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Chapter 4: Gas Burner

We should have a lot of kerosene stock to be used in winter.

If I set a fire in that hole… No, forget about it, it was too reckless and might have ended up burning the entire garden.

I mean, can we even do that in a dungeon It was truly a troublesome matter.

Since that was the case――

Yuuma went back to his house, rummaging through the cupboard in the kitchen for something.

「That thing that used during our family barbeque should be he— FOUND IT!」

The thing that he found was a torch burner.

It was a household gas burner equipped with a torch, it could spray flame like a jet.

Yuuma then went back to the hole in the garden of his house.

The metal slime was staying still inside the hole.

Since the inside was dangerous, Yuuma only entered the hole with one leg first before going down, and pointing the nozzle of the gas burner toward the slime.Seeing that the other party was metal, he guessed that they couldnt resist heat.

He pulled the ignition lever, and sprayed the jet flame.

The flame burner reached the surface of the metal slime.

And the metal slime who noticed the unusual phenomenon was starting to move inside the cave again.


Yuuma was trying to move his arm to follow the movement of the slime and yet, the metal slime that had been jumping around rammed their body on his leg.


Yuuma jumped out of the hole the moment he felt pain running down into his leg.

He was rolling around on the ground for a while while holding on his ankle.



Lets just seal this damned hole with a board or something was what Yuuma thought as he ran back into his house for the nth time.

He had enough of it.

He started to regret his choice since he wouldnt have to suffer the pains had he not tried to defeat the slime.

Yuuma was grumbling while rolling on the sofa.

And yet, his mind couldnt help but worry about the hole in his garden.

Could it be that I… used the wrong method I mean, there was another method such as trying to suffocate the slime by filling the hole with water.

Yuumas head couldnt help but think about the way to defeat the slime.

But then, he realized that slime might not have a respiratory organ.

And due to their small size, he mightve a hard time finishing them if he fills the hole with water.

Yuuma was trying his best to find the solution.

But he ran out of ideas since he never dived into a dungeon before.

「If only I could stop that guy from moving arou—」

That moment, Yuuma got a flash of inspiration.

He was familiar with 『Just stop it from moving around first』 phrase.

It was the famous catchphrase of a spray type insect repellant commercial that he saw on TV.

The fast moving c〇ckroach would stop moving at once the moment they used -85℃ cooling spray.

As long as it stopped moving around, exterminating it was a piece of cake.

Wasnt this method applied to the metal slime too since it could move so fast despite being a metal, it might be in fact, a liquid metal.

Since that was the case, it should be weak against cold.

Yuuma stood up from the sofa, went to his room on the second floor and opened his closet.

He took out the cardbox in which he crammed miscellaneous stuff and started rummaging into it.

「FOUND IT! This item should solve the problem.」

He was holding onto cold spray.

His father brought the item for him a long time ago when he entered the soccer club.

He never got the chance to use it since he literally gave up on the club activity on the third day but he never expected that the item would play an important role today.

He descended back to the 1st floor and took the gas burner that he left on the table along with him.

Yuuma who dual wields a spray can in each hand then heads toward the garden again.

Stopping its movement alone wont be enough to defeat the metal slime.

But, I wonder what would happen if I used a gas burner on it after that

He heard about this somewhere before(In school to be exact).

Metal that had been cooled down would become really brittle when it was exposed to extreme heat immediately, or vice versa.

It should be called thermal expansion or so on the TV but, well thats a trivial matter.

Yuuma stood in front of the hole again, taking a few deep breaths.

「If this fails too.



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