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Chapter 484: The purpose of displaying the intention, Just the right stone for sharpening (Part 2)

A cultivator was curious and went to inquire, and only then did he know that not long ago, even with the Holy Maiden of Purple Mansion, everyone from Purple Mansion was taken away by a group of terrifying geniuses.

Many people recognized that group of geniuses, who were followers of Gu Changge.

Soon, the news about the Holy Maiden of the Purple Mansion which was also spread by Gu Changge’s followers, caused an uproar.

“What The Holy Maiden of Purple Mansion was taken away by Young Master Changge and was placed under house arrest… Is Young Master Changge taking the opportunity to provoke Purple Mansion”

Some geniuses’ eyes widened, and they were unable to believe this.

Some people also expressed disbelief, thinking that this kind of thing was too incredible and too reckless.

“This is absolutely true.

Except for the Holy Maiden of the Purple Mansion, the rest of the disciples of the Purple Mansion were also taken away.

I saw it with my own eyes at the gate of the palace…”

A cultivator swore an oath and said what he saw with his own eyes.

He still remembered the unpleasant face when the Holy Maiden of the Purple Mansion was taken away.

“Really, it seems that Young Master Changge even put the Holy Maiden of Purple Mansion under house arrest in order to find out the traces of Zi Yang Heavenly King.”

Everyone was shocked and deeply astonished, but the Holy Maiden of Purple mansion represented the face of Purple Mansion.

Being directly taken away by Gu Changge’s followers with a large audience was too disrespectful to Purple Mansion, and it was no different from hitting Purple Mansion in the face.

Of course, considering that Gu Changge sent someone to do this, many people suddenly realized that apart from him, not many people had the courage to do so.

However, some people suspected that in the face of such a provocation, Purple Mansion would probably not care, after all, they wanted to protect Zi Yang Heavenly King to death.

The Holy Maiden of the Purple Mansion was only under house arrest, what could happen

Unless Gu Changge really intended to kill the Holy Maiden of Purple Mansion, but if that was the case, then what was the difference between him and the so-called inheritor of demonic art.

As the almost recognized leader of the younger generation, it was impossible for Gu Changge not to cherish such feathers.

What happened next really confirmed the guesses of many cultivators.

Regarding the matter of the house arrest of their Holy Maiden, the Purple Mansion did not care at all, and even some Elders personally spoke out, hoping that the young master Changge would entertain their Holy Maiden well.

Such a shameless attitude caused an uproar.

Whether Purple Mansion knew about the traces of Zi Yang Heavenly King or not, let alone the tough attitude of protecting Zi Yang Heavenly alone, many geniuses were shocked.

However, Purple Mansion only spread such words, and did not take any substantive actions.

After all, it was a matter for the younger generation.

If the older generation intervened rashly, it would lead to an unknowable and terrible situation.

And the younger generation couldn’t find anyone who was Gu Changge’s opponent, so they simply started to have thicker skin and more shameless than anyone else.

They were also cautious, knowing that their words were untenable.

But with these words, it meant that they were determined to protect Zi Yang Heavenly King.

Liu Zi Yan was now in Gu Changge’s hands and they didn’t care at all.

Regarding Purple Mansion’s answer, Gu Changge’s answer was also very simple, saying that he would take good care of the Holy Maiden of Purple Mansion.

It was just that there was no guarantee that the next time the Holy Maiden of Purple Mansion would return, would she give the Patriarch of Purple Mansion a big surprise and make him a grandfather or something.

Such a statement caused a huge sensation in an instant.

Many people were stunned and their eyes were about to fall out.

Unexpectedly, Gu Changge was really acted like tit for tat.

Since Purple Mansion didn’t even give him face, they knew that Zi Yang Heavenly King kidnapped Qing Xiao Yi, but they still wanted to protect Zi Yang Heavenly King.

Gu Changge simply put their Holy Maiden under house arrest, and claimed to surprise the Patriarch of Purple Mansion.

This made a lot of geniuses feel ashamed, they would not dare to say such words anyway.

“Is this Gu Changge’s plan Zi Yang Heavenly King is nowhere to be found, and he doesn’t know where he is hiding.”

“Just according to what Purple Mansion has done, it is impossible to care about this matter.

Zi Yang has Hongmeng Dao bone, which is a rare talent since ancient times.

