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Chapter 76 - How Did He Do ItUchiha Fuu recalled all the strange actions that Haru had done before, but in the end, he had turned it around.

He immediately called out, “Let’s go up and beat him up!”

Therefore, except for Sakumo, everyone else rushed up and punched and kicked the old beggar!

While beating him up, he asked, “Tell me! What have you done”

“I can tell at a glance that this guy is not a good person.

In a while, I will inform the garrison to come and collect him.”

“To be able to make Boss pay so much attention to him, he must have been a bandit before he begged for food.

He might have even killed someone before.”

“Bandit I guess this guy must be a spy!”

“Who cares.

Let’s beat him up first.

Someone will come later!”


The old beggar, who was curled up on the ground, covered his head with his hands and kept screaming and begging for mercy, was already confused.


His disguise was clearly perfect.

Even if his mother stood in front of him, she might not be able to recognize him.

How could he be discovered

Moreover, according to his recent investigation, the target was a naive child who was happy to help others and had never experienced a sinister human heart.

That was why he chose to approach his target in this way.

He had to kill him before the secret guards could react!

But he guessed the beginning, but he did not expect the end.

How did he expose himself

The old beggar disguised as a spy was very suspicious of life…

At the same time, after setting up all this, Black Zetsu, who was secretly observing in the dark, also showed a black question mark face.

“Is it exposed Or is it a coincidence”

“Why did it become like this”

At this time, there was also Sakumo standing beside Haru, could it be that he saw the wrong person

In fact, the thief who was beaten up before… he didn’t understand.

He was walking on the street, but Haru suddenly rushed out and beat him up.

It was only when the guards arrived that he confirmed the identity of the other person.

‘Could it be that this time is also the same’

‘What is the basis’

‘Or is it really just a coincidence’

Right now, Sakumo’s thoughts were a bit chaotic.

If this old beggar was really an innocent person, then he would have to seriously consider the decision he had made before.

He wanted to become the guardian of Konoha, not the perpetrator.

Then, at this moment, several figures suddenly flew back….

“Get lost!”

The old beggar, who couldn’t afford to investigate, knew that he didn’t have much time left, so he suddenly burst out and sent Hyuga Tokugawa and the others flying.

Then, he held a sharp Kunai in his hand and stabbed Haru with a murderous look in his eyes.

The sudden change not only stunned all the onlookers around but also made Sakumo and the others suddenly quiver in their hearts!

‘Not good!’

‘The other party is here to assassinate…’

Sakumo tried to reach out his hand to block, but it was too slow.

Tsunade also did the same.

“Go to hell, kid!”

At this critical moment, Haru thought that he would be very flustered, but in reality, he entered an extremely calm state.

The second magatama Sharingan was activated again, and the chakra in his body began to boil violently

His extraordinary insight allowed him to judge the trajectory of the opponent’s hasty attack, and then his body instinctively reacted.

The landing point of Kunai was his throat.

The opponent was not a ninja skilled in body techniques.

Moreover, the difference in height could be used!


The body technique cultivation that he had never given up all this time finally played a role this time.

The moment Kunai stabbed out, Haru calmly fell backward.

He avoided the attack with an iron bridge position.

He could even clearly see that a sharp Kunai came from nowhere and accurately hit Kunai who was stabbing him, making a crisp sound.

“Damn it!”

The old beggar, who failed, cursed in his heart.

If it went according to the plan, how could the target avoid it!

Although it seemed that he only needed one more attack to end the life of the target, he knew that the guard who secretly guarded the target would not give him such a chance.

‘Then… it could only be like this.’

The old beggar suddenly showed a crazy look on his face.

His judgment was correct, because Kagami, who was in a state of rage, had pierced through his heart in the next moment and attacked mercilessly!

To be honest, the moment Haru encountered danger, Kagami was already covered in a cold sweat.

He rushed out as fast as he could.

If Haru was injured, he would not need Hokage to punish him.

He would end his own life.

Because this was not only his dereliction of duty but also the hope of Uchiha’s clan completely merging with Konoha.

Then, Kagami’s pupils shrank.

He used all his strength to grab the corpse and threw it into the air.

The next second, there was a bang!

The old beggar’s body directly exploded into a ball of fire in the air.

After knowing that there was no chance to attack again, the other party resolutely chose to detonate the detonation talisman attached to his body!

At this distance, if Kagami did not have a sharp intuition, or if his reaction was a little slower, the consequences would be unpredictable!

After blocking Haru and the others behind him, the cold sweat on Kagami’s face had already flowed down….

After killing the enemy just now, the strong sense of crisis that was impossible to get rid of made him make the most correct decision.

Not only did he save himself, but he also saved everything.

However, he still did not let down his guard, because there might be other enemies waiting for an opportunity in the dark.

“Don’t run around, all of you stay behind me! The reinforcements will arrive soon!”

In fact, there was no need for Kagami to remind them.

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others had already surrounded Haru.

They had a sense of déjàvu that if they wanted to kill my boss, they would have to walk over my dead body first.

“Boss, are you alright”

“I’m fine.

Be careful.

There may be more than one enemy.”

Haru, who stood up again, endured the pain of needles in his head and continued to maintain Sharingan’s opening.

“Boss, how did you find out that there was something wrong with the old beggar”

Uchiha Fuu could not help but ask.

And he also asked the curiosity in his heart for everyone else, especially Sakumo, who had not been able to react at all just now.

Not only did he feel extremely guilty for suspecting Haru, but he also felt extremely ashamed and blamed himself for standing like a piece of wood just now!

No matter how powerful Konoha’s White Fang was in the future, the current Sakumo was just a piece of jade that had not been carved.

To be honest, facing the scene just now, it was already very difficult for Sakumo to maintain a certain level of calmness.

Even Tsunade’s face was pale, a little frightened.

It could only be said that when they experienced more of these things in the future and grew up, they would be able to be calm in the face of such a situation.


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