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Chapter 34: Setback and Determination


「U~hm, a dungeon that opens for public use are no different from a recreational facility.

That’s why it can’t be considered as an experience.

Yes, thank you.

Next person please――」


Although he felt like the examiner had said something, Yuuma’s memory of what happened after that was really hazy.

After leaving the company’s building with unsteady gait, he flopped down on the nearby bench.

One thing for sure, he just fell flat upon his first interview.


「Haah… This interview turned out to be really difficult… I guess I’m too naive.」


He suddenly feels exhausted when he falls down like that.

He hence thought that this might be the reason why his father told him to take a break instead of directly dropping out of college.

He realized that his father had far more experience in society compared to him.

He might be already anticipating the situation in which Yuuma had a hard time finding a job.


「Maybe I should just go to college…」


Yuuma muttered with a feeble voice but he quickly shook his head.

Nope, I have already told my parents that I want to find a job, it was still too early to give up.

And giving up now will look so bad.

Yuuma wanted to find employment no matter what.

But then, the him back then was simply too naive.

And when he thought about that――




Suddenly, he felt the cold canned coffee touch his cheek.

When he looked up, he saw a slit-eyed man with pudding hair standing in front of him.


「Well, this might be just a can of coffee but, try it! You make the face of someone who wants to die you know.」

「Ah, thank you.」


Yuuma expressed his gratitude even if he had no idea why he got the canned coffee from the man.


「I also received an interview invitation from GIG company.

But well, I flopped it too I guess.

When I’m on the way back, feeling down from the failure, I saw you, a student who look more depressed than me.

I know you’re nervous but, don’t worry okay, drink this coffee and calm down first.」

「Ah, yes… Are you by chance, come from Kansai」

「Nope, I’m from Chiba.」


――So you’re a fake Kansai huh! Was the retort that Yuuma instantly came up with.


「You’re a high school graduate, right It’s amazing in how you try to find a job in dungeon related company at this age.」

「Y-Yes but… I never expected for it to be this difficult.

I mean, I know that the acceptance rate will be higher since it’s a dangerous job but…」

「A~h, well, that’s already an obsolete story.

Now along with the advancement of dungeon research, weapons used to beat monsters have also been created.

Together with more safety, the number of students who are attracted by the huge reward has also increased.

In fact, I’m also one of them.」

「I see now…」


「That’s why don’t feel down, okay! By the way, my name is Tennouji Akito.

If both of us are lucky enough to find employment, I hope we can meet again in the dungeon.

What’s your name」


The man called Tennouji asked with a refreshing smile on his face.

Which in turn made his slit eyes look like nothing more than a line.

Even though the man before him was rather unusual, Yuuma felt some sort of affinity with him.


「Mitaka Yuuma.」

「Yuuma eh.

Then Yuuma, let’s meet again in the dungeon.」


Tennouji left after he said that.

Yuuma knew that Tennouji most probably passed the interview after seeing the other party’s transcendental communication prowess.

Thus, Yuuma stood up and decided to go home.


On the way to the station, his eyes fell on a big bookstore.

――Come to think of it, all the dungeon-related information that I know is from the internet.

Since I’m going to go all out, I should buy a dungeon-related book to get more information too.


「A short visit I guess.」


Yuuma passed the automatic door, and entered the bookstore.

The book store was huge.

He could easily find the dungeon corner he was looking for immediately.

The dungeon corner was really easy to find thanks to the rise of the popularity of dungeon related matter nowadays.


「Uhm, let see.」


When he looked at the book on the display, he saw various titles.


『Top Class Explorer Teaching The Know-How of Monster Subjugation』

『Simple and Useful Tricks in The Dungeon.

How To Raise Your Profit With Magic Gem From Shallow Floor.』

『Monster Picture Book~Extremely Rare Creature~』

『How To Transform Novice Explorer Into A Rich Explorer』

『Job Hunting At Dungeon Affiliated Company.

How To Get Hired』

『Carrier Consultant Teaching, A Way To Get Hired By Dungeon Company』


「Woow, they even have job hunting book.」


Yuuma scans over the page of the book in his hands.

It was crammed with information that he couldn’t get solely from the internet.

Most of all, the origin of the information was really logical.

It was different from the vague information found on the internet.

Thus, he decided to buy three books.

His option was, naturally, a job hunting-related book.


「I won’t embarrass myself again in the next interview.」


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