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Chapter 13: Ultra Precision Mana Measuring Tool

Upon entering the room, two men wearing nurse-like white uniforms had already been waiting for him.


「Please sit over here.」 said them as they asked Yuuma to sit in the chair in the middle of the room.

There was a CTscan-like machine at that place.

There was a ring-like device that descended from above.


「Were about to start the measurement, please stay still for a while.」


When one of the staff said so, the other staff had already been operating the machine, it took only for a moment for the machine to start moving.

Yuumas face twitched a few times.

The reason being him never expected the measuring tool to be this big.

I see, this is clearly on a whole nother level compared to the dryer type measurement tool sold in the electronic store.

Thus, Yuuma feels reassured.

Now he could finally measure the exact amount of his mana index.

The ring descended until his feet then went up slowly.


「Okay, you can move again.」


After the measurement that ended unexpectedly quickly, Yuuma stood from his chair again.

The staff then took the A4 paper that came out from the printer at the side of the room.


「The results just came out.

There you go.」


Though there were several entries written in the paper given to him, all of them showed zero.

Thus, Yuuma frowned upon seeing that.


「This is…」

「Yes, your mana index is zero.

Since this machine can measure up to 0.01 units, theres no mistake in this result.」


The result was the same as the one from the dryer-type measuring tool.

It seems the metal slime was really so weak to the point that it didnt have mana at all.

「Thank you very much.」 said Yuuma as he left the room.




「That child just now seems to come since he thinks that he has mana.」


The two staff in the mana measuring room spoke with a light smile on their face.


「Well, there are many kids like him nowadays.

A greenhorn who thinks that their mana index mightve risen after defeating a weak monster on the shallow floor.」

「Well, your mana index wont change no matter how many slimes you have defeated in this “Blue Dungeon” though… I really cant tell him that since he seems to be disappointed already.」

「Hahaha, I can see that.」


As they were having such a conversation, the staff who were tuning the measuring tool suddenly noticed that something was amiss.


「Uhm Eh…」

「Whats the matter」

「No, this is strange.

Is the machine in bad condition… It wont move at all.」

「Eh! This tool wont break that easily right Why would it break out of nowhere」


The two tried to fix the mana measuring tool in a hurry but the tool, which cost not less than a few hundred million yen, refused to budge.

Colour drained from the two staffs faces upon discovering such an unexpected situation.


Meanwhile, Yuuma, ignorant of such an event had already stood in front of the entrance gate of the dungeon.


「Since Ive come this far, lets try to enter this for now.」


He went into the gate.

The huge dome-shaped roof was made from semi-transparent glass, thats why the sunlight should be able to come inside.

Nevertheless, the entire space was dark, and what came from the hole on the floor was jet-black darkness.

Yuuma gulped his spit.


「Ye~s, this is the entrance to the dungeon! Make sure youre fully prepared before you come inside.」


The female staff waved her hand to guide him.

The pair of parents and children who heard that then descended into the hole.

Yuuma followed behind, he stepped onto the staircase that descended below.

He ended up becoming scared when he tried to see below.


――Is the dungeon really that big Bigger than the one in my house garden.


「Is this the first time youre visiting this place」

「Eh Yes.」


The female staff greeted Yuuma upon seeing the latter looking nervously.

He was acting like a suspicious person from the onlookers perspective after all.

Yuuma then showed the entrance proof for the 1st floor.


「I see, its an entrance permit until 1F.

Its okay, theres nothing dangerous in there.

By the way, did you bring a weapon to defeat the monster」

「N-No, I come unprepared.」


He forgot to bring a weapon to beat the monster since his main reason for coming was to mana measuring tool.

Seeing Yuuma scratching his head awkwardly, the female staff then pointed at the wagon on the side.


Weapons such as hammers, daggers, axe or clubs were lined up inside the wagon.


「Please take one of these items since this is for lending.」

「Are you sure」

「Yes, theres no problem as long as you returned it.」


Seeing the female staff replied with a smile on her face, Yuuma took the hammer.

Thus, fully equipped-With hammer-, Yuuma stood on the staircase again, taking a deep breath, and descended slowly along the staircase.


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