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Chapter 95 - Bloodline Curse

“Madara, I don’t understand why you want to keep him.

Even if this child has a part of Izuna’s blood, so what”

“At best, he is just a ‘artificial human’.

He has nothing to do with you and your brother!”

“The reason why he survived and was crowned with the surname of Senju is just a conspiracy of the Senju clan…”

Black Zetsu was trying to persuade him from the side.

He found that ever since this child called Senju Haru entered Madara’s field of vision, Rinnegan and Eye of The Moon Plan, who he had always been obsessed with, had actually become less’ important ‘.

Of course, this had a lot to do with Rinnegan not being able to wake up after a long time, and it was useless to be anxious.

In short, from Black Zetsu’s point of view, it was Madara’s ‘love shifting’!

When Black Zetsu finally finished talking like a mother, Madara’s face became a little dark under the light of the flames.

“I know what I am doing.

Since you are formed from my will, you should understand my thoughts and obey my orders.”

Black Zetsu suddenly felt a chill in his heart!

He knew that he was talking too much nonsense, which made Madara dissatisfied.

What did he know about Madara’s thoughts

He was just acting like a snob, trying to make Madara into the shape he wanted.

Alas, forget it.

Since Madara insisted on keeping this child by his side, then so be it…

How could a brat overturn the heavens

If he couldn’t bear it, then he would mess up his plans, and it would be the same if he found an opportunity to kill him in the future.

Having thought it through, Black Zetsu immediately followed Madara’s thoughts and no longer raised any objections.

“Bring him here… En, don’t scare the child.”

Black Zetsu smiled stiffly and then drilled into the ground.

After a while, Haru followed behind Black Zetsu.

To be honest, although he had already mentally prepared himself, after seeing Black Zetsu, he was still a little nervous.

But when Black Zetsu showed an ugly smile and politely asked him to come over, he immediately raised his eyebrows and had a few guesses in his heart.


After seeing Madara again, Madara did not say anything nonsense and directly handed the roasted meat to Haru.

Black Zetsu was speechless at that time!

So this was the reason why Madara had spent half a day squatting here to start a fire and roast meat

As if sensing Black Zetsu’s inexplicable gaze, Madara’s hands paused for a moment.

Then, he glared at Black Zetsu with the last remaining Sharingan.

Black Zetsu quickly laughed dryly and burrowed into the ground.

It was annoying to see but not to the heart, sigh!

Some of the guesses in Haru’s heart became more and more intense.

He still remembered the last time he disliked having no meat, but this time, Madara had specially made roast meat for him

Is it true

Why does it feel a little unreal

“Si —Si… Ha —“

Taking a bite of the well-baked unknown roasted meat, Haru winked at him, but he was reluctant to spit it out.

It was unknown if it was bacause this was the meat that the famous Uchiha Madara had personally roasted, but it felt especially fragrant.

In short, apart from a little less seasoning and a little lighter, both the heat and the taste were great!

Madara pretended not to care, but in fact, he had been paying attention to Haru’s expression from the corner of his eye.

He seemed to be in a good mood, and the corners of his mouth curled up about a thousandth

After a while, when Haru ate the second piece of barbecue, Madara suddenly asked coldly, “Do you want to live”

However, Haru was not scared at all.

He fiercely bit into another large mouthful of meat, and his mouth was full of oil as he said, “Am I not living well”

“I say, uncle, today the barbecue is a bit lighter, and it is a bit greasy after eating too much.”

“That damn thing just now is your subordinate Let him get some juice back.

Even if he doesn’t have juice, he can get some fruit and water.”

“I don’t have any eye power.

If I had this kind of subordinate, I would have killed him with a piece of tofu!”

Black Zetsu, who was hiding underground, clenched his fists tightly.

This was simply too much!

I… I… I endure!

“I remember that I told you not to call me that.

I’m not your uncle.”

“Oh, okay, uncle.

I got it, uncle.”

Uncle Madara: “…”

For Haru, what was fear

Was it edible

Now that his life was in Madara’s hands, so what if he had to be his uncle

Moreover, he wasn’t randomly trying to curry favor with his relatives.

Since Tobirama’s side could already be considered as having a relationship with a ‘wife’, then wouldn’t Izuna’s side be a ‘mother’s family ‘

Although the relationship was a bit messy, it was also a bit strange.

However, as a qualified person with connections, it wasn’t embarrassing to cling to someone!

Madara silently examined a certain someone with extremely thick skin.

Then, he added some wood into the fire and faintly said, “From now on, you will be called Uchiha, Haru.”

Was his little life saved

Haru was still a little surprised.

The place that Madara had been struggling with was actually his surname

As for Haru, whether his surname was Senju or Uchiha, it really didn’t make much sense.

This was the same as whether the child had the same surname as his father or his mother.

Therefore, Haru readily agreed.

At worst, he would be called Senju Uchiha Haru in the future.

It was not a big deal!

“Well, now that I have acknowledged my ancestors, I will go back first and come back to see you when I have time.”

Haru laughed and got up to leave.

He was very eager to get all the information about Tobirama.

But how could Madara let him go back to Konoha

“You will die if you get out of here.”

Madara calmly stated a fact.

“If you want to kill me, there is no need to go through so much trouble.” Haru turned around and pointed at his heart with a frown.

He thought that Madara was threatening him with this.

But in reality, Madara laughed disdainfully, “Even if I don’t kill you, you won’t live for long.”

“Do you still remember what I once said Your bloodline fusion was not perfect.

While it brought you great potential, it also planted a hidden danger that was almost impossible to eradicate.”

Haru nodded and said, “Tobirama also said similar things to me, but as long as I don’t use Sharingan’s power, nothing will happen.”

“This kind of naive thought is really hard to believe that you still have the bloodline of that guy, Tobirama.” Madara mocked at first, then said seriously, “Maybe you can still treat this as a way to stall for time, but not long ago, you almost awakened Mangekyou Sharingan.”

“This means that any excessive emotional stimulation can allow you to awaken again.

At that time, your body will explode because you can’t bear the extremely violent Chakra.”

“Only my eye can temporarily stop this process.

Now, do you still want to leave”


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