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Chapter 92 - It's Over

“Hokage, let’s go to hell together!”

The crazy laughter of the Nidaime Mizukage, Gengetsu Hozuki, resounded throughout the entire Konoha.

The Four Kages had come with confidence, but in the end, they had suffered a huge setback.

In the end, it was because they were too conceited and underestimated Senju Tobirama.

Without the God of Ninja World, Konoha did not sink.

Instead, he became even stronger in Senju Tobirama’s hands.

If they could do it again, they might not jump out in such a hurry.

Instead, they would wait until Senju and his brothers all stepped into the underworld soil before coming back to attack Konoha.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs in life, and there was no medicine for regret.

Looking at the infinitely high rise in strength, Gengetsu Hozuki’s eyes flashed with a trace of regret.

This was the last of his chakra…

Let’s die together with him!

Senju Tobirama, and Konoha!

At this moment, it was still Tobirama who stood out.

Tobirama first used the Soul Imprisonment Spell to buy enough time for himself.

Then, his gaze swept across the people around him and finally landed on Sarutobi and Hiruzen’s face.

“When I am not here, Hiruzen will temporarily take over Hokage’s position.

If I can’t come back…”

“Do your best!”

Tobirama patted Hiruzen on the shoulder.

Hiruzen instantly burst into tears, “Sensei…”

“Don’t be so sad.

I won’t die so easily.”

“I just didn’t expect that the thing I prepared for that little brat would finally be used on myself…”

Tobirama muttered with some emotion.

Hiruzen and the others did not hear him clearly.

“Hiruzen, that child Haru might be the hope of Konoha in the future.

If Kagami fails, find a way to find him.

Don’t let him be used by others.

That will be a disaster for the entire Ninja World.”

“I will definitely find Haru and nurture him into an outstanding Hokage!” Hiruzen nodded seriously.

Hiruzen only thought that Tobirama was worried about his child, and at the same time needed a promise from him.

He didn’t know that the main point of Tobirama’s words just now was at the back…

Tobirama didn’t care about the position of Hokage, he just made the final explanation.

After all, he wasn’t sure if he could return alive.

“This time, I wanted to seize the opportunity to annex the four countries and lay the foundation of unifying Ninja World, so as to achieve true peace…”

Hiruzen and the others revealed extremely shocked gazes.

They had always thought that Konoha was being forced to fight back, but they had never thought that Lord Hokage would actually have such a huge plan!

If not for the fact that they were too anxious and caused the Four Kages to go all out to launch a desperate attack, they might really have been able to achieve it!

But now… they were powerless.

Looking at the corpses around him, Hiruzen sighed lightly.

In his heart, he did not seem to approve of Lord Tobirama’s choice.

Especially after paying such a painful price.

As if seeing through his thoughts, Tobirama looked into the distance and said to himself, “Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter now.”

“It’s time to put an end to this war I started.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tobirama disappeared from where he stood.



At the critical moment, Tobirama used Flying Thunder God to forcefully shift away the Nidaime Mizukage’s final killing move!

Konoha was spared.

Then a wind blade cut off the head of Gengetsu Hozuki, who was already powerless to resist.

That was the question issued by the angry Danzo.

Sarutobi, Hiruzen, on the other hand, picked up the sword left by Lord Tobirama and directly killed the Nidaime Raikage who was already unable to move.

At this point, the four shadows all died to Konoha!

However, the figure that everyone was looking forward to did not return.

Some people firmly believed that Lord Tobirama was only hiding to recuperate and was still alive.

Sooner or later, he would return to Konoha.

However, even more people with ‘sense’ knew about it.

Lord Tobirama might have already…


A few days later, the news of the five Kages dying together with Konoha had already spread throughout the entire Ninja World!

The first great battle between Ninja World ended in this way.

There was no final victor, and there was no new peace agreement.

All the people who were still alive returned to their villages with intense hatred, licking their wounds alone, waiting for the next opportunity to take revenge!

And because of the ‘disappearance’ of the Nidaime Hokage and Senju Tobirama, Konoha had no choice but to give up the original ‘radical’ plan and start to recuperate.

Especially when Sarutobi temporarily replaced Hokage, all kinds of voices came out of the village.

The most intense one was to immediately send people to find Lord Tobirama’s child, Senju Haru!

Compared to Sarutobi, Hiruzen, who was a temporary tool for Hokage, who did not live up to his reputation, the few big families naturally hoped that Senju, who had a good background, would lead Konoha.

Who do you think you, Sarutobi, are

This time, the test that Hiruzen encountered was undoubtedly even more severe, because he was not the real Hokage yet.

“I think you better look at this.”

“What is this”

Hiruzen took a scroll from the smelly Danzo and asked doubtfully.

“I found an entrance under the ruins of Hokage’s building.

There are some interesting things sealed there.”

“Danzo, you crossed the line.” Hiruzen paused.

“Hiruzen, don’t use Hokage’s tone to talk to me! You’re just temporarily replacing Hokage!” Danzo was a little angry.

“Anyway, I’ll give you the thing.

Do you want to read it”

Hiruzen hesitated for a moment, but still could not help but open it curiously.

Although he was only acting as Hokage, he was still Hokage!

Wasn’t it normal to understand the secrets of the village

But a few minutes later, Hiruzen was extremely regretful

When he walked out of the room, Danzo happened to see Kagami who had just arrived.

Danzo, who knew Kagami had done, couldn’t help but sneer at him and leave.

Kagami ignored Danzo, knocked on the door, and walked in.

“I need some people to cooperate with me to find the whereabouts of His Highness Haru.

The sooner we set off, the better.

We have been delayed for too long.”

Hiruzen was silent.

He recalled the great secret he had just learned and the cold ridicule of Danzo.

“You want to hand over Hokage’s position to a freak who can’t even be considered human”

Hiruzen took a deep breath, “Sorry, I agree to your request to leave the village, but now we are short of manpower, and we can’t help you in this aspect.”

Kagami was suddenly stunned, and stared at Hiruzen with an indescribable gaze.

Guilt flashed past, and Hiruzen’s eyes became calmer and more determined.

He respected Lord Tobirama!

However, this did not mean that Lord Tobirama would not make a mistake!

The war this time was the best evidence!

He clearly did not need so many people to die

“Hiruzen, Lord Tobirama trusted you wrongly.

I also misjudged you.”

“But Your Highness Haru, I will definitely find him.

This position doesn’t belong to you.”

Kagami left these words coldly before turning around to leave.

Then, a member of Anbu came back to report that Kagami had taken some of Uchiha’s clansmen and left the village.

Hiruzen remained silent for a long time


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