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Episode 2: Bewilderment and Optimism

Side: Elle

It looks like we’ll be able to procure supplies without any problems.  We’d be able to get mineral resources, water, and salt in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, as well as Jupiter’s second moon, Europa.

They can be obtained through the use of our mining robots and transport ships. 

「How is the Medical Department, Katie」

「We are continuing with the analysis of the medicines we currently have on hand, as well as preparing for the production of medicines and vaccines that are considered necessary in this era.

  We are organic gynoids, and the commander can be said to be an enhanced human.  We are simulating the effects of various diseases on our bodies.」

There are many things to investigate.  We have yet to explore most of the differences between virtual space and the real world. 

Fortunately, it looks like the knowledge and technology stored within Space Fortress Silvern as well as our various ships and other equipment from Galaxy of Planets can still be employed in this world.  That is really reassuring. 

The Commander has a habit of collecting things, so the knowledge and skills he’s collected in Galaxy of Planets will certainly come in handy. 

「Elle, do we have any weapons that can be used on the surface during this era」

The one who came to replace Katie was Julia. 

She was actually planning to descend to Earth.

  After all, it was better to have multiple routes for acquiring resources.  Besides, we never know what might happen in the future.  A base on the ground was desirable. 

I checked the weapon list.

We had combat knives available.  We also had machetes, but…… 

「Let’s manufacture new weapons suitable for this era instead.

I’ll instruct the Development and Manufacturing Department to prepare for production.」

We’ve selected the Ogasawara Islands as our landing point.  It would be best if we used weapons that are commonly used in Japan during this era.  However, as expected, we had no experience in manufacturing matchlock rifles.  I don’t think it would be that difficult to make them though.

In any case, we should try manufacturing them first. 

Matchlock rifles and katanas can also be sold as commodities.  It might be good to manufacture them in bulk and engage in trade in Japan. 

We also need supplies for the maintenance of a base on the ground.  It’s better not to bring anything that far surpassed the technology available in this era.

And if we were to bring some, we had to make sure they weren’t easily discovered.  It looks like we have to manufacture a lot of things. 


When I glanced at the clock, it was almost time for dinner.  I suppose that’s about it for today’s work.

This reminded me of the old days. 

15 years ago, to be exact.  That was when Commander and I first spent time together. 

The sight of Commander laughing in relief after telling me he’s finally gotten over the loss of his parents, who had died when he was just in junior high, was burned into my memory. 

There was a wall between us residents of a virtual world and Commander that we just couldn’t overcome even after all the time we’d spent together. 

But on the last day of the game’s service, I made a single wish. 

I don’t want to be separated from that person.  I want to stay with him forever. 

And then, we found ourselves sent from the virtual world to the real world. 

Was this reality brought about by the inevitability called chance  Or was it God’s prank I wasn’t sure either. 

Commander wasn’t really all that different from your average person.  But if I had to pick one thing that stood out about him, it’s the fact that he persisted in spending time in a single virtual world for an entire 15 years. 

I’ve already reported everything we’ve discovered to Commander except for one thing. 

I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about it.  As for what this matter was, it’s the fact that we’ve become able to nurture our love for him and bear his children because we’ve become real living beings. 

How will Commander react when he hears of it, I wonder

Will it result in what I wished for from the bottom of my heart 

I…… Is it alright for me to love you, Commander


Side: Alex (Kazuma)

We decided to establish a base on the surface.  The location will be on the Ogasawara Islands.  As for why the Ogasawara Islands were chosen, it’s apparently because they were currently uninhabited during this time period, were of reasonable size, and were easy to defend due to being surrounded by the sea. 

There were various theories regarding when exactly the Ogasawara Islands were discovered, but it was at least certain that they were uninhabited during this period. 

We landed via a transport ship filled with base construction materials on Chichijima, and my first impression was that it was surprisingly large. 

First, we decided to build villages in Chichijima, Haha Jima, and Iwo Jima. 

We decided to adapt their appearance to this era, and the villages would have an architectural style that was a mixture of the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho eras. 

However, considering the size of the islands, wood was in short supply, so we decided to get some from around Siberia, which was an undeveloped land in this era.  In this time period when there are no other planes apart from our own, we were able to easily obtain the necessary wood through the use of our transport planes and robot soldiers. 

「It’s impossible to cultivate rice here.

The island is too small for large-scale planting, and the water availability isn’t ideal either.

Even in historical records, it seems they resorted to planting tropical fruit trees that didn’t grow on the mainland.」

As something necessary to maintain Space Fortress Silvern, I’d like to have facilities that can extract gold and other rare metals as well as convert sea water into salt and potable fresh water, but they were currently still in development and didn’t have the required output.

Even if I and all 120 gynoids descended, we would still lack people to maintain our lives on the surface, so we had to employ robots that were disguised as humans. 

Actually, food can be mass-produced at the space fortress’s agricultural plant, but there’s no need to be totally self-sufficient while staying on the islands.  

「I didn’t expect you all to come down here.」

「We’re all pretty bored after all.

There are no enemies or allies in space anyway.」

More than 100 of the gynoids actually decided to come to Earth.

  In any case, the space fortress facilities were mostly automated, so having few people managing them wasn’t much of an issue. 

It seems that over 2000 robot soldiers have been unloaded, and they, along with heavy machinery, would construct our surface base network as quickly as possible. 

「At this rate, we can go take a look at Japan during the Sengoku period soon.」

「Are you really planning on going」

「Don’t you wanna see history unfold before your eyes」

「If you’re saying that much, then……」

The vehicles in Galaxy of Planets were basically all equipped with anti-gravity engines and nuclear fusion reactors.  So I couldn’t do anything here except for watching the vehicles flying about and working to construct the base. 

My responsibility was merely to decide on a rough action plan.  I can only leave the details to Elle and the others.  I wasn’t much of an expert on that stuff after all. 

「But man, it sure feels surreal.

To think my game avatar would actually transform into an actual real body.」

It’s been about a week since we came to this world, and since my body was basically real, I didn’t feel much of a sense of discomfort.  This body seems to be one that has undergone anti-aging treatment and improved physical abilities in Galaxy of Planets and wasn’t much different from my original body except for being younger.

Specifically, I looked like I was in my mid-teens. 

Rather, it was Elle and the others who were feeling bewildered by their bodies suddenly turning into real ones.  Galaxy of Planets was a game with a virtual world that pursued realism, so it wasn’t that they were unfamiliar with the sensation of having a real body.

But since it was a game, that particular setting wasn’t actually used much, so their bodies there were only treated as game objects. 

But honestly, since they were all female, I had a lot more reasons to watch myself around them since I was the only man here. 

In any case, I think everyone is getting used to the situation gradually, so I don’t think there’s a reason to rush or change anything. 

Actually, I couldn’t help but enjoy this situation. 

After all, I now get to spend time in the real world together with everyone. 

But I have to try not to get too carried away. 


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