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Chapter 99 - Grown-UpAt this time, in the Country of Grass, in a deep forest near the Country of Rain, several figures were fiercely fighting.

A cold light flashed!

A sword came from the east!

In the blink of an eye, the two sword experts had exchanged dozens of moves.

Just watching from the side felt extremely dangerous, but the two of them were like they knew nothing.

They were able to dodge at incredible angles and counterattack!

It was as if the two sides were already so familiar with each other that they could not be more familiar with each other

Next to him, there was a rumbling sound!

One used Water Escape, the other used Fire Escape, and the chakra seemed to be thrown around.

But in the end, it seemed that Water Escape’s ninja skills were higher, and he began to suppress Fire Escape.

“Hurry up and help!”

Fire Escape shouted angrily, and then another figure joined the battle.

This person did not use any Ninjutsu, and as soon as he appeared, he attacked Water Escape.

However, Water Escape Ninja seemed to be very afraid of this person, and would rather give up attacking Fire Escape Ninja than let the other party touch him.

“Only you can shake people I can do it too! Come quickly, Hyōsube Daddy!”

The somewhat angry Water Escape Ninja immediately shouted.

Before he finished speaking, he saw a rather peculiar looking Kunai blocking the path between Water Escape and the other ninja.

Then, there was a flash of light!

A figure strangely appeared and kicked the guy who had forced Water Escape back.

However, the other party had also touched his right leg at the last moment.

“All four limbs are sealed!”

Although it was too late to fully display it, the sealing technique that was planted in an instant made the right leg of ‘Wild Dad’ completely unconscious.

“Go! The other party is crippled.

First, kill the first!”

Seeing that the situation was not good, immediately used the flying thunder god to run away, leaving only Water Escape Ninja here to curse!

Helplessly, Water Escape only had time to release one of the various great powers, and they exchanged a wave of extreme exchanges with the Sealing Ninja opposite them.

Both of them turned into white smoke and dispersed.

Then, they used their swords to slash at each other, and those who used their fists and feet to fight in close combat entered the battle, and the fight was tragic!

In the end, not a single one of them survived…

Eh No!

The ‘daddy’ with a lame leg actually survived!

As expected, the flying thunder god, the escaping god!

This fellow actually managed to last until the end, and there was no one left.

However, the strange thing was that these people all looked exactly the same


The last shadow clone also disappeared, and then a handsome young man came out.

The man was wearing a simple black gown.

His black and white hair and bangs extended to the tail and gradually turned into broken hair.

His face was handsome but not feminine at all.

There was a red diamond mark in the middle of his forehead, as if it was inlaid with a gem.

He had two samuraiswords on his back and a box of Cigarette in his pocket.

He exuded a mature and steady aura.

This person was precisely the Senju who had ‘disappeared’ for 14 years.

He was already an adult… No, it was Uchiha, Haru!

He used the Shadow Clone Technique.

In these 14 years, he did not dare to slack off in the slightest.

He finally learned everything that Tobirama, Mito, and Madara had taught him!

The gifts from Senju, Uchiha, and Uzumaki had truly benefited him greatly.

Of course, after spending 14 years together, Haru and Madara had become thoroughly familiar with each other.

He could feel that although Madara’s emotions had always been very complicated, it seemed that she really recognized his existence and did not treat him as an outsider.

This also made him want to change Madara’s fate.

He did not want Madara to be used by some dark guy again to do some bull** Eye of The Moon Plan.

But because there was no evidence, he could not say it clearly.

Therefore, he could only secretly make things difficult for Black Zetsu behind his back and play some weird things to reduce Madara’s trust in Black Zetsu.

This also caused him and Black Zetsu to only be able to maintain the ‘friendship’ on the surface.

In private, they wished that the other party would immediately die!

However, because of Madara,

It was not good for them to do anything, so they could only endure for the time being.

However, as Haru became stronger and stronger, Madara became older and older.

He felt that the day he regained his freedom was not far away.

“Madara asked you to go to his place.”

Black Zetsu came out of nowhere and said grumpily.

“Yes, I know.

Bring back two roast ducks and a pig head.

Madara has a good appetite recently…”

“Good appetite Madara hasn’t eaten for three days.”

Black Zetsu looked at Haru with a look of contempt.

“Is that so The food in reserve has been consumed a little quickly recently.

I thought that Madara had a good appetite.

Just in time, bring back a bowl of porridge.

Don’t waste roasted duck or anything.

I will eat it for him.”

You are so filial!

Let the old man eat porridge, and you eat duck next to him

Besides, I haven’t bought it yet, what is there to waste

Seeing that there was something wrong with Black Zetsu’s eyes, Haru raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong Do you have any objections”

“Did Madara ask you to satisfy all my requests If you are not convinced, let’s go and judge.

Do you want to overturn the sky”

Matured and steady

It was all an illusion!

There was no one more arrogant and irritating than this bastard!

However, Black Zetsu was unable to refute it because he had suffered a loss in this aspect.

Therefore, in the past ten years, from a big schemer, the biggest mastermind behind the scenes had been reduced to the identity of ‘Manager’, ‘servant’, ‘delivery boy’.

Although Black Zetsu was angry, he still snorted coldly and drilled into the ground.

The roast duck that Haru wanted to eat was quite far away.

If he didn’t hurry up and buy it back, it would be another bad review.

This would take his old life!

Unconsciously, even Black Zetsu himself didn’t realize that he originally wanted to take a step back.

In the end, it became a step back, another step back, another step back!

I haven’t seen the sky and the sea, what a great deal!


If Madara listened to him on this matter, this situation would never occur.

Unfortunately, under the unremitting efforts of a certain someone, compared to the original work, the current Madara still did not trust Black Zetsu.

“Old man, you’re looking for me”

In a short while, Haru saw a sixty-year-old, gray-haired ‘old Madara’ in the cave, who was running to seventy.

After they became familiar with each other, the way Haru addressed Madara also changed from ‘Uncle’ to ‘Madara’, and then to ‘old man…

Fortunately, Madara didn’t care too much about this, so he let him be.


“I sent him away, this guy doesn’t have good intentions at first glance, and he doesn’t know what you want to keep him for.

He said that it was your will, that’s all Then I said that it was his father, what did he do Don’t you call me dad”

Madara was a little helpless.

He didn’t know why, but from the first day they met, these two people had disliked each other.

Usually, they would want to splash dirty water on each other.

As for complaining and saying bad things behind their backs, such things happened almost every day.

Madara had his own judgment, so it was naturally impossible for them to say whatever they said.


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