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Chapter 39: Anxiety And Welcome

Yuuma went all out in sending job applications after he got the unofficial job offer.

He declared that he would send it to every single company.

And the result was――


A crushing defeat.

It was a total failure.


「A~h, I failed agai~n…」


Since there were so many companies with tough working conditions, he thought that he could land at least three job offers.

Yuuma was lying down on his bed, looking at the ceiling.

He suffered from a huge emotional damage.


「In the end, I only received a job offer from the D-Minor huh…」


But then, he couldn’t help but to worry whether it was really alright for him to join that rather unusual company.

Which unfortunately was also the only company that gave him a job offers.

He couldn’t help but hesitate about entering the company or bowing to his father to follow his choice to continue with his college instead.

But then, deep inside, he already knows his answer.

Yuuma roused himself from his bed and clapped his cheeks to cheer himself up.


That night――

Yuuma talks to his parents after dinner.


「Uh~m, it’s about the matter of me looking for a job…」


His mother who was about to tidy up the rice bowl stopped moving.


「Is something the matter with you trying to find a job, Yuuma」


He had no choice but to tell his parents about the overall situation in his job hunting.

In fact, that alone was enough to make both of his parent’s faces pale.


「That’s why I decided to report the fact that I found a job.」


And then, the expression of the two turned into that of surprise which was followed by a smile.


「I see, you’ve finally accepted huh! Well, mother is really worrying about you but… I see, so you’ve been accepted huh.」

「So, what kind of company accepted you」


His mother asked with a slightly excited look on her face.


「It’s a company in Chiba called D-Minor.」


His father nodded upon hearing that,


「Chiba huh, nice, it isn’t that far to commute from home to that place.」


His mother also agreed with him.

Yuuma heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing both of his parents look delighted by his news.

Later on, if he couldn’t get along with the people in the company, he could resign immediately.


The next day―― He called Maika and told the latter that he’ll accept the job offer, and then went to Chiba to complete the various procedures.


「O~h, I’ve been waiting for you, Yuuma! Took you long enough eh!! HAHAHA!」


Upon entering the office, President Kanzaki clap Yuuma’s back hard while laughing heartily.

It was painful but, Yuuma somehow endured it and replied with a wry smile.

But then, he wondered if it was really okay since the President had the smell of sake just like the first time they met.


「My apologies.

My father is an overly-familiar person.

He’s really happy when Yuuma-kun applied for this company since there’s no young people applied to our company even after we submit job offer.」

「No, I’m really grateful in the fact that this company accepted me.」

「Ah! Can I call you “Yuuma-kun” too Mitaka-kun is really difficult kanji after all.」

「Ah, yes, no problem.」


When he entered the room following the president and Maika, he saw another person that he didn’t see when he came for the interview.

The other party was a plump middle aged man.

He wore glassess, and the top part of his head was bald but, from his mild expression, he looked like a gentle person.


「Ah, let me introduce, his name is Tanaka-san.

Former veteran accountant and working for us as seeker cum accountant.」


Tanaka then stood up and nodded to Yuuma as he said 「Hello, my name is Tanaka」.


「And, as I’ve been introduced before, my name is Kanzaki Maika.

I’m doing a general affairs job and various other duties.

Well, I also went to dungeon sometimes as the Explorer too.」

「Eh! Maika-san is an Explorer too」

「In my case, I act as support.

Our main force is over there!」


Maika pointed toward the president.


「Exactly! I’ll introduce myself again, I’m the president of this company, and my name is Kanzaki Kotaro.

I do president jobs and seeker.

Since I’m among the first to enter the dungeon when it’s open for the public, you can definitely say that I’m a veteran.」


Sure enough, the tall and muscular physique of the president matched very well with the image of an Explorer in Yuuma’s head.

On the other hand, the middle-aged plump man called Tanaka seems to be ill-suited for the explorer job.


「Now Yuuma, it’s your turn to introduce yourself to everyone!」



Yuuma straightened his back, and took a deep breath.


「My name is Mitaka Yuuma, a 3rd-year high school student.

I’ll be working in this company once I graduate from high school.

It’s nice to meet you all.」


The three people clapped their hands when he bowed to them.


「Okay then! That’s it for the greeting, let’s hold a welcome party for Yuuma.

Let’s go to a yakiniku restaurant!」

「Eh! A welcome party already」


The president sent a glance at Yuuma from his shoulder, joyfully took the car key on his desk and put it into his pocket.


「Wait right there, president! You actually just want to use the welcome party as an excuse to drink sake right!」

「It’s okay, this is a moment worth of such celebration after all.」

「Stop making such excuses! You literally drink sake every day!」

「Just be quiet and follow me! Yuuma, you can eat yakiniku as much as you want.

Don’t worry about the money, it’s my treat!」

「Yes, thank you very much!」


Thus, the company that Yuuma decided to enter, D-Minor, was having a welcome party with all of its members, or more like a drinking party for the president of the company.


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