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Chapter 485: Feeling a little dizzy, Zi Yang Heavenly King’s little calculation

After Gu Xian’er picked the Starfire plant, she turned into the divine light and left this place, ignoring Qin Wuya who had been watching her from a distance.

“With such a personality, although it is very similar to Junior Sister back then, there are still some differences.”

And Qin Wuya also sighed deeply, his figure emerging from behind the ancient tree as he withdrew his eyes, and did not take the initiative to recognize each other.

Although he now had the water of Reincarnation Lake in his hand, he could help Gu Xian’er to restore the memory of her past life.

But suddenly showing up without telling his origin would definitely arouse Gu Xian’er’s suspicion.

If he tried to force Gu Xian’er to drink the water from the Reincarnation Lake, it would be somewhat inconsistent with his behavior.

Not to mention that Gu Xian’er had a good cultivation base and looked like she had a lot of tactics.

If he really wanted to suppress her, he would probably have to waste some effort.

That was not worth the loss.

And Qin Wuya came here just to find the hiding place of Zi Yang Heavenly King, and didn’t want to cause other troubles.

Therefore, he watched Gu Xian’er leave secretly.

At that time, after seeing the reincarnation of his former Dao Companion in the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom, Qin Wuya was very excited and planned to go to the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom to find his apprentice and brother.

With the status of Zi Yang Heavenly King, it should not be difficult to find out the identity of that woman.

As long as he knew the identity of the woman, it would be much easier for him to find a way to recognize her.

Unfortunately, the idea was very good, but the real situation made Qin Wuya stunned and unbelievable.

Qin Wuya really did not expect that after arriving in the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom, he did not find Zi Yang Heavenly King.

On the contrary, he heard that Zi Yang Heavenly King and the inheritor of demonic art had united and kidnapped the girl with the Immortal body.

He even killed a group of young geniuses in the land of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, and almost killed Gu Changge in it.

This incident shocked him immensely.

He never expected that such a thing would happen not long after he rushed to Reincarnation Lake.

In the beginning, Qin Wuya didn’t believe that his Junior brother would do such a thing with his character.

Because when he was in the sect, Zi Yang Heavenly King was relatively weak and timid, and he was often bullied by other disciples, and it was he who helped him find justice.

With such a character of Zi Yang, how could he be able to do such a thing to kill geniuses, and among them, Prince Sheng, the descendant of Emperor Mountain, even died tragically.

However, Qin Wuya was not very sure of his own thoughts.

After all, after so many years, people would change.

Like his Junior Zi Yang, who hated Gu Changge so much, he naturally wouldn’t miss such an opportunity to put him to death, even if it was to cooperate with the inheritor of demonic art.

Afterward, he couldn’t find traces of Zi Yang Heavenly King, but all the other news and rumors confirmed his conjecture.

These kinds of things made Qin Wuya fall into deep suspicion, and he felt more and more that this matter was inseparable from Zi Yang.

But soon, fortunately, Zi Yang Heavenly King took the initiative to send someone to contact him and guessed that he had left Reincarnation Lake and rushed to the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom.

Therefore, Qin Wuya came all the way here, looking for Zi Yang to meet and discuss the next thing.

“I hope this matter has nothing to do with my Junior brother.

It seems that the inheritor of demonic art is very hard to deal with.

If you seek skin from a tiger, you must plan to be swallowed by a tiger.”

Qin Wuya sighed slightly in his heart, his figure moved, and he rushed to the place that he had decided with Zi Yang Heavenly King.

In their era, they hadn’t heard anything about the inheritor of demonic art.

The inheritor of demonic art seemed to have only appeared in later generations, and all the cultivators and geniuses were afraid of what to do.

Even those Great sects that were immortal and stood upright were shunned by the inheritor of demonic art like snakes and scorpions, and would not allow them to grow up.

If Zi Yang Heavenly King cooperated with such a person, he might be killed by him at some point.

Soon, in the seemingly quiet and desolate ruins ahead, Qin Wuya sensed strange fluctuations, and with his vision, he could easily recognize that these were some hidden formations.

And the method was very clever, even if a Supreme being was not paying attention, it would be concealed.

However, it couldn’t be hidden from his eyes.

“Junior Brother Zi Yang.”

At the entrance of the ruins, Qin Wuya took the initiative to speak and shouted inside, while his Spiritual sense was looking behind him to prevent anyone from following.

“Elder Brother is finally here.” Upon hearing Qin Wuya’s words.

In the depths of the ruins, a purple-robed man who was sitting cross-legged and cultivating suddenly became excited, then hurriedly got up and came to meet Qin Wuya.

“Junior Brother Ziyang, are you all right”

Qin Wuya looked at Zi Yang Heavenly King, slightly relieved, and asked with concern.

“I’m fine.

