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Chapter 37: D-Minor Ltd.

He had confirmed the company working conditions but, honestly speaking, it was by no means good.

Not only was the welfare program only at the minimum, the base pay was also cheap too.

The selling point was the reward and risk as an Explorer.

No one is going to apply at that company that offers such horrible conditions.

Was what he thought but, Yuuma suddenly got a flash of inspiration.


「Wait a minute… If it’s this company.」


The working condition was bad but that also means there was less competition.

Could it be that I made a mistake by choosing from the company with the best condition first

Or rather, with my qualification, I had a better chance if I started from below…

Thus, Yuuma, who wanted the job offer, made his bet on it.

He sends the application to the companies with the cheap payment and will choose the one that gave the best employment condition amongst the ones that passed him.

He confirmed again for the second time.

The base payment was low, but it was written that the bonus from exploration would be paid properly according to the result.

In short, his salary was completely dependent on how hard he worked.


「Their address is Chiba prefecture… Let’s try sending my application for now.」





Chiba prefecture, Kashiwa――

When Yuuma made a call to the D-Minor Company Ltd, he was told to go to the company to have an interview.

Yuuma, who donned his suit, fastened his necktie as he came down from the train in Kashiwa station.

When he followed the map application in his smartphone, he ended up lost in a deserted shopping district.


「Uhm, it should be around this area.」


After coming out of the shopping district, he entered an even more deserted alleyway and finally arrived in front of a slightly old office building.

It was a long and narrow, five-storied building, even as a compliment, the building was by no means a pretty building.


「Is this… The place」


Yuuma opened the front door and entered the building.

The dim lights gave the office a gloomy atmosphere.


「Excuse me, this is Mitaka who came for the intervie~w」


No one replied even though he called out with such a loud voice.

When he was looking around, wondering if his voice wasn’t loud enough, he saw a phone on the wall.

There was a notice 『For Guest!』 beside the phone.


「Should I take this」


When he took the phone from its stand and placed it on his ear, he could hear the ringing of a ringtone from the other side.

It seems the phone automatically connected to the other side once the guest took off the phone.



Yes, who might it be』


Coming from the other side of the phone was the voice of a young girl.


「It’s Mitaka Yuuma, I’m coming for an interview.」

『A~h, yes.

Sorry but, can you leave the building and go to the back of the building for now That’s where our entrance is located, you have to go up to the third floor after that!』

「Ah, I understand.」


Thus, after he placed the phone back to its stand, Yuma went out of the building and went around to the back of the building.

Thus, he found out that the entrance was really over there.

After entering, he found a steep stairway, it kept onward till above.

Thus he went up to the third floor while wondering how the stairways were made that way


「Huff… Huff… That’s tough.」


After adjusting his disordered breath, Yuuma opened the door before him.

There were numerous disordered items scattered around.

Though he understood if it was placed on top of the desk, had no one told him that this place was an office, he might have mistaken this place as a storage room instead.


「Excuse me~, I’m Mitaka~」

「Oka~y, please wait a minute~!」


A young girl came out from inside the office.

Her age was around the first half of her twenties, she wore an overall khaki combined with a tank top, and long brown hair.

But, she didn’t feel gaudy at all.

Rather, it gave her a serene impression.

「Sorry for our messy workplace.

Please come in!」

Yuuma entered after the young woman said so.

There were four desks inside the room.

The thing stacked up on the table was something like a book or documents, or odd-looking items for which he had no idea what it was for.

「President, wake up! The kid who applied for an interview has come!」

When the young woman said so, Yuuma could hear groans from the sofa inside the room.

「U~h, what It’s already time huh…」

The man called president rose lazily from the sofa, he scratched his head as he let out a huge yawn.

He stood up and walked right in front of Yuuma.

His height alone might be more than 180 cm tall.

The bulging chest muscle peeked out from his T-Shirt and his muscular arms already spoke of the man’s strength.

Albeit the president was muscular, it wasn’t to the point of being overly muscular like a bodybuilder.

It was more like a martial artist’s muscle.

「Ou, ‘elcome.

Well, you may sit down for now.」

The president told him to sit down for now.

He could smell the trace of sake from the president’s breath.

――He drinks during the day! Is this person really okay…

After Yuuma sat down on the nearby desk and chair, the president had also secured a chair on his own and was sitting in front of Yuuma.

Somehow, he felt it didn’t seem to be like an interview at all.


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