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Chapter 20: Golden Magic Ore

After the end of school, Yuuma went home, changed his clothes and started researching while lying in his bed.

He was looking at the store that was doing transactions with precious metals and tried to call the store from the number written on the site.


『Hello, Tanabe store Here~』


The voice of a graceful woman came from the other side of the phone.


「Ah, hello, u~hm, can I ask for an appraisal of gold」

『Yes, we can appraise your gold.

Are you going to sell it』

「Yes, I want to sell it…」


Yuuma really wanted to sell the ‶Golden Magic Ore″.

Since its mana index was zero, that golden magic ore was literally no different from a piece of metal.

Though he had to make sure that it was a real “Gold” first, since its weight was only around twenty grams, which means around 140K yens, it was far cry from his original target.

He had to make sure that the gold was truly a present from god.

Yuuma really wanted to make money from selling the magic ore.



I think now is the right time to sell gold since the market price for gold is rising.』

「Is that so… Well, what should I do to sell it then」

『Well need to verify your ID and then the place where you find the gold… By the way, is the gold have a carved seal』

「Carved seal Whats that」

『Its something like a mark that showed the value of gold.

It should be there when buying gold.』

「Is that mean I cant sell it without the carved seal」

『Even without that, we can buy it by looking for the items purchase history.』

「I see.

By the way, can a minor sell it by themselves」

『A minor huh… Thats impossible.

You need to come with your guardian…』

「I, I see~」


“Ill ask my parents then.” said Yuuma as he cut the call.


「As I expected.」


He heaved a sigh.

His parents would surely ask him where he got the gold if he really asked for their permission.

Anyhow, there was no way the gold from monster drop had a “Carved Seal” or even a Certificate.

Thus, he heaved a sigh since selling the gold was pretty much impossible.

Yuuma then looked at the “Golden Magic Ore” on the desk.


「Lets just use it… Ive no idea about what kind of ability I can get from it though.」


He then moved to his second plan, using it for himself since it had the same zero mana index as the “Black Magic Ore”.

Yuuma took wet tissue and wiped the magic ore.

He had nothing to lose since even if the magic ores mana index wasnt zero, it would be just expelled from his body tomorrow.

After preparing himself, Yuuma swallowed the magic ore and washed it with water.

He then waited for a while.


「I-Its gonna be safe right」


Though he knew the way to use black magic ore, this was his first time swallowing the golden one.

There was nothing wrong with his body, but he couldnt help but worry about his condition.

He already imagined his body shining with golden colour.

The moment he thought so, he felt his abdomen become hot.


「Finally! Here it comes!」


The sensation was then followed by something akin to an electric current which ran through his whole body.

He had experienced this sensation so many times before when the black magic ore was digested by his body.

Now he was convinced that he already got the ability of the golden magic ore.

After the sensation settled down, Yuuma checked his body and limbs.


「Nothing… Has changed.

Is this another transformation ability again」


Yuuma tried to flex his body, hoping for another change to happen while praying in his heart.

Thereupon, his body turned into metallic black and expected the colour to change to gold after this and yet, nothing happened.


「Thats strange.

I had no idea what was happened.」


He tried various methods after that but nothing seemed to happen.


「The heck… I should just sell it.」


Yuuma sulked, and went to bed immediately.


The next morning――

He went down toward the garden like usual and went to defeat the metal slime after brushing Mamezos head.

One night of sleep made him recover from the shock of being unable to find the effect of 『Golden Magic Ore』, so Yuuma was really lacking the motivation to do anything right now.

After he heaved a sigh and was about to go up from the hole, he noticed that the metal slime he just defeated dropped black magic ore.


「Ah! It dropped magic ore huh.」


He picked up the magic ore while thinking that he was quite lucky to get another black magic ore in less than two months.

Another magic ore dropped the next day after he defeated the golden slime.

Yuuma was really surprised since two drops in a row had never happened before.


Yes, magic ore dropped twice in the span of two days.

“Something is strange… This is definitely an abnormal situation.” this was what Yuuma felt, he then recalled the golden magic ore that he swallowed last evening.


「No way…」


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