Although he was defeated by Gu Changge, as long as he breaks down and stands up, his cultivation is bound to increase by leaps and bounds.”

“Purple Mansion has always had great ambitions and plans to go further, and Zi Yang Heavenly King is their hope…”

In the mansion of the Six Crown Prince, he stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the area where Gu Changge was located, showing his thoughts, and then shook his head.

“Is this what Brother Changge meant”

In the other mansion, Ying Yu, who looked tall with silver hair like a waterfall, was holding a letter in her hand with a surprised face.

It was a letter sent by Gu Changge.

She quickly read the contents of the letter and frowned.

And her expectations were good, because Gu Changge got a lot of news and clues about Zi Yang Heavenly King.

“Heavenly King Zi Yang worked together with the inheritor of demonic art to kill Prince Sheng.

Having Brother Changge taking the lead, it saved me a lot of trouble.”

After reading it, Ying Yu clenched her hands tightly and felt cold.

Now that Prince Ying and Prince Shen were not around, she naturally became the first descendant of Emperor Mountain.

Many things were left to her to handle.

“Purple Mansion is protecting Zi Yang Heavenly King and is insisting on going against me.

It’s really hateful, and I have to teach them a lesson.”

During this period of time, Ying Yu was also filled with depression and anger, and Emperor Mountain became the object of ridicule by everyone.

As a successor, she was naturally ridiculed and discussed.

Later, Ying Yu sent the news back to the mountain gate and asked about the plans of those ancient existences of Emperor Mountain.

At the same time, she also intended to call out the followers left by Emperor Ying, and visit Purple Mansion to seek justice.

For a time, the small place of the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom also became turbulent and was no longer calm.

Every day, cultivators with a strong aura could be seen coming from all over the place.

The high-ranking people of the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom even tucked their tails and shrank in their own territory.

At this moment, on the mountains outside the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom.

Gu Xian’er’s figure appeared here, her clothes were fluttering, and she looked cold and aloof At a glance, she was as cold as ice, making people dare not approach.

On her shoulders, a big red bird dropped its wings, but its eyes were earnestly searching for all parties.

“Dahong, you have to help me look carefully, this matter is very important to me.”

Gu Xian’er opened her mouth and said to the big red bird on her shoulder, although she didn’t know where Zi Yang was hiding, she believed that it was definitely not far from the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom.

If she searched carefully, she would be able to find it.

Because Zi Yang Heavenly King could not run too far at this time, the so-called most dangerous place was the safest place.

Unless Zi Yang Heavenly King changed his appearance in the future, he wouldn’t want to stay in Ture Immortal Academy.

The abduction of Qing Xiao Yi was inseparable from him.

Gu Changge was now injured and couldn’t act very well.

If she could find Zi Yang Heavenly King, it could save him some trouble.

With this thought in mind, Gu Xian’er called the big red bird.

Because it had a special talent for finding, whether it was a hidden cultivator, various treasures, opportunities, etc., it could not escape its eyes.

“Quack……” Suddenly, the big red bird screamed, and those eyes suddenly lit up.

“Did you find any clues” Gu Xian’er was a little surprised, she followed its gaze, but her expression was stiff.

Between the cliffs of the mountain peaks, a blue-and-red, star-like plant was exuding a splendid brilliance, which was very magnificent and strange.

“I asked you to find someone, who asked you to hunt for treasure.” Her words were a little resentful, how could such an unreliable big red bird be her guide.

Hearing this, the big red bird gave her a disdainful look.

“I don’t want it, no one can find it, I don’t want any precious divine grass…” Gu Xian’er shook her head, her face a little sad.

“This is… Starfire plant…” But soon, she took another look, couldn’t help but exclaim slightly, she became very surprised, and her beautiful eyes also lit up.

Only then did she notice that under the plant, there was a small stone spraying colorful rays of light.

Gu Xian’er’s figure flashed, and she hurriedly swept away.

She was about to pick it off, and she felt a little melancholy.

She was so lucky.

She didn’t find what she was searching for, but she couldn’t notice the Starfire plant for so long.

However, Gu Xian’er didn’t notice it.

Behind an ancient tree in the distance from her, a man with a medium stature and an ordinary appearance was watching her go away with a complex face, without any movement.

It was the Senior brother Qin Wuya who returned from Nine Heavens, and also the Senior brother of Gu Xian’er in her previous life.


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