is very strong.

Perhaps it is because of this that she and Lord Tobirama can finally get together.”

If Tobirama was present at this time, he would probably stab this old bastard to death!

If Izuna knew, he would probably fake his corpse and return his soul, directly cleaning up the door and taking all these unfilial children away!

However, the problem now was that Haru did not know the truth about his birth.

He thought that the other party really knew some inside story, which was why he spoke so confidently.

Seeing that Haru seemed to believe him, Uchiha Tengu immediately sighed and said, “You… really look like your mother.”

(Tobirama: “No one can stop me today.

I have to kill him!” )

Although Uchiha Tengu was talking nonsense, he was indeed moved.

Because the first time he saw Haru, he always had an inexplicable sense of familiarity, as if he had seen him before.

Combined with the fact that he had awakened Sharingan, he was sure that the mother of this child must be a clansman he had seen before.

Otherwise, he would not have felt this way.

However, he could not remember who it was.

After all, not everyone who had seen Izuna would think of this

At that time, Madara was the first to think of Izuna because he had watched Izuna grow up and fought side by side until he died.

In addition, Izuna’s death was an obsession in Madara’s heart, which was why he recognized her at once.

It could only be said that this beautiful misunderstanding had dispelled the last doubts and concerns in Uchiha and Tian Gou’s heart.

This child was probably a gift from the heavens to their Uchiha clan!


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