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Chapter 88 - Azure Dragon and Giant Clam


A giant green puppet dragon hovered in the air.

It was not stiff at all.

At this moment, it opened its ferocious mouth and spat out violent flames!

As the developer of the puppet technique and the sand technique, the Nidaime Kazekage was cold and ruthless, but he was very aggressive.

Since he took over, although Shamon did not do many reforms like the Nidaime Hokage, which brought great advantages to the development of the village.

However, in terms of military affairs, Shamon’s influence would last for hundreds of years.

Whether it was the Puppet Spell, the Sand Spell, or the study of the One Tailed Bijuu, it was enough to prove his long-term vision.

If there was a choice, perhaps Shamon would rather stay in the village and continue his research.

However, it was very clear that one wrong step would lead to one wrong step at a time.

In order to make up for the ‘mistakes’ made because of Senju Hashirama’s death, in order to give the village a chance to survive, he had to kill the Nidaime Hokage this time!

Shamon’s valiant face was filled with killing intent.

“Azure Dragon – Five Element Wheel, Endless Life!”

Fire Escape, Lightning Release, Wind Release, Earth Release, Water Escape…

It was hard to imagine that a puppet could actually release Ninjutsu attacks of different attributes at any time.

During this period when the puppet technique had just risen, the puppet masters had not yet begun to pursue the extreme in terms of quantity, and what was more important was the combat strength of a single puppet.

As the founder, Shamon had to gather almost the entire village’s strength to build this 【puppet, Azure Dragon】.

Through a special method of conversion, he could allow 【puppet, Azure Dragon】, to release an escape technique of different attributes in a short period of time.

Coupled with the incomparably precious materials outside, 【puppet, Azure Dragon】could even be considered a fake Kage-level!

Moreover, it formed an advantage of 1 1 to 2 in Shamon’s hands.

“Everyone, retreat!”

Tobirama only had time to shout out this sentence before he took the initiative to rush over.

With the size of 【puppet, Azure Dragon】, even a C grade ninjutsu could display the might of an A or even S grade!

Such a puppet was truly too terrifying!

“Composite Ninja Art, Water Escape, Great Explosion Water Surge!”

Huge waves shot out from Tobirama’s mouth, and then instantly formed a huge oval shaped water prison, imprisoning 【puppet, Azure Dragon】and Shamon who was hiding inside.

Then, Tobirama freely shuttled through the water, holding Sword of The Thunder God in his mouth, and with Kunai in his hand, he began to scrape together the explosive talisman.

【puppet, Azure Dragon】, was indeed very sturdy, as if everything Tobirama did was useless.

However, in the last blow, Tobirama suddenly jumped out of the water prison, using the mutual explosive talisman to unleash millions of explosive talismans, which then triggered endless continuous explosions, as if everything in the water prison would be completely blown to ashes.

Water and fire should not be compatible, but under Tobirama’s strange thinking, there were explosions and flames everywhere in the huge water ball!

【puppet, Azure Dragon】, was disintegrated.

The Nidaime Kazekage finally used the sand inside the puppet to barely protect himself, saving his life.

However, his body was severely charred, and there were burns everywhere.

He was in a very miserable state.

However, Shamon was not depressed.

Instead, he revealed a victorious smile.

In the face of Tobirama’s composite Ninja Art – Great Water Blast Wave, even his puppet, Azure Dragon, could not resist it, but he did not do nothing during the entire process!

Tobirama, who was about to take advantage of his victory, suddenly staggered and spat out a large mouthful of black blood!

“Hokage, the outcome has been decided!”

No one had expected that when he was wrapped in the huge water ball, Shamon had already thought of releasing all the toxins in 【puppet, Azure Dragon】.

Just as Tobirama was recklessly swimming around in the huge water ball, he had already been struck.

As for Shamon, he was temporarily fine after taking the antidote pill in advance!

Seeing this,

Raikage and Mizukage both revealed excited expressions.

In the end, the one who had the chance to win was actually Kazekage, who they had never taken to heart

It was just that they seemed to be happy a little too early.

“Water Escape, Hard Vortex Water Blade!”

The pool of water behind Shamon suddenly strangely changed into Tobirama’s appearance.

Then, he held a spiral sword condensed from a water vortex in his hand.

Then, he expressionlessly pierced through Shamon’s chest from behind!



The originally attractive Tobirama directly turned into a pool of clear water, and was actually a water body

Shamon, who was suddenly seriously injured, seemed to be a little confused and wanted to turn back to look at Tobirama and ask

“Do you know that you are poisoned”

“If you kill me, who will give you the antidote”

Although I don’t have any more, you should at least ask!


In the end, Shamon still wasn’t able to voice out his thoughts.

Because in the next moment, the Water spiral sword that pierced through his chest exploded into a huge waterspout that soared into the sky!

The power was enormous and incomparably gorgeous!

Shamon didn’t even have the chance to say his last words before he was crushed by the waterspout just like that.

However, before Konoha and the others could cheer, along with the sound of bones breaking, Tobirama was directly sent flying and heavily smashed into the ruins!

At this point of the battle, Tobirama had to pay the price of losing an arm and being poisoned to kill the two shadows.

At this time, his condition was already extremely bad!

A large amount of consumption of chakra, his rapidly declining physical strength, constantly invading the pain and poison of his spirit

If not for the fact that Tobirama had experienced too much, there would always be a feeling of being indifferent to life and death in the depths of his heart.

If it was someone else, they would have already collapsed long ago!

“I’ll leave these troublesome fellows to you.

I’ll go deal with Hokage completely.”

The Nidaime Raikage who had just sent Tobirama flying with a single punch left behind these words and then killed his way out.

Although the Nidaime Mizukage, Gengetsu Hōzuki, was very unhappy that Raikage had used a commanding tone to speak to him, he had already lost two people.

If he couldn’t kill Hokage and quickly retreat, then it was very likely that they would really be left here forever.

“Kuchiyose no Jutsu!”


A huge clam with a hard shell instantly appeared in front of Gengetsu Hōzuki.

“Magic – Steam Pavilion!”

In the next second, the large clam emitted a large area of dense fog from its tentacles, creating a large scale mirage.

In the thick fog, the figure of Gengetsu Hōzuki appeared and disappeared from time to time, making people unable to figure out his position.

The attacks of the many Konoha Ninjas who came to save Tobirama all failed, and it looked like the Gengetsu Hōzuki had passed through the attack.

“There is a problem with the fog.

Use Wind Release to blow it away!”

Gengetsu Hōzuki laughed.

If Wind Release could restrain this move, he would not use it at all.

The truth was that strong wind could not blow away the fog in front of him.

“Use large-scale ninjutsu to attack! This fog is the ability released by that strange summoned beast!”

Konoha Ninja immediately made a relatively correct response.

Only that big clam had a strong defense, and ordinary attacks could hardly hurt it.

What was even worse was that, unknowingly, many transparent bubbles floated out from the fog and came into the crowd…


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