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Chapter 30: Future Option

TN: Sorry for the delay, my laptop has been fixed! Enjoy the release!

TN of TN: Kind warning! This act will give you a harsh reality of job hunting since it’s also remind me of my time during the job hunting period.

What Metal Slime you won’t see them after this.


The day after he defeated the giant metal slime, Yuuma was troubled.

――He used up all his cold spray and gas burner to defeat the giant slime yesterday.

Thus, when he was wondering what he had to do to defeat today’s metal slime…

He went down to the garden to do his daily slime slaying.

And then, he noticed that something was amiss.

He couldn’t hear Mamezo’s usual bark.

When Yuuma walked toward Mamezo’s kennel, the dog leapt toward him, its tail moving around non-stop.

「Is something the matter, Mamezo」

When he brushed Mamezo’s head, he realized that the hole in the garden that was still there yesterday had already gone.


He was truly perplexed.

Yuuma went and looked carefully while muttering “The hole, is gone” with a disbelieving look on his face.

And yet, he found no trace of that hole, there was only normal soil right there as if the hole had never existed before.

The tiny dungeon that kept tormenting Yuuma for more than one year with its weird metal slime had gone.

It was gone, leaving none of its traces.

「Eeeh! Why it’s suddenly gone」

In contrast to bewildered Yuuma, Mamezo looked really delighted.

It happily ran around the garden.

It seems the dungeon has really gone.

「Well, now I don’t have to wake up early in the morning anymore, Mamezo won’t be disturbed by the strange fella too.」


Yuuma returned to his own room and then prepared to go to school.

Since he woke up early and didn’t have to do his usual slime hunting, he ended up having a lot of spare time at hand.

Yuuma left his home faster than usual.

「Nothing can beat a morning without a metallic sound!」

He was convinced that the disappearance of the hole in the garden was a good thing.

And yet, for some reason, he felt as if there was a gaping hole in his heart.

He felt as if he lost something precious.

Is it because I’ve been getting used to doing that

Even though he wished so much for the hole to disappear after he discovered that the hole wasn’t a profitable dungeon.

Come to think of it, why does it suddenly vanish just like that Is it really because I defeated that giant slime Is that giant slime some sort of dungeon boss

When he pondered about such things, someone tapped his shoulder from behind.

「Morning! You’re pretty early huh.」

「Uhm Ah, it’s just Kaede huh.


All kinds of matters he was thinking about were blown away when he heard Kaede’s gentle voice.

Is it just my imagination or did she become more adult-like as of late

「I heard that you’re late yesterday, is that true Are you playing games till late at night and ending up oversleeping」


「Well, I guess you’re right since you’ve been awfully early the last one year.」

「Please stop speaking like my mother! I just happened to oversleep yesterday.

Well, it won’t happen again though.」

Yes, with the disappearance of the dungeon, he lost the reason to come late too.

「I see… By the way, is it true that you’ve passed the university entrance exam Congrats! Your campus live will start from April next year.」


Well, it’s third-grade university though.」

「Fufufu, but you’re still going to experience campus life, you know.

For me who is going to find employment, it’s the life that I’ve dreamed about.」


Yuuma couldn’t hide his shock upon hearing Kaede’s remark.

Because he was convinced that Kaede would enter university.

「Even though you can enter any college of your choice since you’re so smart!」

「You overestimate me.

I’m not that smart, and my family is pretty poor.

That’s why I want to reduce my parents’ burden as fast as possible.」

Yuuma knew that Kaede’s family was a family of a single mother.

But, he never heard about not entering the university because of financial reasons.

「Have you decided which company you’re going to work for」


In fact, I got an offer from the company side and would start working from the spring of next year.」


Yuuma tried desperately to hide his shock upon hearing about his childhood friend throughout preparation.

「W-What kind of company you’re going to work for」

「Medical venture-type company called Med Iris.

And I’m going to work as a receptionist or do an office job.」

「I see…」

“That was a solid company――” was what he thought before Yuuma recalled that the name of the company sounds familiar.

「That company sounds familiar, could it be…」

「Yes, it’s a dungeon-related company.

In fact, I managed to get the interview thanks to Rui’s introduction.」


Yuuma couldn’t hide his shock upon hearing Rui’s name come out of nowhere.


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