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Chapter 35: The Birth of Dungeon Business

After he arrived at his home, Yuuma took out the books he had just bought and lined them up on the table.

He threw his rucksack, hung his suit on a hanger to prevent wrinkles, and then sat on the chair as he opened one of the books.

It was the book that described the birth of a new business, the dungeons.


「Yup, when I open the book, it doesn’t feel like when studying lesson.」


Yuuma opened the “Table of Content” and inserted a bookmark in the page that he deemed as interesting.

In that section was the story about the use of dungeon magic by a big company and the development of a medical treatment business.


There were five types of magic found in the dungeon.

One healing magic and four attack magic.

Naturally, the focus of the company was 『Healing Magic』.

Healing wounds or incurable disease up to that point was the dream of humanity.

And that is only possible thanks to the appearance of the dungeon which is filled with the unknown.


But, there was a problem.

To use magic, one had to enter 『White Dungeon』 and gained the magic gem.

In addition, the 『White Dungeon』 was the most difficult dungeon to capture amongst the six, even an army armed to teeth couldn’t breakthrough the deep floor.


Thus, the existence of four attack magics come into play.

The four of  them were『Fire』, 『Water』, 『Wind』, 『Thunder』 hailed as four primary magic, they were really effective against the monster in white dungeon.

Especially 『Fire』 and 『Thunder』magic, they’re the most effective one in capturing the white dungeon.

But, it doesn’t mean the problem was solved.

The 『Fire』 and 『Thunder』 magic can only be gained by diving into the red and yellow dungeon respectively.

But then, those two places were filled with frenzy monsters.

When the monster used magic in that dungeon, the magic they used were mostly the deadly ones.

In the beginning, the study and research around the dungeon didn’t see any progress for that very reason.

Though many people were at their wit’s end, a breakthrough was found a while later.

The correlation of magic had been confirmed by the researcher from Australia, Ethan Noble.

The 『Fire』magic is weak against 『Water』, 『Water』 is weak against 『Thunder』.

The 『Thunder』 is weak against 『Wind』, and 『Wind』 is was weak against 『Fire』.

For that reason, the monster in the red dungeon with fire attributes could be easily defeated with 『Water Magic』, the monster in the yellow dungeon with thunder attribute could be easily subjugated with 『Wind Magic』.

It then became the job of small and medium companies to gather 『Fire』 and 『Thunder』 “Magic Gem” and sell them to a big company.

Meanwhile, the big company trained their Explorer to use 『Fire』 and 『Thunder』magic to capture 『White Dungeon』.

This was the current business model.

With a clear division of the companies, dungeon capture had advanced favorably but it didn’t mean that was the end of the problem.

The thing that made the company worry nonstop was the “Special Property of Mana”.

Taking in a magic gem into one’s body would consume mana index, thus preventing the consumption of other magic gems.

For example, someone with mana index of 100 could take in magic gem of 『Fire』 with mana index of 100, or if they want the combination of 『Wind』, they could consume magic gem of 『Fire』 with mana index of 50 and magic gem of 『Wind』 with mana index of 50 too, making it 100 in total, the same number as the person’s mana index.

But, the latter method was half-baked, resulting in either magic becoming mediocre in attack value.

The current mainstream was for the Explorer to focus on one type of magic.

The true problem was training the person to use healing magic.

At first, they’re told to learn offensive magics, subjugate monsters, and raise their mana index.

But to subjugate many monsters, they first had to learn powerful attack magic.

On the other hand, learning attack magic means that they would use most of their “Mana Index” and leave none for healing magic.

In short, the difficulties of training the Explorer which could use healing magic was far more higher than the seeker who used attack magics.


Now with the appearance of an enchanted weapon which is enchanted with the effect of magic-, the situation has become easier than before.

Nevertheless, it didn’t change the fact that securing a healer was really difficult.

One could perform advanced healing magic with a mana index of 1000.

And Those people were called “Messiah” instead of “Explorer”.

To give birth to a Messiah, one needs the support from many Explorers to raise the mana index in the dungeon.

There was a rumor that the cost to give birth to a messiah could reach somewhere between a few hundreds millions to a few billions.


「Fu~h, so “Mana” is simply that important huh… If only I have mana…」


Yuuma grumbled on his own, knowing very well that he really couldn’t do anything about that.


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