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Black Zetsu was very curious!

In his impression, it was very rare for Madara to show such a confused and frowning expression.

What kind of secret was hidden in this to make Madara react like this

Could it be that the little brat was Madara’s illegitimate child

Hehe, don’t joke around.

This time doesn’t match either!

What Black Zetsu didn’t know was that Madara’s inner turmoil was far more intense than he had imagined.

It was only because the secret he discovered was a little too shocking.

That youth that always made him subconsciously think of Izuna was actually the ‘newborn’ that Tobirama obtained after using his and Izuna’s blood to undergo a forbidden fusion!

In other words, this child was not only Tobirama’s, it was also Izuna’s bloodline!

Moreover, looking at the situation, this child had also inherited the excellent genes of the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan.

His talent was extremely good!

After learning the truth, Madara’s reason told him that this was not Izuna’s child at all.

This was just the plot of that bastard Senju Tobirama!

“The best solution is to kill this child!”

If this child had his own blood, Madara might not hesitate to kill him.

But… this might be the only blood that Izuna had left.

Even if this child was not born in a normal form, as a miracle, this blood connection was something that could not be abandoned.

Madara had too many regrets in his life, and what made him regret the most was the dying Izuna who let him take his eyes away with a smile.

That was his last relative!

Madara clenched his fists tightly, and his expression was very struggling.

Everyone had a weakness.

Even Madara, who thought he could be ruthless and give up everything, could not be cold at this time, and could not be heartless.

He even got distracted for a moment, thinking, should this child call him… uncle

Madara immediately shivered, his face was a little unnatural, and there was a layer of goosebumps on his neck and arms.

Black Zetsu’s heart suddenly skipped a beat!

Madara was abnormal!

Extremely abnormal!

At this time, Black Zetsu, who had already understood the truth, hurriedly said, “This must be Senju Tobirama’s plot! In order to completely annex Uchiha’s clan, this must be a scheme.”

“I suggest that we immediately kill this child to prevent future troubles!”

When Black Zetsu’s murderous expression met Madara’s ‘You’re teaching me how to do things’ gaze, his anger instantly died down.

His heart also turned cold!

It was obvious that Madara had already made his decision.

Black Zetsu, who pretended to be Madara’s will avatar, immediately chose to shut up.

It was too unwise to go against Madara at this time.

At worst, he could just think of other ways to kill that little brat in the future.

For the sake of the great lofty goal, the great uncle Black Zetsu had chosen to endure humiliation.

However, Madara ignored him.

After checking all the information about Haru, he walked out with a complicated expression.

When he returned to the ground, Madara’s eyes had already returned to calm.

Although he still hadn’t thought about whether he should kill this child, he would never allow Izuna’s bloodline to be lost in Senju’s family.

Even ‘recognize a thief as his father’ was raised by that fellow, Senju Tobirama!

Otherwise, if Izuna knew, he would definitely blame him as a big brother!

I, Uchiha Madara, must stop this tragedy from happening!

Madara looked into the distance with a determined gaze.

Are you sure you didn’t take the wrong script

In the center of Konoha,

This battle had already reached its climax.

Although Mito had temporarily lost her deterrent force for some reason, the others of Konoha were still alive!

Sarutobi and the others vowed to stay by Hokage’s side.

Under the layers of encirclement, Raikage and Mizukage had no way out.

At this moment, Haru suddenly grabbed Kunai and rushed out, fiercely throwing it at Gengetsu Hozuki.

Gengetsu Hozuki casually tilted his head to the side, avoiding Kunai.

Then, his right hand took the shape of a gun and pointed at Haru.

Water Iron Cannon Technique!


A water ball with extremely strong penetrating power instantly shattered Haru’s head.

However, the blood that he had expected did not happen.

The other party had only turned into smoke.

Gengetsu Hozuki was extremely surprised.

Under his perception, it was impossible for that little brat to be a clone.

Then, he suddenly remembered the Shadow Clone Technique that Hokage had created

Why did such a genius youth do such useless work just now

As if he had thought of something, Gengetsu Hozuki immediately turned around and looked behind him.

Sure enough!

The target of Kunai was not him from the beginning, but the Nidaime Raikage Ai who was in the same straight line as him!

However, even if such a mediocre Kunai was hit, so what It was impossible to break through Raikage’s defense.

The truth was indeed so.

Raikage only glanced at it from the corner of his eye when he turned his body, and he didn’t take it to heart.

And then…


The Sword of The Thunder God directly pierced his chest!

If not for the fact that Raikage had used his strongest speed to dodge a few inches to the side at the last moment, this sword strike would have been enough to send him to hell!

But even if he had avoided his vital points, all of them had suffered heavy injuries at this moment, and the outcome could be predicted.

Tobirama, who had succeeded in one strike, instantly disappeared from his original spot once more.

Then, he panted heavily, sweat dripping down his cheeks.

The Kunai that Haru had thrown out just now was the special Kunai that had the flying thunder god mark imprinted on it.

It was just that it was done deliberately and was not much different from ordinary Kunai.

In the beginning, it was Haru who deliberately wanted to leave as a self-defense object.

However, he did not expect to use it here today.

Although there was no prior communication, just a look, a move, Tobirama understood what Haru wanted to express, and gave absolute trust and feedback!

And Raikage, who did not specially guard against “ordinary” Kunai, paid a painful price for this.

“Little brat, you deserve to die!”

Gengetsu Hozuki, who had found Haru’s real body, seemed to be very angry because he was fooled.

He immediately used the explosive power of steamed.

The child-shaped avatar whose arm turned into an axe ‘smiled’ and slashed down.


Kagami stopped him in time.


Kagami’s eyes narrowed, and he wanted to quickly retreat to distance himself.

However, when he reached the back, he didn’t touch anything.

Kagami didn’t have time to think where Haru had gone.

In the next moment, he was engulfed by the explosion.

Then, the Nidaime Mizukage, Gengetsu Hozuki, flew out in a very sorry state.

When the mist dispersed and looked again, the place where Gengetsu Hozuki was originally at was actually occupied by a black-robed person, and there was also a struggling little ghost in his hand.

If not for Haru, then who could it be!

With Haru’s current strength, he was caught just now without any resistance, which couldn’t help but cast a haze on Haru’s heart.


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