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Chapter 91 - Mysterious Black Robe

Madara also did not know why he suddenly ran out to save this little devil.

But he subconsciously did so, as if Izuna’s voice had been echoing in his ears, “Save me(him)!”

Therefore, Madara made his move.

He even almost broke the neck of Gengetsu Hozuki!

If he wanted to kill this child, he could only kill him!

It was just like how his own child could beat him up, but he wanted to let outsiders touch him

Your head will be smashed to pieces!

If not for the fact that Gengetsu Hozuki had used oil escape to break free, he might have already gone to see Tsuchikage and Kazekage with grievance.

But even so, he still couldn’t have a good time.

Konoha had seized the opportunity to beat him up and was almost drowned by the secret technique.

When they finally managed to move to a relatively safe position, they were already covered in wounds and half of their lives had been lost.

However, the ‘explosive power’ that had recovered once again exploded in the crowd, causing huge casualties to Konoha.

At this point of the battle, the scene could no longer be described as tragic.

Broken walls were everywhere, blood dyed the earth red, and it was unknown how many people had died under the violent attacks of the four shadows.

Almost everyone who survived was also injured.

However, their efforts were not without rewards.

Tsuchikage and Kazekage were already dead, and Mizukage and Raikage were about to as well.

Even if the four Kages joined hands, so what They still had to pay the price of their lives!

“Who are you”

Tobirama forced himself to stand.

There was not much blood on his face, but his eyes were still calm and reserved, like a volcano that could erupt at any time.

“A dead person, why do you need to know so much”

Madara deliberately mocked him with a hoarse voice.

Then, he gently pinched the back of Haru’s neck.

Haru’s vision darkened and he fainted.

At this moment, he probably couldn’t figure out how to curse!

Madara had achieved his goal, so he immediately turned around and left with Haru.

Seeing that Haru was in danger, Sakumo wanted to save him anxiously, but they were stopped by the people around him.

The battle in front was not something that children like them could participate in.

Mito managed to open one of her eyes, but she still had to use all her strength to suppress Kyuubi, who had gone crazy for some unknown reason, and had no strength to save him at all.

As for those who tried to stop the mysterious man from leaving Konoha Ninja, almost no one was a match for the other side!

They wanted to use Ninjutsu, but they were worried that they might accidentally injure Haru.

Seeing that the other side was about to escape, Tobirama took a step forward, and his body softened.

He opened his mouth and spat out a large mouthful of black blood.

If this continued, his life would not last long!

At this time, Kagami, who was also in a very sorry state, stood up and said, “I will lead my clansmen to rescue Haru.”

There was no other choice.

Kagami immediately brought the remaining Uchiha clansmen and chased out.

It was time for this war to end!

Tobirama took a deep breath and his eyes were filled with killing intent once again!

The black-robed man was carrying a little fellow in his hand as he passed through Konoha with a familiar and swift speed.

Kagami, along with his clansmen, gritted their teeth and chased after them with all their might!

As the hope of the Uchiha clan and the future hope of Konoha, Kagami would never allow His Highness Haru to fall into the hands of the thieves!

“Use Fire Escape to block the path ahead and force the other party to make a detour!”

Under Kagami’s command, several Uchiha clansmen stopped in their tracks, raised their pace, and aimed at the path ahead of Madara.

“Fire Release – Great Fireball Technique!”

The huge fireball whistled away, its purpose was to force Madara to change directions.

But who was Madara

A few juniors dared to play with Fire Escape in front of him

Madara did not even turn his head as he quickly formed a hand seal with one hand.

Then, he suddenly turned around and leaped into the air

“Fire Escape – Great Fire Annihilation!”

The surging sea of flames instantly drowned out the fireball that was flying over, and then turned it into nutrients that burned towards Kagami and the others below.

This kind of power, Fire Escape…

Kagami’s pupils shrank.

He immediately shouted, “Scatter!”

The well-trained clansmen fled at the fastest speed possible.

Only a few unlucky clansmen were engulfed by the sea of flames and let out miserable screams!

“unsheath your swords!”

The scattered Uchiha clansmen all made the same move.

In the next moment, the overwhelming swords in their hands directly attacked the enemy.

But an extremely shocking scene happened!

The mysterious black-robed man took out a short knife from under his clothes.

While using all kinds of incredible movements to dodge, the short knife in his hand quickly and accurately waved.

Parrying all the swords coming for him.

Such a concentrated attack was actually unable to slow down the opponent’s pace at all!

What a terrifying enemy!

Kagami’s heart sank.

Although it was just a glimpse of a leopard in the middle of a pipe, the move that the other party revealed now was definitely not an ordinary Jonin.

If not for the fact that the five Kages had already appeared, he would probably really doubt if the other party was a shadow from a ninja village!

Who was the other party

What was the purpose of kidnapping His Highness Haru

“Uchiha – Gale Sword!”

Kagami used consecutive instant-shifting techniques to forcefully intercept the enemy, and then he swung out a powerful slash with the blazing blade of fire!

Madara finally stopped moving forward for a moment.

But in the next moment, Kagami opened his eyes wide.

The katana broke into two pieces.

The flaming blade spun and stabbed into the ground not far away.

Then, an eye that caused Kagami’s heart to tremble took over his entire field of vision.

Without any resistance, Kagami seemed to see an ancient god appear in front of him, and he was so small, like a grain of sand.

Tremble, fear, and disbelief

When the other party brushed past his body and walked further and further away, Kagami finally broke free from the illusion.

His entire body was drenched in sweat as he knelt on one leg.

This was the first time he felt such a strong sense of oppression from a superior!

And the eye that was revealed under the mask

There is no mistaking it!

That was… Mangekyou Sharingan!

A rare look of confusion appeared on Kagami’s face.

How could the mysterious enemy be a member of his clan

Does Patriarch know about this

What is the purpose of this

And that is the extremely difficult Mangekyou Sharingan to awaken!

In the records of the clan, there were not too many descriptions.

They only described the true power of the Uchiha clan, and it depended on the person.

In fact, there might not even be a single member of the several hundred clansmen who could awaken Mangekyou Sharingan.

Even in the turbulent times of the past, only a few brilliant ancestors controlled this power!

In the past ten years of the peaceful era, not to mention Mangekyou Sharingan, even the awakening and evolution of the ordinary Sharingan seemed to have become even more difficult.

But now, a mysterious person who had an unknown identity and was definitely related to their clan suddenly appeared


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