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Chapter 18: Variant




Early in the morning, a loud sound resounded from the corner of the garden.

Yuuma was currently giving his all, hammering the metal slime that had already been frozen with cold spray.

His pet dog, Mamezo, was looking at him with a curious look on its face.


「Rui has beaten a strong monster in “Red Dungeon”.

And yet, why do I have to hammer this lump of metal every day!」


He then grabbed the gas burner by his side after he vented all his rage.

After the jet flame heated up the metal slime, he stopped and grabbed his hammer and started hammering the metal slime again till its body broke down into fine dust.

He had been defeating metal slime in his garden for 392 days straight.

Yes, he kept doing it for more than a year.

Another two black “Magic Ore” dropped during that time, making three in total with the one he ate before.

He tried to eat the newly gained two magic ores and found out that there was no problem with his body and the ores were digested.


The metallization effect went up to fifteen minutes and he could cancel it every five minutes.

As useless as usual…

Yuuma then crawled out from the hole, returned to his house, prepared to go to school and then ate his breakfast before he went to school.

It was the same everyday life.

Yuuma had already made the decision to go to university after he graduated from high school a few months later.

But he couldnt help but ask himself whether it really was what he wanted to do.

It happened till a change happened on a certain day.

When he went to the hole dungeon in his garden like usual, he placed aside his gas burner and cold spray to see the inside of the hole first.

That action had already become his routine.

He had already become too accustomed to this particular routine but then, something was different today.




The metal slime was shining brightly.

At first, he thought it was a reflection from his flashlight but upon closer look, he realized he was wrong.

The colour of the slime was simply different.




Though he first doubted his eyes, he was convinced a while later.

Yuuma then entered the room to stop the movement of the slime with his cold spray.

The golden slime sensed the danger in its life immediately and tried to escape, hopping back and forth.


「Dammit! It keeps moving around.」


Somehow, he felt that the cold spray was less effective compared to when he used it on the metal slime.

When the cold spray was emptied, Yuuma ran back to his house and returned with a few cold spray and gas burners.




He knew that the golden slime he fought right now was different from its peers.

So if it left a drop, it should be a valuable  『Magic Ore』.

Yuuma held dual cold spray in his hands, clearly getting fired up and started to unleash double spray on the golden slime for double the effect.

And just as expected, the slimes movement slowed down.

When it stopped, Yuuma tried to poke it with his finger.

The texture was similar to previous metal slime.


「――Is this golden metal slime… A variant」


He then stopped and turned on the dual-wield gas burner, spraying double jet flame on the frozen slime.

The frozen slime thawed and started moving erratically.

He then sprayed it with dual cold spray again but, different from the usual metal slime, it felt like it wasnt damaged at all.

Yuuma persevered and repeated the superheating and supercooling process several times.

After repeating the process around six times, cracks started to appear on the surface of the golden slimes body, and it became tattered and crumbled down easily on his seventh attempt.


「Did I do it… I ended up using a lot of cans to defeat this guy tsk.」


Yuuma raised his small hammer and started hammering on the golden slime.

The golden slimes body finally broke and turned into ashes.

”So it really was a metal slime.” That was what Yuuma thought when he noticed that the slime had left something behind.

He used his flashlight to illuminate the hole and took the drop.


「I-Is this… a magic ore! A golden-coloured magic ore!!」


It was an ellipse diameter of around two centimetres.

Its golden hue felt similar to the black magic ore he found from the blackish metal slime.

He returned to his house immediately and started observing the 『Golden Magic Ore』 in his room.

The first thought that came into his mind was selling it, thus he searched for a way to do so on his smartphone.


「Black dungeon… Golden, magic ore…」


Thus, no matter what he tried, he found nothing, NOTHING AT ALL.

It seems that golden magic ore had never dropped before in 『Black Dungeon』.

He tried to use the “Mana Measuring Tool” that he brought a long time ago alas, the result was 『Zero』.


「This one is zero too huh, I guess I can use it too.

Moreover, I might be able to sell it as “Gold” to jeweller…」


Yuuma suddenly turned his head, looking at the clock.

It was already time to go to school.

He decided to postpone his decision after school.

Thus, he kept the 『Golden Magic Ore』 in his drawer and left his room.


Unknown to him, this seemingly trivial event had caused a huge uproar on the other side of the earth――


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