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Chapter 31: My Forte

「Rui already knew that I’ll be looking for a job after graduation, that’s why he tried to ask someone’s favour from the Elcid company.

I refused at first but then, he told me that finding employment with a high school diploma might be a bit too hard…」

「That fella is worrying so much huh」


A complete difference from him who knows nothing about Kaede’s trouble.

Most of all, he was truly surprised to find out that Kaede consulted her problem with Rui.


「That’s why I accepted his help.

Thus, the Med Iris company called me for the job… Since its welfare program is clear, my mother is also delighted by it.」

「I see.」


Seeing Kaede’s pure smile, he had no other thoughts than happy about her finding a good employment place.

Thus, Yuuma’s feeling in this matter was rather complicated.




After returning from school, Yuuma was sitting at his study desk.

Both Rui and Kaede didn’t hesitate to choose their future path.

Yuuma had also decided to go to college but it wasn’t his own choice, nor was it the path he wanted to take, it was simply because he had nothing he wanted to do in the future.

And since he had nothing he wanted to do in the future, he just took the college exam as an alternative while following what his mother told him.


For Yuuma, it was nothing more than filling his spare time.


「Can I… Really keep doing this…」


Yuuma never had anything he wanted to do, not even a dream for his future.

That’s why he never questioned the option of going to college.

But now――


Yuuma took out an A4-sized note from his desk and opened the page with nothing written inside.

――I want to become an Explorer.

Him from before would never think about this option.

But the current him had realized that he really wanted to become an Explorer.

Is this Rui’s influence Well, that might be the case.

But, his experience of slime slaying in the tiny dungeon in his garden was the last push for his decision.

Not to mention that he had a special power to do the job.

And he knew that special power would be a huge plus for his job.

Yuuma then wrote his forte in that note.


First was needless to say, his 『Metallization』’s ability.

At first, he could only use it for five minutes but now, he could maintain his 『Enhanced』 form for as long as one hour and ten minutes with every five minutes as a cancellation window to undo his transformation.

During his 『Metallization』 state, he was impervious to physical attack.

On top of that, he also had 『Fire』, 『Water』, 『Thunder』, and 『Wind』 resistance.

(I don’t know the limit of my resistance thought.)

In regard to defence, he might be invincible during his transformation.


The second was the giant slime’s ability.

The ability to transform part of the body into a weapon was something that he only saw in manga and anime.

The other Explorer might not be able to do that too.


Yuuma stood from his chair and tried to put more power into his body.

Soon, his 『Metallization』 got invoked, and his whole body turned metallic black.

After that, when he imagined it, the shape of his body started to change, turning into a gelatinous, jiggling substance on the floor.

And then, he turned into slightly bigger metal slime.

Since his clothes were taken into his body, there was no need to worry about the change of clothes beforehand.


「Oopsie, I forgot about the eyes.」


Thus, two huge eyes appeared on the surface of the slime.

His body then wiggled around his own room in his slime form.

He could move quite fast and change the shape of his body to enter a narrow place.

And as long as he wished to go back to his human form, his body would go back to his original human form, complete with his clothes.

What a convenient ability.

He referred to the ability to transform his whole body as 『Liquid Metal Transformation』.

When he cancelled the transformation, Yuuma added 『Liquid Metal Transformation』 in the note under his “Forte”.

It was a truly convenient ability that allowed him to freely change the shape of his body and enter narrow places.

Isn’t this literally the most useful ability to explore a dangerous dungeon

He even sees the possibility of becoming a top-class Explorer if he could use his ability wisely.

When that happens, he could surprise Rui and Kaede too, get millions, or even hundreds of millions of annual income too…  And with the widespread FIRE(Early Retirement) trend, he could retire earlier and spend the rest of his life doing nothing while enjoying the money from his job as an Explorer――

Yuuma unintentionally let out a creepy smile.

But snapped out immediately.


「Next is my demerit.」


First was the fact that he had no other ability than 『Metallization』.

And no matter how suspicious-looking he was, he had to wait for five minutes before he could cancel the transformation.

The problem was the fact that 『Metallization』 clearly belonged to physical reinforcement ability.

In short, the fact that he used illegal magic ore from 『Black Dungeon』 would be exposed.

After a little bit of investigation, Yuuma discovered that for some reason, the black dungeon’s security was higher than the other dungeon.

Trespassing it without permission was a crime, and even though he was the one who found it, it could be said that he already violated the trespassing rule.

Moreover, it was already approved and applied.

Thus, the violation of the rules was a heavy crime.

That was even more reason to hide his abilities.

The 『Liquid Metal Transformation』 was out of the question.

The other Explorer might mistake him for a monster and attack him.

But then, if he only limited his ability to 『Metallization』, he could at least hide it with a hoodie, hat, and mask.

His second demerit was the fact that he couldn’t use magic.

It was a well-known fact that monsters in the deep floor dungeon couldn’t be defeated without magic.

Fighting with only his limbs was limited to the shallow floor.

He also heard that bullets from the JSDF weren’t working on the monster from the deep floor.

In such a way that makes the monster from the deep floor seemingly invincible.

Thus, he thought that steadily raising his “Mana” and learning magic was the surest way.


「And the third problem… This is actually my biggest problem.」



It was an absolute requirement to become a professional Explorer.

In the first place, an individual couldn’t enter the lower floor of the dungeon by themselves.

The only one with permission to enter the lower floor of the dungeon was the organization or company that received permission from the country.

They’re also full-time service engineers who received such permission, or more stabilised financial affairs foundations or others which require strict evaluation.

The dungeon which had shallow floors open to the public such as the 『Blue Dungeon』 was on the rare side.

The reason being most dungeons, even the shallow floor, was dangerous place.

That kind of environment would become the biggest obstacle for him to earn money.

He might be able to slip through the inspection gate if he used his liquid metal transformation but there was a time restriction and he had no idea whether he could return properly or not.

It would surely turn into a huge problem once his attempt got discovered.

The Explorer’s activity was mainly centred on the public and private organizations, or a company that received permission from the country.

Even the dungeon tuber was also contracted to a famous company.

Moreover, the company was also doing their best to raise more powerful Explorers through combat training for monster subjugation, lectures around dungeon capture strategy, to boot “Magic Gem” were provided free of charge.

For Yuuma, those conditions are like killing two birds with one stone.


「Uhm, joining a company is the only way after all.」


Rui raised his mana index by taking the personal experience program sponsored by some companies.

He did things properly.

Since both of us were in the same line of work now, I couldn’t afford to fall behind either.



I’ll do it, my way.」


Yuuma decided to tell his parents about his resolutions.


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