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Chapter 14: International Dungeon Research Organization


This place was a cave illuminated with pale blue light.

There was a huge, rugged rock surface around the size of six tennis courts.

Though there was a saying that the inside of the dungeon was as bright as day, this place was on a darker side.

Nevertheless, the reason why it gave uplifting feelings was that it was filled with humans.


Couples walking side by side with a smile on their face or family taking a stroll, students or group of friends.

That scenery was exactly the very definition of a sightseeing spot.

The people who came alone like Yuuma belonged to the minority.

Every single one of them was wielding a weapon while scanning their surroundings.


「Everyone is busy looking for a monster eh.」


Yuuma also started looking for a monster but, just when he was worrying about whether he could find a monster or not with so many people inside――




He located something hiding behind the rock.

When he turned around, he found a quivering, semi-transparent blue slime behind the rock.


「So this is how a normal slime looks like eh.」


It was moving really slowly, far cry compared to metal slime.

Yuuma squatted down and swung down the hammer in his hand toward the slime.

The slime who received that strike stopped moving soon.

Yuuma swung his hammer again, this time the slime popped off, and vanished without trace.




Ive been fighting metal slime every day, and those fellas were hella strong, thousands of times stronger than this one.

And yet, I got no mana from defeating it at all…

Yuuma heaved a really deep sigh upon recalling the tragic state of his mana index, there was nothing he could do about that, nor did the slime that he defeated just now drop a magic gem.


「Great, no drop huh…」


He knew that the drop rate of weak monsters was really low.

On the other hand, he would have to risk his life to hunt more powerful monsters, thus he had no choice but to hunt weak ones.

After that, Yuuma began walking around the first floor of the dungeon and managed to defeat a total of six slimes.


「None of them dropped magic gems but… Well, it really cant be helped.」


When he turned around and was about to leave, he heard a childs voice from a slightly separated place.


「Yaaaaaaaaaay! Got Blue magic gem!!」


When he turned around, he saw a kid who came with his family raised his hand as he raised a cheer.


「Good job, Masashi! Lets see, aquamarine is around 0.2 carat huh.

This can be sold for two thousand yen.」

「No! I want to use magic.

I will use it for myself!」

「But, you cant use magic outside of the dungeon you know.

Are you sure about this」

「ABSOLUTELY! Ill dive into the dungeon every day.」

「I see, okay, I understand.」


The father brushed his sons hair as he said so.

”Even though you wouldnt be able to use magic no matter how many slimes you defeated…” That was what Yuuma was thinking about as he left the dungeon.




Jerusalem, Palestina――

The international organization in this city, 『International Dungeon Research Organization』, is otherwise known as IDR.

Researchers from all over the world were gathering together in the worlds largest and deepest dungeon in the world which is in Jerusalem.

Amongst the people who got the authority to conduct their research in this dungeon, there was the figure of a physicist from Australia, Ethan Noble.

He was still a young man in his thirties with long silver hair and wearing thick-rimmed glasses, his colleagues called him an oddball amongst oddballs, in fact, he was also the first person who found the phenomenon called 『Mana』.


「Looking at this report, this matter has basically set in stone.」


In one of the research rooms, Ethan muttered as he cast his gaze down.

The reports from every research institution in every country were scattered on his desk.

His assistant who stood by his side frowned upon hearing Ethans muttering.


「Then, that matter is really…」

「Yes, the “Mana” is slowly but surely leaking out from the dungeon toward the ground.

And their density only increased as time passed.」



Ethan only looked calmly at the reaction of his assistant Clark while sipping the coffee in his cup.


「Well, youre right.

Previously, monsters are trapped inside the dungeon since there was no mana above the ground.

If this phenomenon keeps up, it is only a matter of time before the monster comes out from its dungeon.」

「How can you act like this isnt your problem!」


Seeing Ethan stating that fact with a composed face as he sipped his coffee, Clark couldnt help but frown as he voiced his complaints toward the former.


「Calm down, even if I say that monster is going to come out from the dungeon, it is still limited to weak monsters from the shallow floor.

They wont cause the particular problems you see.」

「Then, it means that were safe, right」


Clark was older than Ethan but he respected Ethan since the latter held the authority for dungeon research despite his younger age.

Thus, although he was worried about the situation above the ground when he asked whether it was going to be okay…


「But, theres another report about the rise of the concentration of mana in the shallow floor.

If that report is accurate, its only a matter of time before a monster from the deep floor went up to the shallow floor.


「Calm down, Clark.

This has yet to be confirmed, and the rise of mana concentration is just a little bit.

I think there wont be any problem for now.」

「I, I see.

Then, I guess were safe for now but…」


Ethan let out a chuckle upon seeing Clerk heaving a sigh of relief.


「Nevertheless, we have another problem to face for now.」

「Eh Another problem」

「The matter about “Mana” overflowing outside the dungeon――」


Ethan returned his cup back to the table and then showed a serious look on his face.


「Means that magic can be used above the ground too.」


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