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Chapter 10: Mystery of Power

After its safety was guaranteed, the shallow floor of the dungeon was opened to the public, and people who tried to get profit from selling “Gem” dropped by the defeated creatures in the dungeon started to appear one after another.

The worded “gem” produced in the dungeon was named after a natural gem since they also have electromagnetic waves in them, it was sold in accordance to their rarity.


On a certain day, when some civilians brought back “Gem” harvested from the dungeon to the surface, they were attacked by a dog-like creature, and accidentally dropped the gem they carried with them.

When they gathered the scattered gems in hurry, the dog jumped in again and ate one of them.

And then, a change happened immediately.

The dog opened its mouth and spewed blazing flame from its mouth.

The civilians were dumbfounded upon seeing that.

The reason being the gem eaten by the dog was a “Gem” dropped from a fire-breathing lizard.

That was the first time humankind discover the fact that they could gain mysterious power by consuming 『Gem』.

And that strange power was the one widely known as magic.

Conjuring flame, controlling water, giving a rise to wind, created roaring lightning.

Something that was supposed to exist only in fantasy had become reality in the dungeon.

And though magic was only limited in the dungeon, it was proven to be effective toward creatures in the deep floor who were impervious to physical attack.

Before long, the knowledge about the fact that you need 『Magic Gem』 to use magic became known to the public.

And 『Monster』 become the official name for all unknown creatures that dropped a magic gem.

『Seeker(explorer)』 becomes the official job for the human who entered the dungeon to get money.


Anyhow, the most important fact was added, later on, a fact that one had to increase the amount of their electromagnetic wave by defeating monsters to be able to use “Magic”.

This electromagnetic wave was then called 『Mana』 by an Australian scholar who found it first.

It was a word that represented mysterious power in ancient religion.

The digitization of mana is come to known as 『Mana Index』, and the requirement to use “Magic Gem” was the mana index of the person had to be higher than the mana index of the magic gem.


「Uhm, in short, I cant use it unless Ive got this “Mana”… Since I defeated a lot of metal slime, my mana index should be pretty high, right」


But then, Yuuma couldnt be too careless without confirming it first.

When he searched for 『Mana Index』, he found out that he could buy “Measuring Instrument” from general stores.


「Lets take a look… Today is Sunday after all.」




There was a huge electronic store around twenty minutes away from Yuumas house by bicycle.

Though they mostly sold general electric appliances, it was the first time in a long time since the last time Yuuma visited this place.

Yuuma parked his bicycle in the parking lot and went up into the store.

He was looking around as he walked along the line up of a lot of electric appliances for a while before his line of sight stopped at one corner of the store.


『GO HERE, a wide array of dungeon-related products!』


Various colourful displays were set right above that corner.

A special compass to point the direction inside the dungeon.

Stun guns to defeat weak monsters or electric batons.

“Wait, the torchlight aside, why do they have camping gears that had nothing to do with electronics too” That was what Yuuma thought as he looked at that corner.

And then, the item he was looking for――


「This is a mana measuring tool huh… they have various types.」


Speaking of measuring tools, they had cylindrical-shaped or even dryer-shaped ones.

The price goes from 40k~120k yen.

And just as expected, when Yuuma felt it was too expensive for him, he noticed the second-hand goods section in that corner.

The price ranged from 10k~30k yen, far cheaper than the new one.

Yuuma then called the employee of the store who wore a jumper suit with the store logo on it.


「Excuse me.

Is this second-hand measuring tool can still work properly」


Despite the slightly rude question from Yuuma, the plump employee replied with a gentle smile on his face.


「Yes, it can work properly.

Though it might be an old model, it is still working properly.

The performance is quite lagging behind the new one though.

Look here, it even comes with a written guarantee.」


Thus, Yuuma decided to buy a second-hand measuring tool.

But then, since he was worried about its performance, he chose the dryer type which priced 19800 yen(including tax).


「This one, please.」


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