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Chapter 21: Special Ability

After the magic ore dropped again the next day, Yuuma tried to see the situation for another two days.

And just as he expected, another magic ore dropped from the metal slime.

――No doubt about it.


「Maybe that “Golden Magic Ore” gave me a 100% drop rate of magic ore.

Is this called the 『Luck』 factor Well, this sounds like an amazing ability!」


But there was a problem.

He had no idea whether the drop rate was only affecting the magic ore or also affecting the magic gem.

If it was affecting the magic gem, it would be his chance to get more riches.

With a 100% drop rate of magic gems, he didn’t have to worry about money anymore.

He might even be able to get a more amazing “Magic Gem” than the one obtained by Rui.

Yuuma couldn’t suppress his excitement.

Tomorrow is Saturday, let’s use this chance to test it――


「There’s only that place.」




“Blue Dungeon” is located in Musashino.

Yuuma’s figure could be seen on the first floor.

Today, he brought his own hammer and carried a rucksack for a magic gem with him, just in case.

Though it was as crowded as before, Yuuma ignored that fact and went to search for a slime immediately.

He found slime in less than five minutes.

It was a normal slime, not the metal one like the one that appeared in his garden.

Yuuma had already seen that slime as a treasure trove.

Yuuma swung down his hammer with a beaming smile on his face.


Yuuma had already subjugated three slimes in the span of one hour.

And the drop of the magic gem was――




So it really wasn’t that simple eh…

Yuuma was sitting on the rock he found nearby with a dejected look on his face.

He just received another huge shock.

Maybe due to his pale face, the people who passed by him were looking at him with a worried look on their faces.

His hope was betrayed again.

The reason was the effect of “Golden Magic Ore”‘s ability was limited to magic ore.

Meaning that the ability was pretty much useless outside of 『Black Dungeon』.

No matter how much “Magic Ore” dropped, it was meaningless since they had no value at all.

Even the “Black Magic Ore” that can make one’s body as tough as steel, using it two or three times was plenty enough.

Yuuma then looked around him with a pale face.

There was a pair of father and child enjoying slime hunting, he even saw a couple flirting as they were hunting down a slime.

He looked at all of them with an envious look on his face.


He was envious of Rui who received recognition from his surroundings.

Very envious.

He thought that he might be able to catch up with Rui if his newfound power was a dream-like power that granted him a 100% drop rate of magic gems.

Maybe I was just too cheeky to always compare myself with Rui.

Yuuma stood with an unsteady gait, even though he had defeated three slimes, no “Magic Gem” dropped.

Yuuma was cursing the golden magic ore nonstop as he left the 『Blue Dungeon』.






Yuuma was looking at the “Black Magic Ore” dropped in the dungeon in his garden.

He heaved a bored sigh.

The day after the despair he felt during his visit to 『Blue Dungeon』, another magic ore dropped from the dungeon in his garden for ten consecutive days.


「I’ve had enough of this.」


Mamezo brushed its head on Yuuma as if trying to pacify its master’s sadness.

Yuuma picked up the magic ore, washed it with water in the kitchen, and swallowed it as it was.

He already regarded it as some sort of supplement.

After swallowing fourteen magic ore, Yuuma could maintain his “Metallization” state for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

It was a good thing that he could finally maintain that state for a long time but it was still useless in his opinion.

He returned to his room and started the preparation to go to school.

According to what he heard from Kaede, Rui had been receiving special training so that he could join Elcid company as soon as he graduated from high school.

He heard that Rui’s initial annual income would be around twenty millions yen, and once he finished his initial training, he could gain an annual income of more than fifty million yen as an active Explorer.

Though Yuuma had managed to pass the entrance exam for college, it was just a third-rate college.

The possibility of him getting a job after graduating from college was really low.


Rui’s future had already been laid out.

Yuuma on the other hand was really resigned about his own future.


”When did this difference start” asked Yuuma to himself as he went to school.


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