Senior Brother is here, so I’m relieved.” Afterward, Qin Wuya and Zi Yang Heavenly King chatted for a while, Zi Yang smiled as he was relieved, and the anxiety in his heart was finally put down.

In his eyes, Qin Wuya was his backbone.

No matter what happened, as long as his Senior brother was there, it could be solved.

Like the frame-up incident that happened this time, the same was true.

“Junior brother, what’s going on I’ve heard too many rumors.” After that, Qin Wuya frowned, went straight to the point, and asked.

Zi Yang Heavenly King didn’t hide anything, he told the truth about everything he knew, and he didn’t hide it at all.

Including how he hunted down the inheritor of demonic art, was inexplicably framed by others and became an accomplice of the inheritor of demonic art who kidnapped Qing Xiao Yi.

He told the ins and outs of this matter, without leaving out a single thing.

“The person who framed you really has a vicious plan, and it is flawless and perfect.”

Qin Wuya had a lot of knowledge.

After listening to this, he couldn’t help but gasp, his back was full of cold air, and he was shocked and a little scared.

One link after another, all of the paths were dead ends.

No wonder Zi Yang Heavenly King was so embarrassed and hid here.

“If it wasn’t like this, how could I be like this now” Zi Yang Heavenly King smiled bitterly, but there was more anger and hatred on his face.

“Then Junior brother, do you know who is framing you” Qin Wuya asked in a deep voice, “Could it be the Six Crown King, I heard rumors that he was the first to know that you kidnapped Qing Xiao Yi”

Hearing this, Heavenly King Zi Yang was also stunned.

The person he suspected the most was actually Gu Changge.

But he wasn’t sure.

When he used his immortal eyes to spy on the fragments of the future, he wanted to know what would happen to him in the future.

Although he saw Gu Changge’s figure at that time, it was not enough to show that all this was because Gu Changge was plotting against him.

Moreover, in the land of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, Gu Changge was seriously injured and almost died at the hands of the inheritor of demonic art.

In Zi Yang Heavenly King’s view, the Six Crown King was actually more suspicious.

After all, when all that happened at that time, the Six Crown King was in the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom.

Moreover, the two of them had no grievances, and there was no evidence, so why would the Six Crown King categorically kidnap Qing Xiao Yi

All of this couldn’t be explained.

Secondly, there was another person, that mysterious inheritor of demonic art! Soon, Zi Yang revealed all the three people he suspected, intending to see what Qin Wuya thought.

“I see, Junior Brother, don’t worry, I will do my best to help you.”

Qin Wuya nodded with a heavy expression on his face.

Before this matter came to an end, he couldn’t say who was framing Zi Yang.

“By the way, Senior Brother, can you do me a favor I know that your cultivation is strong, so there should be no problem with this.”

At this moment, Zi Yang suddenly thought of something and said, with some anticipation on his face.

“Junior Brother, please speak.” Qin Wuya nodded.

“Now, because of the fact that the Holy Maiden Zi Yan was arrested by Gu Changge and placed under house arrest, there is now a split within the Purple Mansion, and many Elders have begun to favor the side of the Patriarch.” Zi Yang said.

“So… you want me to take action and rescue Zi Yan, right” Qin Wuya was surprised when he heard the words, this kind of thing was not too difficult for him.

He only had to sneak into the palace where Gu Changge was located, without getting noticed.

Although Gu Changge’s strength was strong, it was nothing compared to him who had lived in the Nine Heavens for hundreds of years.

In the eyes of outsiders, he was only in the Heavenly God Realm, but Qin Wuya was not very clear about his true strength.

“Thank you, brother.”

Zi Yang Heavenly King was overjoyed when he heard the words.

In fact, he still had his own little calculation, and he didn’t say anything.

For Liu Zi Yan, the splendid lady of the Purple Mansion, he actually had a lot of possessiveness in his heart.

In the beginning, several old monsters of Purple Mansion had personally promised that after he took charge of Purple Mansion, they would give Liu Zi Yan as his companion.

For this matter, Zi Yang Heavenly King had also contacted her, gave her advice, and left some good impressions.

But now Liu Zi Yan was under house arrest by Gu Changge, and there were even some bad rumors, it made him feel uncomfortable and his head a little dizzy.


At this moment, in the void world where Purple Mansion was located.

The territory was vast and boundless, and it was difficult to find the frontier.

Purple aura lingered around, and clouds were steaming with an immortal aura.

There were countless immortal mountains and islands, silver waterfalls were falling, and the chaotic fog shrouded everything, making it look incomparably grand and majestic.

In the very center, in the palace standing in the void.

“Damn it!” A tall, dignified middle-aged man was furious.

He was dressed in a purple robe, the brilliance of his eyes appeared when he opened and closed, and there was a palpitating aura flowing straight.

His face was ashen, his fists were clenched, and he was very angry.

Many Elders next to him were also persuading him, but they were also helpless.


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