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Chapter 84 - Konoha Beheading Plan

Maybe it was because he heard Haru’s advice, but when Kato Dan saw the confusion in his eyes, his eyes became especially clear.

“Thank you, I know what I should do.”

Haru waved his hand indifferently, “No need to thank me.

Even without me, sooner or later you will be able to understand where your advantage lies and walk out of your own ninja path.

At most, I will only serve as a catalyst to save you a few years of detours.

So you don’t have to thank me, you really don’t have to thank me! Don’t give me any thanks.

I usually don’t accept gifts.

Really, if you don’t believe me, look at my eyes.”

The corner of Kato Dan’s mouth twitched twice, and the gratitude he had just now was immediately fed to the dog!

How could there be such a good-looking person!

And look at your eyes…

Can you give a more obvious hint

The truth is… yes!

Because someone had already started to rub his fingers.

Kato Dan could only open his wallet with a pained look on his face.

After Sakumo caught the naughty little cat on the tree and completed today’s mission, Haru was in high spirits.

He patted his wallet that was bulging again and invited his two companions to eat ramen.

Don’t misunderstand, it definitely wasn’t a ramen, because ‘Otsutsuki’ was not born yet.

This was a very ordinary noodle shop on the street.

The taste could only be said to be good, but why did Haru bring Sakumo and Kato Dan here

Of course it was because it was cheap!

“You only treat us to this” Kato Dan, who had been cheated out of all his money by someone, and even the mission fee this time flew away without any reason, asked with a resentful look.

“It’s good to have some.

Why don’t you go home and eat” Haru asked expectantly.

Kato Dan immediately snorted and sat down.

He said loudly, “Boss, serve three bowls of the most expensive ramen here!”

“Even if it’s just ramen, I will eat until you are poor!” After ordering the dishes, Kato Dan muttered in a low voice.

However, Haru did not care at all, and began to order what he wanted to eat with Sakumo.

As the saying goes, a half-grown man eating a poor father, now the age of Haru and the others is the time for food.

Do you think that the three bowls that Kato Dan ordered just now were for everyone

In fact, this guy had to eat three bowls himself!

There was no need to talk about Haru and Sakumo, each of them having five bowls to open their stomachs.

The boss was so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth.

He immediately began to cook noodles, and at the same time, he sent a lot of side dishes for them to eat first.

A woman with a gentle temperament next to her was so surprised that her mouth turned into a ‘O’ shape.

“Can you really finish ordering so much”

Seeing that it was a pregnant woman, Haru said politely, “We are all ninjas.

We usually have a lot of exercise, so we eat a lot.

Sister, don’t worry, we won’t waste food.”

“I can be your mother now,” the woman said with a warm face.

“I don’t have such a young and beautiful mother,” Haru said with a smile.

After all, he still didn’t know who his mother was and whether she was really dead.

The beautiful woman rebuked, “At such a young age, you already know how to say flowery words.

When you grow up, who knows how many young girls will be captivated by you.”

Haru laughed and changed the topic.

He asked curiously, “Sister, why are you eating alone Although things like ramen are full, they are not very nutritious.”

The beautiful woman put down her chopsticks, stroked her stomach, and said gently, “The father of the child is still working hard at this time.

Although he is worried that I will come out alone, he doesn’t know why.

After getting pregnant, he always wants to eat these things.

It is probably because we met in a small and messy noodle restaurant.”

Although life may not be rich, the happiness on the other person’s face was so infectious.

Even Haru was touched.

“Has the child already given a name”

The beautiful woman shook her head, then seemed to think of something.

She smiled and said, “I still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but the child’s father once joked that since I like to eat handmade noodles so much, if I have a boy in the future, I might as well call it ‘Teuchi’.

There really is no straight line, how can there be such a name for the child…”


Could it really be such a coincidence

Haru looked at the other person’s stomach with a strange expression.

According to the first movie in the original story, Teuchi was forty-three years old.

The time right now could also be matched.

When he thought of the joke of ‘can’t be happy, can’t be destroyed by Konoha’, he really wanted to ask if this sister’s surname was Otsutsuki or her husband’s surname was Otsutsuki

Who would have thought that in the future, when he concentrated on making noodles, he would actually be influenced by his parents.

Life was really interesting.

“What’s wrong”


I just feel that the name of Teuchi is unexpectedly good.” Haru praised him against his conscience.

After a while, a few big bowls of ramen were served.

Haru was so hungry that he began to wolf down the food.

But just as they finished the second bowl, a loud explosion suddenly sounded in their ears, and then the entire store was destroyed by the strong wind pressure!

At the critical moment, Haru instantly threw down the bowl, picked up the hands next to him that were at a loss, and rushed out.

Sakumo and Kato Dan also reacted quickly and saved the frightened noodle shop owner and the kitchen in time.

“What happened How could there be such a large-scale explosion at the center of Konoha” Sakumo looked at the large ruins in the distance, his eyes very serious and somewhat unbelievable.

“Run, go to the fallout shelter and hide.

There may be enemies coming!”

Haru looked at the small black dot in the sky and immediately said to the people behind him.

“You guys… have to be careful.”

Although the mother was pale, she still maintained a trace of composure and was not frightened to the point that her legs went soft.

Then, after the restaurant owner and the chef thanked her, they immediately helped her escape into the distance.

The more dangerous it was at this time, the more they could not stay and cause trouble.

Even if they hit her mother, they were still extremely worried about her husband who had not returned

“What should we do now” Kato Dan asked in a panic.

“Save them!”

Haru and Sakumo said this almost at the same time.

After all, the enemy had other Konoha elite ninjas to deal with.

With their current strength, they would be a burden.

More importantly, the people in the center of the explosion must have died, but many villagers who were caught by rubble were still waiting for people to come to rescue them!

There were also many Genin who came to see the news.

With everyone working together, many of the villagers who survived were quickly rescued to avoid being affected again.

“A flying ninja, could it be… this is bad!”

During the rescue process, Haru looked up at the sky more than once, and his heart was very uneasy.

Because he knew that the consequences of the butterfly effect had appeared again!


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