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When Haru regained his perception, he subconsciously covered his head.

“Your bloodline fusion is not perfect.

It is like an exquisite porcelain that can break at any time.”

When Haru heard this voice, he subconsciously looked over.

The black robe was neatly folded to the side, and there was a mask on it.

Therefore, the person who appeared in front of him was a man who had experienced many vicissitudes but did not lose his charm.

Only then did Haru recall that eye.

He asked in bewilderment, “Mangekyou Sharingan, are you a member of Uchiha’s clan”

Madara put down the research log in his hand.

He raised his eyebrows and said, “You even know Mangekyou Sharingan knows.

It seems that The elder has told you a lot.”

“Maybe this name has long been forgotten, but it doesn’t matter if I tell you.

I am Uchiha’s deceased soul, Uchiha…”


Hearing this familiar line, Haru finally couldn’t help but take this line.

Madara was stunned for a moment, then looked over curiously, “You know me”

It really was Lord Madara

Haru was filled with thoughts for a moment, but he immediately said, “I have seen all of Tobirama’s books, and the name Uchiha Madara has appeared countless times.”

“With Mangekyou Sharingan, entering and exiting Konoha like no one else, calling Clan Leader Uchiha a brat, and even using Uchiha’s undead as a self-deprecating”

“Other than that Uchiha Madara who is as famous as Senju Hashirama, I can’t think of anyone else.”

“So in the battle of Valley of The End, you faked your death and escaped to deceive everyone, right”

Haru’s nonsense caused Madara to fall into a brief silence.

“You are very smart and talented, but the more you are like this, the more I want to kill you.”

“Just because my surname is Senju and not Uchiha”

“Isn’t that enough”

“Actually, my nickname is Uchiha Yangyang.”


To be honest, it would be a lie to say that he did not feel any pressure when facing a big boss like Madara.

But Haru really did not hate villains like Madara.

To put it bluntly, Madara was a late stage Chuunibyou who had been fooled, and in the end, he got into a blind alley, which was why he ended up like that.

But why did he catch him

Using it to threaten Tobirama

Haru asked as soon as he thought of it.

Madara curled his lips in disdain.

Just as he was about to ridicule her, he recalled how Haru had gone berserk earlier.

Thus, he frowned and said, “Senju Tobirama has already fallen.”

“Did you see the corpse”

“… No.”

“Then it’s impossible! That guy won’t die so easily.” Haru didn’t know if he was comforting himself or really believing what he said.

In short, before seeing Tobirama’s corpse, no matter what others said, he wouldn’t believe it.

Madara was a little jealous.

He threw the research log that he had borrowed from Tobirama’s research room to Haru.

“You are just an experimental product that that guy inadvertently created, a tool used to paralyze the Uchiha family.

You don’t really think that Tobirama will admit that you are his child, do you”

Haru quickly flipped through Tobirama’s research log.

He could not hear Madara’s words at all.

And when he finished reading, his first reaction was that it was fake!

How could he be an unexpected product of a forbidden experiment

Wasn’t the elder able to confirm his mother’s identity

In the end, all of this was fake

No wonder Tobirama never admitted their relationship in front of outsiders.

Even if they only called each other by name, Tobirama never felt that it was inappropriate.

Originally, Haru thought that Tobirama did not care about these things, but now it seemed that the truth was even more cruel!


Thinking back to the past, Haru did not think that the man’s kindness to him was all an act.

Maybe his appearance was just an accident.

But Tobirama was the one who caused the accident to continue!

So there was no complaint or hatred.

On the contrary, Haru was very grateful to Tobirama for letting him live and helping him grow.

Revenge had always been his way of doing things!

Therefore, Haru put down the experimental log in his hand and said seriously, “Actually, it doesn’t matter whose child it is.

What is important is that I am still alive and well.”

“As for Senju or Uchiha, in my opinion, there is no difference.

Because I am still me…”

Haru’s mature thinking surprised Madara once again.

“Do you think I won’t kill you”

“I wasn’t sure at first, but after reading the scroll just now, I probably already know why you targeted me.

It’s because I have Izuna’s bloodline in my body, right”

“So I should call you… uncle”

Madara was caught off guard by the word ‘uncle’, and all the calmness disappeared.

The mighty Ninja World, the mastermind behind the scenes, actually lost his usual calmness.

“Nonsense! I will never admit the impure blood in your body!”

Madara suddenly stood up and angrily walked out.

He just did not know why the corners of his mouth were unconsciously curved up…

It was probably an illusion.

After Madara left, Haru touched his smooth chin and suddenly thought of a problem.

If the scroll that Madara showed him was real, then… he was actually the child of Tobirama and Izuna

Damn, Konoha’s first contact was obviously not worthy of his identity!

It was better to say that he was Ninja World’s first contact!

Although Hashirama had no chance to hug this thigh for the time being, he had taken the initiative to run over to a ‘cheap uncle’.

With Madara’s personality, even if it was his own blood, Madara might not be soft-hearted.

However, if he had any relationship with Izuna, the softest part of Madara’s heart would be instantly exposed.

Otherwise, Haru really couldn’t understand why Madara had to compete with him and didn’t have any intention of harming him.

Holding a pile of Explosion scroll in his hand, he really couldn’t throw it out easily.

Otherwise, in the future, this Ninja World, he, Senju, Uchiha, Haru, would say that he wanted to walk sideways, who would dare to stop him!

However, another question followed, causing Haru’s eyelids to jump twice.

The Oscar-winning actor, Black Zetsu, had planned with his own hands, self-scripted, self-directed and self-acted stage drama, “Mother loves me again – leap, chicken eyes!”, but who knew how many people had been scammed!

Now that a variable like him had suddenly appeared, Black Zetsu would probably want to strangle him to death right now!


He definitely couldn’t give this fellow a chance to trick him.

At worst, they would just die together and blow up the old.

Let’s see if Madara would take the’ content of the script ‘he revealed to heart with his suspicious character!

At that time, whatever Rinnegan, Eye of The Moon, Infinite Tsukuyomi, Otsutsuki… all of them will be given to me!

If I were to be ruthless, I wouldn’t even let myself off!

I just want to ask you if you are afraid!


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