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Chapter 22: Heat Resistant


That day, it rained heavily in the morning.

Yuuma took an umbrella with him as he headed toward the hole in the garden like usual.

Though he hates to subjugate the slime when it rains in the morning, there was one good thing about that.

It was the fact that the hole wasn’t filled with water even if it was raining outside.

As if it was protected by some sort of invisible barrier.

This miraculous phenomenon helped him a lot when it was raining outside.

He left his umbrella on the side of the hole, and descended into the hole with his trusted cold spray and gas burner.

Yuuma switched on his flashlight to illuminate the inside of the hole.

That moment, he felt something was amiss.




He received another surprise like the time when he found golden slime.

The one that appeared before him was a bright red slime.

Or so he thought at first, upon closer look, he realized it was actually metallic red.

It was as if the metal slime turned into an angry metal slime.


「Is this guy another colour variation」


When Yuuma was pondering about such a question, the red slime suddenly moved.

It rushed toward Yuuma, hopping in a zig-zag pattern.

He had already known that metal slime was fast but the red slime could move even faster.




Yuuma left the hole in a hurry.

When he looked down into the hole under the rain, the red slime kept twisting its body as if yelling 「Hey, come back down here!」.


「What in the world is wrong with this guy! They’re too belligerent.」


Yuuma was really surprised by the red slime’s hostile nature but he also had pent-up emotion for having to hunt metal slime every day.




Yuuma focused his power on his entire body.

At that moment, black marks appeared on his face and hands then spread to his entire body.

In just a few seconds, his entire body turned metallic black.


The only ability available for Yuuma.

He took the gas burner and cold spray and jumped down into the hole again.

The red slime rushed toward him as soon as his feet landed on the ground.

It rammed toward Yuuma’s arms, abdomen, knees, or feet in quick succession, but Yuuma was unperturbed and the collision only caused clear metallic sound to resound in the hole.

Yuuma looked at the red slime with a nonchalant look on his face.


「Hahaha, it isn’t even itchy! Your physical attack doesn’t work against this metallic body.」


He thrust the nozzle of the cold spray and started barraging the red slime with cold air.

Though the red slime was rolling around in panic, its movement became slower, and finally stopped.


「Great, now is the gas burner’s time…」


He pulled the trigger and burned the slime with jet flame.

But, he noticed something was amiss as soon as he did so.


「Eh Something is off.」


Normally, the body would turn bright red as soon as he burned the slime with the jet flame and yet, now it didn’t show any of that sign, only the frost melted due to the heat.

At that moment, the slime was jiggling again.

Could it be that the colour was distinguished since its original colour was red Since that was the case, let’s use the cold spray again.

Thereupon, the slime movement slowed down again after dozens of seconds, and frost started to appear again on its body.

Seeing that, Yuuma frowned again.

When he tried to freeze the warmed-up slime that had been burned by the gas burner, it took longer since its body became even hotter than before.

And yet, as soon as it froze…


「It won’t get hotter at all! Do I need to heat it even longer!」


Maybe it has some sort of special ability since it has a different colour.

The matter about it being quite resistant to fire is really troublesome.

Yuuma repeated the process of superheating and cooling a few more times but the fire wasn’t effective at all.

After pondering for a while, Yuuma ran back to his house.

He was looking for another way to break metal with his smartphone.

Thereupon, he found a few ways to cause rust to appear on the metal.


「Making it rusty eh… I see… The problem is whether I can apply that or not.」


He doubted whether the fire would really work if the surface became rusty.

But, Yuuma stopped thinking and moved to execution immediately, he had nothing to lose anyway.

Fortunately, today was a holiday and his parents had been preparing to enjoy their time together.

Yuuma took Mamezo out for a walk and went toward the hardware store along the way.

He took various things from the shelves that would serve his purpose.

When he returned, his parents had already left.


「Great… Now I can work in peace.」


He placed a bucket on the side of the hole, the contents of the basket was acidic detergent he brought from the hardware store.

The smell of acidic detergent filled the hole immediately.

Yuuma, who was prepared for that had already worn a mask and gloves, he also made sure that Mamezo was away from the hole.

He then activated his “Metallization” and jumped into the hole.

The red slime didn’t even wait for a moment and rushed toward Yuuma like a raging flame.


Its charging attack wasn’t that painful but it was enough to force him to take a step back.


「Dammit! What a belligerent guy.」


For the first time in a while, Yuuma used a dual wield of cold spray again.

After confirming that the slime had become frozen stiff, he took the bucket he left outside of the hole into the hole.


「Is it really going to work」


Yuuma plunged the frozen slime into the bucket while wondering if the method he learned from the internet was correct.

After dipping the slime into the acid detergent, he left it alone for a while.

If the frost on the slime thawed again, he would use cold spray on it again.

He expected that making it rusty wasn’t a simple matter but, the metal slime was definitely weak against indirect attack.

“Could it be that the slime might get rusty far easier if it’s the usual metal one” For six hours after that, he kept repeating the process of 『Dipping』, 『Freezing』, and 『Leave it on its own』 twenty times.


「U~~~hm, when will it become rusty I wonder! It hard to know that since its colour is red.」


He started to doubt the method but he kept looking at the slime to confirm the change in its colour like before.

When he thought it was already long enough, Yuuma took the gas burner and turned on his 『Metallization』.

And then――




The slime’s body shone red.

It was proof that it generates heat.

The slime who regained its freedom then got away from Yuuma immediately and charged at him at lightning speed.

Yuuma took out the cold spray he prepared outside of the hole while enduring the barrage of the slime’s attacks.

He kept repeating the process of using cold spray and gas burner again and again.

And then, something happened after repeating the same cycle for sixteen times.


「So tired… How about this!」


When he heated the slime with his burner again, cracks appeared on the slime’s surface.

――But, it was far from enough.

The surface of the red slime had finally crumbled down after Yuuma repeated the process for three times.


「Great, almost there.」


Yuuma then take the hammer to finish off the red slime and—-


The metallic red body had finally crumbled to pieces when he landed an attack with his hammer.


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